Saturday, September 29, 2012


Not too long ago I found a blog called "A Bright Corner".  She had so many cute projects which gave me a lot of inspiration for new I need new projects.  Anyway, she had this cute quilt posted back about April and it was just so cute I decided that I needed to make a simple HST quilt.  I went into my "Magic Cabinet" (it seems that jelly rolls, layer cakes etc just show up in there) and found a cute Mary Englebreit "turnover called "Baskets of Flowers" as well as some blue and white ME yardage.  Coincidentally, it's the same fabric line that Bright Corner blogger used so today I decided to get started with the cutting, trimming, assembly process.....
I've got all the HST's ready and up on my design wall.  Now to get to sewing them all into rows.

Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 Designer Mystery BOM

I've been having so many Blogger issues so rather than risk writing a long post, I'm going to post 2 pictures of my Block # 4 BOM and a picture of all 4 so far. 

I can only say that this fabric line is gorgeous and wonderful to work with......

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big Week

Big week last week in Casa Aront.....Jennifer, my oldest, got engaged to her boyfriend Tim
and my youngest, Sarah, turned 24. 
We'd planned to celebrate Sarah's birthday at Camden Yards but got to celebrate twice as much since we had the engagement too.....

Camden Yards is such a nice area of Baltimore to visit.  Cobblestone streets, great restaurants, old buildings and a great stadium....

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Are you rowing?

Are you rowing along with Bee in my Bonnet blog?  I'd promised myself that I wasn't going to start anything else until I got my scrappy stars with Terry done, my Designer Mystery BOM and my own scrappy star project but I rationalized it with "it's only 1 row every 2 weeks"....  LOL 
Well, I started last week because I'd lost a week somewhere along the way and the night I finished I saw that Lori had put up the next row.  I cut them out Wednesday but we had a power outage on Thursday so NOTHING got done then.  I worked a little bit on them last night but finished up this afternoon.
NOW, they're just blocks right now.  Apparently I have to make spacer strips, flip every other block sideways and then make a sashing strip for the top and bottom of the row.....

I haven't looked at the Flickr page to see what the others are using for their blocks but I'm desperately trying to use up my 30's fabrics so that's what I'm using along with Kona white.  I did buy a small piece of a grey on grey to use for the butterfly bodies since I really didn't have anything that I felt was appropriate.  Lori used a solid grey but I wanted a little something extra on it.....

I also want to show you what my daughter Sarah  is doing these days.  She paints, I sew.....  She redid an old end table for my other daughter Jennifer in a yellow with a black glaze over it for her bedroom.  Jen had seen a bedroom on PINTEREST and wanted to recreate it so Sarah painted the nightstand and I made the yellow quilt for the end of the bed.  Then, for herself,  she got an old 2 drawer file cabinet and painted that to look like a phone booth.  It will go nicely in her London themed bedroom with her tv stand, which is an old dresser painted too.....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Off

First off, I want to say right now that I don't like the new Blogger template and if anyone has any hints on how to get things working properly, please let me know. 
I like to use backgrounds for my blog from one of those independent girls but when I try to upload them I lose the dashboard access to my blog.  I end up having to pull the blog up in a new window and reset the blog to one of Blogger's templates....BORING!  So, for a week now I've been disgusted with the look of mine!

Anyhow....tomorrow is my youngest's birthday.  She will be 24!  Coincindentally, my oldest was able to get Yankee/Oriole tickets down in Baltimore so we'll be traveling.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed for nice weather ok?

I decided to put the binding on a recently quilted baby quilt so I have some hand work for the car

This cute pink and yellow bumble bee like fabric is the backing which I bought a while back in the $5.00 room at my local quilt shop.

And here's the awesome quilting Michelle did on it with the cute yellow dot binding.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Lots of Sewing Going On

I have been getting quite a bit of sewing completed although I'm not actually making full quilt tops or runners or anything....really just doing blocks. 

I saw that Terry at "Terry's Treasures" posted that it was time to make our Scrappy Star block so I got mine all made up yesterday.  I'd already made up a lot of star points and center 9 patch blocks so it was really just a matter of assembling the blocks. 

I also took another trip to Delaware to visit Michelle on Tuesday morning and spent some time with her guild ladies making pineapple blocks. These things are addicting!

If you go over to Michelle's blog  you can see her completed Pineapple Quilt....that is surely some gorgeous eye candy!       My blocks are only approximately 8 inch blocks so I'm going to need to make a lot of these guys to assemble a top.    It's one of those projects that I'll keep handy in case I don't know what to work on.     
I am working on some blue and green churn dash blocks today.....  I couldn't decide how big I actually wanted the quilt to be but when I finally got them up on the design wall I decided that I needed 6 more so I whipped them up yesterday and now I'm going to start sewing them into rows today....I'll report back with my progress later or tomorrow.