Friday, March 23, 2012

Visiting with Friends

Today I met up with old friends and made a new friend. 
Robin drove to my house from Long Island and we went for breakfast then off on an adventure to meet up with Michelle and her husband's cousin Tammy from Idaho. 
We met at Olde City Quilts in Burlington NJ.  Before I even got the car parked Michelle was texting us pictures of fabrics she'd already gotten cut!  Dang girl, the shop only opened 5 minutes before.....  So, we immediately parked and got to shopping.  I was only looking for a backing for this  Mystery quilt that I'm still in the process of assembling. I had no trouble finding "just the right" fabric.  NATURALLY, I was not going to stop there....I'd only been in the store 10 minutes!  So, off I went.
Found a great small quilt hanger, some fat quarters and even fabric for a cute tote bag...
The tote bag is called "Mini Miranda Bag" by Lazy Girl Designs.  I'm using the white floral Kate Spain fabric for the main part of the bag, the orange, also a Kate Spain will be the handles and bottom and flap, and the green print, a Valori Wells print will be the top binding and the inside.  I think it's going to be super cute for the spring!

I also picked up this cute small quilt hanger and 6 assorted fat quarters.  LOVE THEM!!!

After shopping there we drove about 20 minutes to Pennsauken, NJ to J&O Fabrics. 
Even before I knew they were in NJ I used to order from them online.  They have a great selection of novelty fabrics!  I didn't go with anything in particular in mind but did walk out with a few choice items.....
I like to make coin quilts so I'm thinking the bumble bees, lady bugs, ants and gecko's will make great additions to my kiddie collection.  The bagel fabric is going to join some coffee themed fabrics I have set aside for a table topper for my daughter.  Who knows where the pickle and  red licorice  fabric will end up but it's here for whenever I need it!  I did get some black and white polka dot yardage too for a quilt back and also found a great red and white floral for backing but didn't get pictures of them.....
My visit with Michelle, Robin, and Tammy was way too short but I'll take a short visit anyday over no visit!!!
Can't wait to see the girls again in May when we head to Indiana again for our annual quilt retreat.
Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sewing Room in Boxes

A couple of years ago when my friend Michelle moved from Idaho to Delaware she had a post called "Sewing Room in a Box" but her boxes held all her "stuff".
I recently had a conversation with hubby about moving my "stuff" from the little room off the family room to the 2nd floor of the house that was vacated by my son about a year and a half ago.  At the time I did paint it a nice buttercup yellow, had a new ceiling fan installed, and heavy duty shelving put up against 2 walls.  THEN.....nothing.  The room sat.  Over the holidays it became a catch all for gifts, wrapping paper and more recently when my daughter got a puppy and didn't want things damaged with a new pup around, that stuff went in the sewing room. 
On Saturday I decided after lunch that it was time....get the room cleaned out and either store it away or donate/toss it.    It took probably 4 hours to do but it is now clean and neat. 
 I went and bought a few more bins at Walmart (I seriously think I need to get stock in Rubbermaid by the way). 
So then on Sunday I went to my local quilt shop and ordered some Horn of America furniture.  I got a nice cabinet for my machine with a nice size work area, a new chair, the insert to put around the machine and a really great cutting cubbie! 
Today, YES TODAY, the furniture was delivered!!!  I can't wait for Saturday.  Hubby and son will assemble everything then.  As Robin said.....keep a "curse word count". LOL
I have faith it will be just fine!

I'll show pictures of the set up once it's all ready for a picture.