Sunday, September 25, 2011

Binding, Binding, Binding-Part 2

So, not only did I get the Melly and the Berry Pickin back from the quilters this week, i also got the Thimbleberries Punkin House back.

I had Sandi quilt it in an allover meander and I even got it trimmed down.

I NEED to get the binding on so I can hang it THIS Halloween in my kitchen! It's been sewn and done for 2 years now, I don't need it sitting around for a 3rd year undone!

I also got this Liberty Ridge Top back from Michelle yesterday! Michelle did loops and stars on it and it looks great!

I guess you can figure out that for a good long time, at night, in front of the TV, I will have projects to keep me busy!

Michelle has some nice pictures on her blog of my 2 quilts.....if you're interested in popping over!

Binding, Binding, Binding

Here to the left is a quilt called "MELLY". It is a Rachel Griffith Design and the fabrics used are "Buttercup" by Fig Tree as well as some Moda Solids. GORGEOUS fabrics to work with and the result, especially with Michelle's quilting is WONDERFUL. It's a 65 x 65 square top that will be nice for a little girls' room.
You can click on the pictures to see a close up of the quilting Michelle did too!
Now to get the binding made and on the quilt!

This quilt is a "Crabapple Hill" embroidery BOM that I did 2 summers ago.

It's been finished and sitting around for a bit but I decided that too needed to be finished so this went out about 3 weeks or so ago to another friend Sandi and she quilted this one. The closeup is of the embroidery block with the quilting overtop of it.... Another great job AND another top that needs binding.

Shoppin with the girlies

Yesterday was a long time coming but it came and I got some shopping, chatting and eating time with Michelle and Robin....YAY!
Robin and I have always lived on the east coast but only see one another once a year when we go to retreat since she lives 3 hours away but since Michelle has moved closer we're trying to get together at least 3-4 times a year...and yesterday was one of those days.

Poor Robin was up at 4 or 5 am and at my house by 8:30. We went for breakfast at a local bagel shop and then we got on the road to Olde City Quilts in Burlington NJ, where Michelle met us. We shopped for over 2 hours! But I have to admit, some of that time was spent talking to the owner about his long arm business. Michelle recently became the proud owner of a Gammill machine and is taking a class at Olde City on Friday so there was a lot of questions/answers/showing of the machines in their big classroom.
I did a little 3 kits and 2 fat quarters and then by this point in time we were hungry so we went a few doors down and had a nice lunch together.
Then we had 2 options. Village Quilt Shop or J&O Fabrics. We drove to J&O and I found a few

fabrics. I will have to schedule another trip to Village because by the time we drove down to J&O and browsed, it was time to start back to my house so Robin could take her drive back to NY and still get back at a decent time.
No pictures in or around the shop and we totally didn't remember to ask anyone to get a shot of the 3 of us but we are getting together again on November 5th for a craft show down in Delaware so maybe we will get pictures then.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Service and Remembrance

Not only on this date will I remember what happened on 9-11 but I tend to think about it most days. This morning while leaving my house to run errands I was reminded of how close I live to Ground Zero. There were NY/NJ Border helicopters flying so close over my house that I could read the words on the side!

I live less than a mile from the nuclear plant and about an half hour from Mc Guire AFB and less than an hour from Newark Airport....all places that required surveillance I guess today.

I did not have anyone close to my life perish that day but my husband lost a high school friend and the wife of a co-worker who was almost 9 months pregnant.

We will pray and think about EVERYONE today, tomorrow and forever.

I want to thank all the military people out there that serve and protect us each and every day, especially our friend Michelle's husband Travis. All our police and firefighters will be in our thoughts as well.

WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free Pattern

I know a lot of quilt bloggers out there like wool also so when I received the link from one of my friend's, Laura, I knew I had to send you the link to the blog....

Free Stitchin' Patterns


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Downy Charity Quilt

Last post I did was the kit Downy sent me to assemble this quilt. I finally just sat down and did it so now off to Michaels for some batting.
I have a lot of pieces of batting but I want to do this in 1 piece.
I'm hoping to get it in the mail and back to Downy by the 15th. All I need is to stay on track and just get it quilted....think I can manage to do that?

Hope everyone is having a nice restful Labor Day weekend.