Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just One Word

I only have one word for this picture.... "AWESOME".

This is my Fig Tree Twister quilt that my friend Michelle is quilting for me.
I assembled it at a retreat back in November but didn't get it to Michelle right away but she's got it now and it's getting quilted!!!

I love nothing more than getting these kinds of pictures sent to me while I'm slaving away in work.....they take my mind off that and get me excited to leave and come home and sew!!!

Thanks for the picture Michelle.............Can't wait to get my hands on this one and get it bound!!!

Tonight I worked on making units for the Ohio Star quilt I wrote about last weekend.  I have 20 blocks made and the units for the other 30 all made.  I'll be working on the assembly of those on Saturday.....

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!  It's supposed to be cold here in NJ!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Finsh and a New Start

I don't know where I've been since I last posted but I'm here now with a finish and a new project started.

This quilt to the left is called "Liberty Ridge". I actually assembled it back in the spring, had it quilted and bound back in the summer but there it sat. I guess the holidays intruded so it sat and waited patiently for a hanging sleeve....after all, I didn't need it till after New years anyway so why rush? Well, the hanging sleeve is on, it's been pressed and it's hanging on the wall in my kitchen behind the table.

The new start is with this bundle of fabrics called "Nine Dots" by Carrie Nelson for Miss Rosie's Quilt Company.
The bundle actually fell out of the cabinet on Monday which prompted me to decide on a project for them and get to it!

So, i've had a project in my mind, and even had a picture of it I nabbed from this blog. I'm a HUGE fan of Ohio Star blocks and seeing them again after not making some for a good long time, made me want to be a copy cat :)

So, I washed and ironed the bundle, grabbed some Naturally Naturals II from my stash and cut a couple of them out this afternoon. I think the white with the neutral dots is going to be a nice change from my usual Kona White.

This is definitely supposed to be an in-betweener project that I do along with other ones but sometimes a fabric just grabs my eye and I have to work with it till it's done so I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2006- It was a very good year

2006 WAS a very good least for me it was. I was making friends online with girls from all over and I was participating in a lot of block swaps online. I decided to hostess a centralized swap of red and white blocks, 9.5 inches unfinished. Between the 6 of us we picked our favorite blocks and did a different one each month. ALL the girls were excited to make the blocks but I guess our excitement didn't carry over into actually assembling the blocks....but then again, how many girls really make and assemble right away?

So, since 2012 is going to be one of those years where I am going to try and ASSEMBLE not BUY AND HOARD, I pulled out the bin of blocks, rounded up some loose fabric and voile! In less than a week I had 10 months worth of the blocks assembled into a quilt top !

It's all ready for quilting...once I get the backing.

On another note, our puppy has reached the running off with my slippers stage as well as chewing on everything in site stage. We made an appointment for Bark Busters to come out and evaluate the situation and set up some training for us.... They were here promptly at noon and after an hour and a half our Luna was sufficiently "tired" of being trained but that didn't stop us, we kept on going. After he left we found her peeking out from behind the couch kind of saying "is he gone yet?" To which I replied "yes he's gone, but he'll be back in 2 weeks-so don't even get comfy......" LOL

I hope what we learned will make for a happier home environment!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Month 2 of "Jo's Country Junction" Quilt Square Quilt Along" block, Bear Paw is finished.

Jo was not kidding when she said this block was "labor intensive". The gold half square triangles finished up 1-1/2 inches which tested my trimming patience! BUT, I continued along and assembled the block and am thrilled with how it looks.

Now to set it aside with January's block and move onto something else.

This has been a very productive weekend for me :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Step 1

I finished Step 1 of my Mystery Quilt. This picture doesn't do my fabrics justice but trust me, this is going to be a gorgeous quilt!

Now to set it aside for next month's clue.

It's a Mystery

Do you like doing mystery quilts? For the most part I don't, but I couldn't help myself this time.

Michelle is doing a mystery with her guild and invited me to join in, and after NOT doing "Orca Bay" this winter with Bonnie Hunter, I decided I had to do it. Last Friday when Michelle and Robin came to town for a visit we went to Quilting Possibilities, Michelle and I bought the yardage for ours. Robin had a focus fabric at home and is buying her other 2 fabrics this weekend.

I carried the dark fabric around with me trying to find 2 others that I thought looked ok with it. I finally settled on the light one and Michelle found the bottom one which is a batik.

I have step 1 cut and with luck I can start sewing it up today.

I'll be back with an update later...........................