Saturday, October 28, 2017

A New Finish

I am in need of a baby boy quilt for my nephew's wife so I pulled bins of kiddie fabrics from my shelves in the closet and this mess 
turned into this.........

I cut a bunch of 6-1/4 inch squares from all that fabric and then I cut some grey on white teeny tiny heart like pieces from a piece of Dear Stella fabric and made half square triangles.

lobsters and gnomes and fish and cars.........All kinds of cute boyish prints!

Now to figure out something for the back and since it's only about 40 X 45 or so, I can quilt this with straight lines myself.  

Here's hoping I get back here sooner rather than later with a picture of that and some other projects....


Monday, July 3, 2017

Pineapple Quilt

Last year I did a Pineapple Sew Along and came away with 18 blocks.
This is the design the hostess provided us with and I was fine with that....Less thinking on my part!
In January I put this on my APQ Challenge List and put it in the #1 spot not realizing we didn't go in order.... That's OK, I can wait.....
Well, June 30th it was revealed and voile! #1 was it.

I opened the baggie that had been stored away for close to a year and came up with 3 blocks that were NOT the right size, and even though the hostess said she looked them over good, I came up with 3 that were short.....  I did deconstruct them and put them back together so I could use them and then yesterday morning I cut the white strips, did some sewing and here I am 24 hours later with a finished quilt top.

I found a HUGE pile of this lime green fabric which was enough for the back and the binding with STILL leftovers!

I'm mailing it to my quilter in the morning and then hopefully getting it bound by the end of the month.....seems a friend saw it on IG and asked if she could buy it for a housewarming gift.....

Stay tuned.............


          YES, the 2015 Quilt Along!  NOW, don't think I'm that behind.....This is actually the 2nd time I'm doing this quilt.  Here's the link to #1.

           When I moved my room and went thru some magazines and books, this one was still folded open as if I was working on it and for a month it sat right next to my machine so that every day I looked at it!

I did the first one in the same colorway but I think I had some navy blue and purple in it....which may get added to this one once I see what I need from what I cut up.

I true PEGGY form, assemble a few "just to see how they look"......
How cute are these?

NOW.....the pattern calls for 1-1/2 inch strips but I changed mine up and cut 2-1/2 inch strips only because I feel like i'm a more accurate sewer with 2 and 2-1/2 inch pieces....those itty bitty 1-1/2 inchers just aren't for me....

Keep tuned for an update......................

And not to leave anyone out or add pictures of grandchildren, vacations is a special day, it's my son's 32nd birthday.  I remember that day like it was yesterday~~~
Here are some of my favorite pictures of him....He loves his baseball, LOVED playing basketball in HS, anything he could do with "dad" and when Olivia came along he was a little awkward at first but he's getting better at the holding etc.  especially now that Gemma has come along.  So, Happy Birthday Dan!   

Love, Mom

Monday, May 29, 2017

Red Sky at Night

      If you've followed me on this blog and Instagram, you've probably seen my posts from January 2015 thru November 2015 of my "Red Sky at Night " blocks that I was sewing along weekly with Jodi Godfrey from Tales of Cloth Blog.  

       Every Monday she did a block that she found online and even shared the history of the name etc.  I like that kind of stuff so I was anxious to follow along each week.  Jodi did her blocks in solid red and white and if I remember correctly, she was making the quilt for her mom's birthday.  Feel free to read all about them.

I got this unit sewn and up on the design wall, and then added the bottom right corner (oops, no picture) and realized I only had 1 of the original blocks left so I had to make more.

I made the above 6 and combined them with the 1 leftover and voile!  My quilt is done!!!

It sure doesn't look like it but it measures 86 x 86 and barely fits on the floorspace.
I ordered a backing for it so when that arrives it will go right out the door to my favorite quilter!

I hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day and remembering the reason for this holiday, and Happy 100th Birthday to my all time favorite president, John F Kennedy.....It's crazy realizing that he's been gone soooo long and that he'd have been 100 today!

My New Sewing Room

When last heard from I was probably helping daughter #1 move out of the apartment we have over our garage..........  It was time for her, hubby and 2 kids to move back to Maryland where there house was waiting for them to move in!  A happy/sad time for everyone but it really was time :)

So, that move meant daughter #2 was ready to start her move into the apartment.  
The unpacking of her bedroom took way too many days since she's kind of a pack rat but when the painters got the place all ready, we took a few days and got her set to wait on living room furniture....which she's hoping comes sooner than later!

NOW...the fun part was I got to move across the hall from my old 12 x 12 room into a 12 x 24 room with a walk in closet!!!  Here are a few pictures of my new and improved sewing area.

My cutting table with pegboard and shelves for pincushions and little goodies with hooks for scissors etc.

I went to IKEA and bought this skinny shelf for some gifts from friends over the years...

I moved my ironing surface and portable small design wall to the area behind my sewing machine which is perfect for baby quilts and small toppers.

My sewing machine is all set up and projects are going on there today.....

Here's 2 BILLY Bookcases from Ikea also with my tv and toys.....I thought I'd put books on the shelves but I have room in the walk in closet next to the shelves where I put all the books.....

And last but not least is the design wall.  I wanted a frame from wall to wall and ceiling to floor but that didn't happen.  For now, I have a full size piece of batting on the wall which will be fine for the time being.....

I have mini's I want to hang by my sewing machine but I want to make a few more and put them up once and not have to keep moving them around.  I'll take a picture of that when it happens....

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Three New Projects

It's been busy in these parts but I have been able to start another new project and finish two others.

This quilt is a wedding shower gift for my daughter's sister in law.  The wedding isn't until October but the shower is May 6th.  The mother of the bride wanted to have the shower early because they live in Baltimore and the majority of the people invited will be from NJ.  I'm invited but won't be able to attend because I'll be away.  I need to have the binding finished this weekend so I can label it, wash it and deliver it down to my daughter in MD next week before I leave.....I best get my butt in gear!
Quilt Details:  "Vintage by Camille Roskelly  67 X 89 and made using "Little Black Dress" by Moda.

This next quilt was actually just finished today.  I'd had this pattern out staring at me for a year or more but just didn't do anything with it.  One day a couple months ago I decided to make all the nine patch blocks and then vacation, family, christenings, etc.....all got in the way so it sat.
Finally decided over the weekend that it was time to finish it so out came the box, blocks thrown up on the design wall and voile....a finished quilt.  NOW....I do have to say, it would have been quicker if I'd followed the directions and made the 9 blocks that assembled the top!!!  I looked at the picture of the pattern, presumed it was set on pointe and so that's how the blocks went together........
Quilt Details:  "Niner" by Camille Roskelly  80 X 80 and fabrics used were all 2-1/2 inch squares left over from other projects over the years.  Sending it to my favorite quilter tomorrow......

This project is going to be my Leader/Ender project for the summer.  I've been dying to "USE" my fabric and moreso, my turquoise/teal basket since it's the most full.  I went thru some books I have and found "High Surf" .  I cut and made the biggest hst for the top but when I read that there are over 1,100 small hst for the blocks I decided to do them as a Leader/Ender project and this way I could do other things as well.   I'll keep you updated with my progress :)

And I know I introduced you to our new granddaughter Gemma back in October when she was born but heres a new and updated shot of her at almost 6 months old with big sister Olivia 2-1/2 years old.

It was so warm on Easter Sunday that the girls were in sun dresses!

Hope you all have a wonderful day.


Sunday, March 5, 2017

"Fig Tree"

         These days I've taken myself back to my love of Fig Tree fabrics.  Admittedly, not the biggest fan of their patterns but I am wholeheartedly a BIG fan of their fabrics.

          Back about 4 years or so ago Fat Quarter Shop ran a quarterly program using their fabrics and patterns, so I did 1 year and of all of the kits, I sewed up 2 and sold the others.  I made one quilt and gave it away to a friend that let us vacation in her Myrtle Beach condo for almost nothing and the other one I came across the other day while refolding some quilts I have stored away.
This is "Cobblestone", the quilt I gave away.
This is a tumbler quilt, it's a lap size, and one that I think is in need of a new home!  Why make quilts then stockpile them in the back of the closet????

I love the peaches, browns, yellows and small prints in the older Fig Tree lines......

Another quilt I made, I can't remember the name of it, but it was a sew along I did with some girls 3 winters ago.  It was all scrappy, left over 2-1/2 inch squares from other small projects.  I've always loved this one!

In 2016 I joined the Fig Tree Block of the Month program to make a "sampler" quilt.  HOLY MOLEY......what a labor intensive project that turned out to be!!!  I persevered though because the fabrics were just soooooo awesome and the finished project was beautiful.

I am absolutely in LOVE with this quilt so it's staying right here with me!  

So.....that leaves me with, do I join the 2017 BOM or skip it?  UGH!!!  How do I decide?  
Over lunch I start telling hubby....He just gives me the side eye and says "really"?????  So I signed up for 2 of the  3 they offered.  One is reds/tans and the other is called Coney Island Mystery.....

I just got the February kit on Friday so that kit will get made up this weekend.....

And that leaves me with this.............

My Fig Tree haul for this week..........We have FT solids, Strawberry Fields Revisited bundle, a small Avalon bundle found on Etsy and the most important bundle....that big one in the bag.....Coney Island!   I could not stop looking at it yesterday.   I have 2 HUGE drawers filled with more fabric and a big bag of blocks made from some of the old lines so suffice it to say, I have more than enough FT fabric.............   But some would say "is there ever enough?"   I guess I have to say no LOL
That's why I have another bundle on order from another gal on Etsy.....just some extras for "just in case"......

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.......I'm in eye candy heaven so I'm going to LOL


Friday, February 17, 2017


Hi All......
Part of January and most of February have been spent sick..........  I worked in a school for 20+ years and never got sick.  Hubby and I retire and we decide to go to Florida where the livin is easy and the weather is beautiful in January/February and I come home so sick I spent almost a week laying around on the couch or in bed and another week getting back to normal.....YUCK!

The day we went to Cocoa Beach to see friends was the last day I was well.......The beach was beautiful and oh so relaxing!   Hubby and I were invited to a friend's winter retreat for the day and it made me want to pack up and move down........

So....sickness aside.....  A question about your sewing habits.  Do you limit your Block of the Months and Sewalongs?    
I was talking to some IG friends and I think the consensus on that is we start the year off telling ourselves "not to overdo it.  Pick one or two so you don't overwhelm yourself".

I'm doing 3 Block of the Months this year so far :)   I say so far because I have one on the horizon that I may or may not be strong armed into joining.

This first BOM is something I'd never thought I'd do.....start a Halloween quilt 10 months before the actual holiday LOL   I'm loving the fabrics for this one....  Month 1 is done and Month 2 came yesterday so i'm "caught up".

These two BOM's are both Fig Tree & Co.  One is their red/cream BOM and the 2nd is a sampler I'm presuming will be with a variety of fabrics from different fabric lines.  So far....all caught up on both :)

I'm taking a bag making class on Sunday.  I don't take many classes as I prefer sewing alone but I don't like making bags so I signed up for a class at my local quilt shop.  I'm off to cut the bag out and get organized for the class so I'm not behind.  I'll show pictures next week.....

Monday, February 13, 2017

En Provence Final Post

Well, it's done and out to be quilted......the 2016 Bonnie Hunter Mystery is finished!  Project bins of hourglass units, pink star points, solid yellow squares and 4 patch units have all come together to create this beautiful quilt...........

Bonnie had another border for it but I thought mine was big enough and ended it here......

If you would like to see other's quilts then take a trip over to Bonnie's blog and take a look....
it's the final mystery link up!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 Triangle Gatherings

     Have you see the Primitive Gatherings Sewalong?  Go here and check it out 
      Lisa Bonegan is hosting a sew along called 2017 Triangle Gatherings and each block will have 16 half square triangles.  I noticed that Lisa is making small 4 inch blocks but that's WAY too small for me so I'm doing mine 6 inches.

     2017 will be another year of "sew my stash" so I went in search of some of Lisa's fabrics in my stash and found a nice bundle!

I had some yardage left over from the Snowman Gatherings quilt that I made about 3 years ago as well as a 5 inch "dessert roll" and even a few pieces from the Old Glory Gatherings line.  As I was searching thru my stash I came across some fat quarters of "Snowbird" by Laundry Basket Quilts.  The colors are very similar so I can keep them as standby in case I run out!

Lisa's blog post yesterday said she has 87 blocks planned so far!  Yowzer!
We have only made 3 blocks so far.......We'll probably be making these little 6 inchers for quite a few months!

Here are the first 3 blocks.........

I'm looking forward to following along and having a quilt made for March 2018 when I will take some classes with Lisa on a quilting cruise!