Friday, July 15, 2016

"HOMESTEAD" Revisited

Back over Memorial weekend I finished this quilt....

I LOVE this quilt and totally enjoyed making the blocks and assembling this top.

I didn't send it right out for quilting but finally did 2 weeks ago and then when it came back it just sat on a chair.  I don't like having un-bound quilts sitting around because when I am watching TV at night I have to keep my hands busy....and if I finish mid show, I need to know there is something ready to sew on.

I had my quilter use an "hourglass" type of design on it and I think it works nice.  It will crinkle up in the wash and still stay fluffy I think.

BUT, the question I had is "what do I bind it in?".  There is so much going on and the back is just a big floral that I almost thought it needed just a plain white.....NOW, that's something I haven't done in a LONG time!  White???????  

The white works and makes the back look neat but it's just so strange to use a solid white......

I have 2 more quilts that need bindings sewn on so i'm off to prep them.....I sure hope they'll be easier than this one.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July's New Project "LUCKY"

     I wasn't going to start anything new this month but I couldn't help myself...... this pile of yumminess was out on my ironing surface so I told myself I could iron the fabrics and get them ready for cutting "one of these days".

These are all Moda B&C Solids with a few stash solids thrown in for variety.  On the bottom of the pile is a hunk of Moda Bright White......
So, I press them up and figured "what the heck"  Cut out one block just to see how it looks.

I love the sherbet like colors most of all so I cut one of those first....
BTW, I'm using "LUCKY" by Camille Roskelly of Thimbleblossoms fame.

Voile!   Block 1 of 12 done........
And then I got the bug......I cut 2 more out

The more I sewed the more I LOVED working with solids......

So, here I am with the other 9 ready to go.  I've got them cut out and the HST's are sewn and ready for pressing open and trimming.  YES, I still make them larger than I need to and trim down using my handy dandy "Bloc Loc " ruler!

Now........This quilt finishes at 62 X 81, which is a nice size but I have a King size bed and I'm anxious to put a new summer quilt on next summer so I need more than the 12 it calls for.  I'm thinking I need 18 more.  What I think I'll start off doing is make the 12 and then I'll make the rest......

Stay Tuned!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Small Finish

Anyone that knows me as a sewer knows I love quick and easy projects.
This summer has been the year of the baby quilts.  I've made more this summer than I think the last 2 years combined.

Yesterday I needed a quick project so I went into my little UFO bin and found some hst's and not only were they made and trimmed to size, they must have been laid out in rows at some point in time!  YAY for me!

I quickly threw them up on the design wall and got them sewn together in no time.  
It's not a big quilt, only 36 X 36, but it's for a newborn so it doesn't need to be huge.
I found a green dot in my "backings" bin which is the perfect match for the green on the front so I'm going to sandwich it one night this week and get it quilted.  The baby is due in early December and my friend will be the great aunt.  A funny note about this is my oldest daughter dated the baby daddy back about 8 years ago so he'll be surprised to see something I made as a gift :)

And here's 18 months old and LOVING helping me do dishes.  We do bottles, plasticware etc. every morning and that makes her feel like a big girl.  I know I have a picture of Olivia's mom doing the same thing "somewhere" but today's not the day to go looking for that.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July......