Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blue Lights Runner

I worked a little on some sewing yesterday and got a runner done for my mom for the holidays. I wasn't sure what type of colors she'd like so I went with fun and bright and came up with this simple but nice runner................I like the lights fabric and I hope she will too. She's requested a small tabletopper too for a side table in her dining room so I'll get to that today and get them in the mail so she can enjoy them the whole season.

It's back to work tomorrow :( I know, I know, it's a sad thought but i'm already trying to figure out how I can make it through the whole week without a day off LOL

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sneak Peek

Last post I showed you some scraps that I've been collecting and today I'm ready to shpeek at what I've been working on. This is 2 rows of a scrap quilt that I'm going to call Red Pepper since that's the blog I found something like it on. The blocks with the small pieces have 100 2 inch squares in them and the other squares are 3.5 inches. I'm only working on this project in between things that need doing right away.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Scrap Management

I am by no means a "scrap quilt" type of person. I don't cut my scraps into manageable sizes, I don't arrange by color, I guess you could say I'm "scrap challenged".....but I was inspired a while back by a scrap quilt on a blog I like to frequent so I did a LOT of cutting up of kona snow and scraps into both 2 inch squares and 3.5 inch squares and I'm going to attempt to "use em up" this year. This is just a sampling of what I cut up the other night, the rest is already on it's way into a scrap quilt which hopefully be partly assembled before this weekend is over. The long strips that I have will go into string blocks and I may be working on some of those this weekend too....

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Orange Crush

Well, I'm back quicker than I thought I would be.....Orange Crush is finished! I started cutting it 2 weekends ago, before I got sick. Last weekend I got the rows assembled so really, all I had to do today was connect the rows. I am not an orange lover but I sure had a lot in my stash!!!
My quilter Sandi is away visiting family till the beginning of December so I will get the back ready and boxed up to mail to her then. Once it's back I'll decide who the lucky recipient is.

I have a quick trip to Joanns planned for later this afternoon for some thread and supplies but then I'll be back doing more sewing :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their beautiful fall Saturday.


My New Toy

Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas to me from hubby :)
Yes, it's early but heck, a girl's gotta take advantage of an opportunity when she can!!!

I've had a love/hate relationship with my 2002 Bernina Artista for quite a few years. When she's home set up in my sewing room she works like a charm, but when I travel to retreat with friends it always seems like Bernie has some traveling issues and then I sit and covet Lori (no blog) and Michelle 's Baby Lock Espire. So, I asked hubby if he'd consider getting me yet another machine and combine it with the 2 holidays, and since he was agreeable, off we went to my favorite quilt shop "Quilting Possibilities" and got the 2010 version of the Espire called "Symphony". Same machine, just more bells and whistles. I've been playing with it for a few days and am assembling my orange quilt today, and I have to tell sews like a jem!!!! I absolutely love it!!! Only problem i'm having with this machine, which I always had with Bernie too is the darn automatic needle threader....never can master it!
Check back later today for a finished orange crush picture....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Litte Star Rack

I only bought one item yesterday at the craft show even though i'm kicking myself now for not buying the nice wrought iron star candle holder I saw but anyway, here is the wooden rack I bought. I am not quite sure how it will ultimately be used but for now I have a mini quilt in it with 2 of my raggedy's inside and another sitting up against it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

What a Day

What a day today was. Robin was here at 7am for our trek down to Delaware to visit Michelle.
She'd invited us down a few months ago to attend a craft show at the fairgrounds in Dover. So, we drove down, went to the craft show, lunch, and then back to the base to see where Michelle lives and does all her sewing. She has a lovely house, and she made us feel right at home. She has beautiful quilts and baskets all around and wonderful little pets that greeted us as well. This is a picture of "the three musketeers" just before we left for the drive home.
We had a wonderful time. Thanks Michelle for having us, next time you have to come to New Jersey and we'll visit a quilt shop too :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Road Trip

Yes, you read that correctly, i'm going on a road trip! Well, actually, this week i'll be on 2 road trips. Today I went to Baltimore to visit with my daughter and get my hair cut and colored. Yes, there are hair salons in New Jersey but they're just not Jen.....
My niece Shannon and I braved the torrential rain this morning to see her but it was well worth it. I no longer have grey roots and got a great haircut :) Jen and her boyfriend Tim took us out for lunch too...We had a wonderful meal at Della Rose's Tavern at Canton Crossing! If you are ever down in the Inner Harbor, it's a great place to view the harbor and get a great meal!!!

Now the second road trip involves Robin and Michelle. Robin and I are used to being road trip partners but this trip is 10 hours shorter than the trips we usually take. Robin is coming to my house Saturday morning and we're driving to see Michelle down at Dover Air Force Base. Michelle is taking us to a craft show, someplace for lunch and then I think we'll probably just go back to her house for some girl talk and i'm sure something to do with fabric....Oh Yeah, fabric!
I think though that I'll wait until we actually get together and then we'll share pictures :)
I'll just suffice it to say I cleaned out my sewing room bins last Sunday and I have approximately 6 grocery bags full of kits and fabric for the girls to go thru......
I'm sure they'll post about our visit on Sunday......
See you then!!!