Sunday, April 15, 2012

Busy Little Elves

I can't even remember when I started this project but it's been YEARS....maybe 3?  I'll have to ask Robin and Michelle 'cause they started with me  :)
Anyhoo, I took the last 2 embroidery blocks with me on vacation and got them both done in a day......
Now that I'm home I decided to pull the entire project out and see where I left off.

OH NO.....I didn't get very far!!! 

I did my blocks in a green variegated floss and am using greens, reds and whites for my setting blocks.    I'd like to get this assembled to hang in 2012 so rather than start something new today I'm going to work on assembling all the little stars and setting squares. What's on your design wall?

Key West

Our mini vacation to Marathon/ Key West was mostly a "RESTING" vacation.  We took the first 2 days there and just slept in, went to the pool, sat on the dock with an afternoon tea, and pretty much relaxed.

The 3rd day there we decided to venture in to do little touristy things.  Over the 7 mile bridge we went and hopped the "CONC TRAIN" for a wonderful 90 minute tour.  You could hop on and off at 3-4 different stops along the way but we pretty much just stayed on and enjoyed the sights. 
Isn't this cute? 
We saw the Truman White House, Ernest Hemmingway's house, cute, cute, cute purple, pink, yellow and green houses, all with gingerbread on them and our tourguide had a story about the house, the tree out front or SOMETHING throughout the ride.

This light purple house was one of my favorites. 

NOW....I did get excited at one point when I turned the corner and found this fabric store sign.  I immediately texted "the girls" with a "LOOKIE" only to be very disappointed when I looked in the window and the store was deserted!
Didn't they know I was coming to Key West?   GEESH!

We had dinner at "Sloppy Joe's" which was a restaurant that Ernest Hemmingway frequented almost daily while he was alive since "JOE" was one of his best friends.  We did have the traditional "Sloppy Joe" sandwich with cheese fries and a salad and lemme tell you, the food was AWESOME!
After the tour, some shopping and eating, we decided to make one more stop.....The Southernmost Point of the US....  We did get on line to get our picture taken but the line didn't move and it was HOT standing out there in over 80 degree weather so we got off line and grabbed the best picture we could....

We came home Friday night to gorgeous weather here in New Jersey and not surprisingly, I'm happy to be home sleeping in my own bed and getting reacquainted with my new sewing room....

Back to school tomorrow  :(

Spring Break

Spring Break around here usually means a short inexpensive trip to someplace close where there's a lot of relaxing going on.  This year did not disappoint.  We hadn't planned anything but then got a call from our oldest daughter and invited us to Key West.  I jumped at the chance because she was there last year and had nothing but raves about the house on the lagoon that a friend of mine owns and rents out to friends throughout the year.  (thanks Patty) 
We flew out of Newark on Good Friday with a layover/connecting flight from Tampa.  When they called us to board the second flight, this is what we were met with.   10 people fit and lemme tell you, you were shoulder to shoulder with your neighbor! 

When we got to Key West we were met with this gorgeous view out the sliding glass doors! 
How does one not love looking at a beautiful lagoon with boats, fisherman and kids on paddle boards?

Here's the beach, which is a 5 minute walk from the house......

And yes, this is the gorgeous sunset.....