Sunday, March 5, 2017

"Fig Tree"

         These days I've taken myself back to my love of Fig Tree fabrics.  Admittedly, not the biggest fan of their patterns but I am wholeheartedly a BIG fan of their fabrics.

          Back about 4 years or so ago Fat Quarter Shop ran a quarterly program using their fabrics and patterns, so I did 1 year and of all of the kits, I sewed up 2 and sold the others.  I made one quilt and gave it away to a friend that let us vacation in her Myrtle Beach condo for almost nothing and the other one I came across the other day while refolding some quilts I have stored away.
This is "Cobblestone", the quilt I gave away.
This is a tumbler quilt, it's a lap size, and one that I think is in need of a new home!  Why make quilts then stockpile them in the back of the closet????

I love the peaches, browns, yellows and small prints in the older Fig Tree lines......

Another quilt I made, I can't remember the name of it, but it was a sew along I did with some girls 3 winters ago.  It was all scrappy, left over 2-1/2 inch squares from other small projects.  I've always loved this one!

In 2016 I joined the Fig Tree Block of the Month program to make a "sampler" quilt.  HOLY MOLEY......what a labor intensive project that turned out to be!!!  I persevered though because the fabrics were just soooooo awesome and the finished project was beautiful.

I am absolutely in LOVE with this quilt so it's staying right here with me!  

So.....that leaves me with, do I join the 2017 BOM or skip it?  UGH!!!  How do I decide?  
Over lunch I start telling hubby....He just gives me the side eye and says "really"?????  So I signed up for 2 of the  3 they offered.  One is reds/tans and the other is called Coney Island Mystery.....

I just got the February kit on Friday so that kit will get made up this weekend.....

And that leaves me with this.............

My Fig Tree haul for this week..........We have FT solids, Strawberry Fields Revisited bundle, a small Avalon bundle found on Etsy and the most important bundle....that big one in the bag.....Coney Island!   I could not stop looking at it yesterday.   I have 2 HUGE drawers filled with more fabric and a big bag of blocks made from some of the old lines so suffice it to say, I have more than enough FT fabric.............   But some would say "is there ever enough?"   I guess I have to say no LOL
That's why I have another bundle on order from another gal on Etsy.....just some extras for "just in case"......

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.......I'm in eye candy heaven so I'm going to LOL