Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh My Stars

Well, it's been ages since I did a swap with one of the yahoo groups I belong to mostly because of time.....Well, Robin tempted Michelle and I with a star swap in turquoise, teal, aqua, brown and cream. I could not resist!! Only hitch is each girl has to do 2 blocks...11 of each! YOWZER!

That's a lotta blocks....

So, I decided this morning while I sorted laundry that it was time to make the first one at least and see how hard it is. I am doing a "Belted Star" from Quilterscache. Here's a sneak peek at the first one. I'm really happy with the block and my fabric choices, what do you think?
What's everyone got planned for the Labor Day Weekend? We live at the Jersey Shore so we are staying put this weekend and not venturing far since the Parkway will be a parking lot....
I think maybe a trip to Lowe's and maybe someplace for dinner tonight, but that's it....


Monday, August 25, 2008

Crescent Moon Tablecloth

I got a kit last week from my Room by Room club with Main St Cotton Shop and for some unknown reason I HAD to cut it out and work on it right away....I don't know what got into me but I'm happy it did. I can't tell you how many kits I have here to work on, both homemade and from clubs.... Anyhoo, I finished the Crescent Moon Tablecloth just 5 minutes ago and took it out to the clothesline to take a picture since I'm home on a vacation day ALONE and had no quilt holders available.

It finished up to 56 inches square which is a little small for my dining room table but perfect for my kitchen table...I think I might put it on the frame this afternoon if I have backing fabric and quilt it over the next few nights...


Sunday, August 24, 2008

We're Home

Is the Pennsylvania Turnpike a long road or what? Holey Kamoley......on these trips to Penn State I sometimes think i'll go mad looking at only trees and blacktop!!! NOW, we're making this trip for the princess and what do I see when I look in the back seat? "THE FACE" as Big Popi (aka dad) would say! What is that face about?

I am giving up 2 days to make this 10 hour drive and I get the face? LOL

So, happily to say, the face disappears when we pull the trailer onto the campus and her old roomate and 2 of her friends come running over to help us unload and get Sarah settled. Oh yes, the FACE has a nameLOL...... So, after a full day of unpacking boxes and bins and running to Wallyworld and Giant food....the place is all set up.....She's happy (I hope) with her accomodations so now it's a wait/see what she thinks of her new roomate.....who has yet to move in and classes start in the morning.... Oh, here's a pic of the digs....

Friday, August 22, 2008

And we're off..............

Yes, we're off .....back to State College we go. Sophomore year at Penn State awaits Sarah.
What? she's not smiling? LOL..... Mom and Dad are, j/k....
This is what it takes to take a girl to school.....

Well, not really.....we usually get the small trailer but Hecht was all out (we waited too long to order one) and UHaul won't rent trailers to people with Explorers....Hubby didn't get all the details...whatever!

So, I'll be gone till Saturday night....have fun and don't miss me too much.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hey Mr. Postman

My fingers did a little walking this weekend so all the purchases I made started showing up in my mailbox today. Gotta love the US Postal Service .....second only to my first favorite delivery service...those handsome men in BROWN :)

I'd ordered a Pat Sloan kit called "Fruit Ladies Tote Bag".

Lookie lookie at the this cute or what?

I also ordered this Button on Banners pattern from Pat Sloan too...I need to make this soon.

My next "Room by Room" monthly kit from Main St. Cotton Shop is a Thimbleberries tablecloth using very cute Halloween fabric....I don't do much decorating for Halloween but I love tablecovers so I might just cut this out tomorrow....
OH...and last but not least....the NEW Visa card arrived too. Now, Robin would like me to admit that I got a new one because I wore out the other one buying way too many fabrics but truth be told, it's just replacement time..... Peggy

Sunday, August 17, 2008

All Roads Lead to the Sea

Here on the right is Unit 2 of the All Roads Lead to the Sea BOM.
There are soooo many pieces to this block. It probably took me about 4 hours just to assemble this little house.
Below is unit 1 and 2 side by side.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rock Around the Clock

Patchwork Party Update:
I couldn't decide what to work on today so I figured I'd cut out the next Patchwork Party block. Well, as long as it was cut I might as well assemble it.....
2 more to go then it's assembly time.....


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nothing fancy mom!!!

Those are the words my youngest daughter said when she asked me to make her 2 pillowcases for her dorm pillow...NOTHING FANCY! So, yesterday we went to the quilt shop and she picked out a black and white stripe and as an accent she wanted lime green.
Her duvet cover is black and white polka dots.. She went one direction and I went the other. I found really nice fabrics but they all got thumbs down.... As we were giving up she found the Halloween area and there it was...the perfect lime green!! AND, to have skulls on it, well, what could be more perfect?
She didn't want any accents on either, just a plain ole, plain ole pillowcase....and that's exactly what she is getting.......

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Patchwork Party-Royal Park

Here is block #9 for my Patchwork Party top. This one was fun to make and went together fairly easy. 3 more to go.

It's getting late and tomorrow is another day so I am going to say goodnight.


Trying to catch up

I'm trying to catch up on my Patchwork Party blocks so I worked on more today. Here is # 7 and # 8. Only have 4 more to go then a gazillion geese to make for the border....
Will keep you updated on my progress.

What a gorgeous day

Look at all these black eyed susans! And that is just a small patch of them. I swear we only planted a small amount of them but every year I find more and more. So, speaking of it being a gorgeous day, it's only 78 with a beautiful breeze blowing. We've been lucky to have the air conditioning off now for 5 days!!! I sure hope this weather sticks around for a while....
So, you might ask what I was doing on a work day taking pictures of flowers in my yard? Well, I had a vacation day and took advantage of that to do a little grocery shopping, quilt shop shopping and some sewing. I needed to take a picture of my Main St Stars top but no one was around to hold it up so I took it out to the yard and took a picture of it hanging from the clothesline. It's not a great picture but I'm happy with what I got. The quilt is done and ready for quilting.....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Main Street Stars

For the past year I have been doing a block of the month with the Main Street Cotton Shop called "Main Street Stars". I'd gotten all the blocks done but not assembled so since August has been deemed "FINISH ER UP" month I pulled all the blocks out, remade the friendship star unit in the left hand corner and spent time last night and today assembling it all. I have the border fabric and the 4 cornerstone blocks all ready to do too but I wanted to show you what I've been doing and the progress I made. Isn't it amazing what one can do when one puts their mind to it?

The temperatures here in NJ have dropped to 66 and man oh man has it been raining! I don't know if we're having more rain or more thunder?

What has everyone else been doing this fine Sunday?


Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Home

Hi girls,

I'm home from Florida and glad to be back.
It was fun seeing family and going up to Orlando
to the parks but I had enough of that heat to last
me a lifetime!!! I'm happy to be back in NJ with
my mountains of laundry and much cooler temps
I did 2 more of my Patchwork Party blocks this afternoon
and might just attempt one more since I have a few minutes.
These are going to make one great looking quilt when they're all done!!! Here is a picture of the first 6.
It's back to work for me tomorrow...........