Friday, August 29, 2014

Magazine Clean Out

     What do you do with your quilting magazines after you've gone thru them?    In the past I kept them on a book shelf by magazine.  I had all the Quick Quilts together, BH&G, Fons & Porter etc.....

     A couple of months ago I realized that there was no more room for another magazine and my room would start looking like one of those hoarders shows so I started to go thru each one and as I found a pattern I liked, I'd rip it out and put it in a plastic sleeve.

     One of those patterns happened to be from the October/November 2010 Mc Call's Quick Quilts magazine and it was called "Saddle Tramp" by Marcie Patch.  I've had the pattern on my bulletin board ever since because I've been trying to do a decent job on PURGING some fabric.

All you have to do is look at this picture and realize that you can really do a decent job of using up some fabrics.  Marcie actually calls it "A Stash Busting Rodeo".

I was thinking yesterday that I'm going to do this project over the month of September.  I can do the 26 blocks a few at a time and with the leftover fabric, I can cut the strips.  The hard part of the whole thing was picking a fabric!  After much looking around, I decided that I am going to do mine with red and blue 30's fabrics with a kona snow as the background for the stars.  

This is block #1.  I have 3 more cut out and will work on them this weekend.   I know Marcie's project is mostly in the rust, brown, tan color way, I really want to clear out my 30's bin so that's what I'm going to use.  I think it's going to look very pretty and seriously, who doesn't like a 30's quilt?

Happy Labor Day Weekend.


"Show Us Your Schnibble"

Sinta of "Pink Pincushion" is asking anyone that participated in the YEAR OF SCHNIBBLES   if you would 
show us your Schnibble
on September 1st, to help celebrate the 
new year of 
AYOS . And a Little Bit More, 
please post  all
of the small quilts you made last year!

This was my first year doing the AYOS, starting in February with Jersey Girl.

March brought "Bungalow".  I used some stash fabric called "Hoopla" and really enjoyed making this one.   Look at the backing much fun!  My daughter took this one and gave it to a friend for her first baby girl.

April brought "Morning Joe".

                  I used "Potluck" by American Jane Patterns/Sandy Klop for Moda.
I gave this quilt to a girl I worked with for her first grand baby.

             The next month was "Maker's Choice".  We could make any mini we wanted so I made "Round and Round" by Bonnie & Camille.   I just LOVE how this one and love it's cute squiggly quilting.

       The last quilt we did before the summer break was "X-Rated".  I used a big bundle of Sandi Henderson's "Meadowbrook" for mine.  I think because of the fabric, it was one of my favorite quilts.

So, if you're still reading, go over to Sinta's blog "Pink Pincushion"  and check out what she's got going on....
I'm really looking forward to the next group of Schnibbles challenges.

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just a Few Photos

     Another "finish" for me.....  This is the link to my original post on this quilt
In my attempt to clean up my sewing room, it means finishing the bindings on all the quilts I've had quilted this spring and summer and move them to someplace safe for gift giving....
"It Takes Two" is finished and in the washing machine as we speak......

As you can see, the postman was here yesterday with 4 more to get binding made and attached....

I'll be busy this week......

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Some More Binding

     Just a quick post to show another finish.

     Earlier in the summer I worked on the "Text Me A Quilt" from Kim Brackett and did get it quilted but the binding as usual took a little time.  Well, it is officially done, washed, dried and put away for one lucky recipient.  Here's a few pictures of it.....

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Project Fabric Pull

I know the "Great Granny Quilt" obsession has left the station, and yes, I did make one a year or two ago when they were all the rage, but having recently purchased Lori Holt's book, I want to make another one for ME!

I've ordered a few pieces of Lori's own fabric line here and there and every time I look at the bin with the fabric and book I just want to start cutting.....but I knew other quilts needed to be done first.
Last night I decided that it was time.  I pressed most of the fat quarters and then finished the rest today.  I'm going to start the cutting process now.   Stay tuned!

Oh, but before you go, here's a picture of the scrappy Great Granny quilt I made previously.

Fabric Obsession

          I'm thinking I may have a serious Denyse Schmidt fabric obsession
I have her "Single Girl" pattern that I'd like to use some of these fabrics in but I'm scared to start.  I'm told that this pattern is not for the faint of heart......  Anyone out there make that quilt and think it was easy?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Modern Instabee 2014

I've been doing a "Bee" with some girls on Instagram which has been interesting......
It's the first time I've been involved in this type of Bee and I thought it would be fun and interesting :)  We are working from the book "Modern Bee-13 Quilts to Make With Friends".
I love most of the blocks in the book and I kind of hoped that everyone would pick a different block.  So far in the 7 months, we've done 1 blocks twice, 1 block 3 times and 2separate blocks.

I assembled the 9 blocks I received from the girls and then made up 3 to make up for the blocks that a couple girls didn't follow thru with.   As with any swap or bee, there is always one or two that sign up that don't do their share and the rest have to pick up behind them.....I tell myself every time something like this happens that I won't sign up again but then I see something fun and I just "have to".
I can't say that this "Bee" has been a total wash out though.  I met Sarah who has become a friend and also an awesome quilter.  
I thought I had pictures of the first 2 blocks but I can't locate them....i'm thinking they were on my phone before it went in the toilet :)  (long boring story)

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend....

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Finish

I finished an oldie but goodie last night.  It's a Fig Tree Tumbler quilt that came as part of a club with the Fat Quarter Shop back in like 2009 or something ridiculous like that....I know, crazy isn't it that I'd start something way back then and not finish?

Anyway, it's done and ready for gift giving when needed.


I just love this Fig Tree line....especially the backing fabric that came with the kit.  And look at that pretty quilting!!   Sarah never disappoints!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

August Big 3

Yes, I'm still doing a Big 3 list with friends....  This keeps me focused and on track for the beginning of the month and then I can just pick random projects later on.

1) Assemble the hst border for the Primitive Gatherings 10th Anniversary Stitch Along
2) Assemble all the little blocks for the Pam Buda sew along from earlier in the summer
3) Assemble/quilt/bind the purple star quilt.

I've got the quilt done (previous post)

And I'm working on the 10th Anniversary Stitch Along

I should be able to get this finished today....  Those hst's are only 1 inch finished!  I used Thangles to make them or else they'd be all wonky!

"Use What You Got" Challenge/AKA "Purge Challenge"

     I'm doing a 1 year challenge with some friends and it's all about using what we've got AND being accountable for it from using a single fat quarter to paying for quilting etc.  We've been given a spreadsheet to record any purchases, yardage used, projects assembled etc.....   I think it will be fun and eye opening at the same time.

     The challenge starts today 8/1/2014 and continues until July 2015.

     My first project to log will be the finish of my first quilt.  I made 4 blocks back in the winter and then over the last 2 weeks or so I've been making 16 more.

     I'd decided that "purple" was the color to start with.  My goal is to empty each color bin within reason and with luck, I can put 2 or 3 colors of left over pieces into 1 basket and reduce my closet shelf from 10 baskets to 4?    

     The challenge is not just for using a single color, we can do anything as long as we use what we have.  I have a few bags of blocks I'd like to assemble so that will finish them off as well as stash fabric if I need to make more.  I was up for any kind of challenge as long as I can purge my room!!!

Here's the finished star quilt.  It measures approx. 64-1/2 X 81-1/2.

So, here's my purple star quilt.  I need to look for some backing fabric for it and send it out to my favorite quilter.......

Stay tuned, there will be a lot more challenge projects coming your way.