Sunday, April 10, 2016


Remember this bundle?  I bought it last month while visiting Florida.

I wanted to make the "Crosswalk" quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Co. so since a jelly roll and just a little yardage would make a 70 x 70 quilt, I went.

Here's the finished quilt.  
The polka dot border made my eyes cross and I kept trying to line them up.....I finally had to just cut them and attach them since I realized early on that it wouldn't work.

Above is the border....LOVE the colors!

I LOVE the red dot that I bought to use as the backing and then picked the red on red for the binding.
I'm seriously in a little shock that I've already cut, assembled and pressed my binding!  That is something I've NEVER done but I like knowing that when I get the quilt back from my favorite quilter Sarah, that all I have to do is sit down and sew it on.

We didn't get the snow that was expected here in NJ this weekend which is awesome but it was mighty cold and rainy!  Today we saw some sun and I'm hoping that as the week goes on that it will warm up just a bit so I can once and for all put the winter jackets in the closet for a few months.

Check back at the end of the week......i'm going to have some exciting news!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

"Seuss Quilt"

I had an idea for a baby quilt last Saturday so I took my Dr. Seuss fabrics out that I'd been hoarding and started to fussy cut centers for 9-1/2 inch churn dash blocks.  I picked a lot of my favorite Seuss characters and then pulled polka dot fabrics from my stash to make the churnie part.  I figured 16 blocks would make a perfect baby quilt........  
As I was sewing I was watching a Podcast of Bonnie Hunter's where she was assembling a quilt made of "H" blocks and then setting them all wonky.  Hmmmmm  I said to myself.  I wonder if I could figure out how to do that with the Seuss blocks.   I put out an email to my quilting sister Robin, who immediately sent me a link to how to do it.....

WOW.....from units to blocks to wonky in about 2 hours!!!!!!!
I was very lucky that I was using the neutral to set them so I didn't have to cut 2 different directions.  I just cut all the strips out and sewed them on whether it was left facing or right facing.

By Sunday evening I had all 16 blocks sewn together and ready for border attaching on Monday.
I had thought I'd add a simple border around the blocks but I do love the piano key border so I took all my leftover fabric and cut it up into strips, pressed, sub cut and attached them in record time.
I had 1 long strip leftover that coincidentally went the length of the quilt so I decided to piece all my leftover fabrics into a back and ship it off to my favorite longarmer.  
I'm always amazed at how when I'm focused and have an idea, how I can finish quilts!

I'll take pictures of the back and binding when it comes back from my girl Sarah.