Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shameless Plug

I can't help myself...I'm putting in a shameless plug for my daughter as she embarks on a new adventure. She's been a hairdresser for almost 7 years and recently moved to Maryland to start her career down there. She's been at a salon in Canton, Md but business wasn't so hot so she is moving to a new salon that is closer to home and also with a more "family type" atmosphere.
This is a link to her new salon: .

This is Jen hard at work!
Feel free to call the salon and ask for Jen won't be sorry, she is a fabulous hairstylist!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Only in New York

Only in New York do you see these huge skyscrapers next to signs with zippers and buttons................................ I did see the huge button with the needle down in the garment district but with so many of us walking and looking all different directions I didn't want to stray and end up being left behind :)

We did see a Michael Jackson lookalike singer with his backup band and singers dancing outside a bank I think it was by the HERSHEY store, but we were anxious to get to "CARMINES" for dinner (sorry, no foodie pictures) and then to Madison Square Garden to see Elton John.
The show was good...heard a bunch of the oldies but goodies but also heard some new songs from the new album with Leon Russell and also a guest appearance by Gregg Allman. Neither of the guests are favorites of mine but as they say "when in Rome" I sat and listened and actually enjoyed the Leon Russell stuff! Who knew? LOL
Not a great picture of Elton, but trust me, that was him :) A nice time was had by all, especially after 2 large pitchers of sangria...enough said !!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

National Quilting Day Project

Here is a picture of what I did on National Quilting Day. I am going to retreat with a bunch of friends in May and we not only bring our own projects to work on, we bring a charity quilt for a women's shelter. We typically donate a dozen or more depending on how productive we are leading up to the retreat.
This year, I took a bunch of 30's blocks from an online swap I did probably 4-5 years ago, added a red print border, used a yellow and white square backing that I pieced from my stash and then I used the leftover backing fabric for binding...did a LOTTA stash busting for this.

I've never been able to master meandering but I do like to do cross hatching on my small projects but this one was bigger than usual and I got tired of doing it so you'll notice I only went one direction....which, in person looks pretty cool!
It finished up to 41-1/2 by 56, which will make a really nice lovey for some little girl at the shelter......

Today i'm not going to be able to do to
o much sewing.....hubby got 6 Elton John tickets for Madison Square Garden so him and I, his brother from Florida (ye
s, he flew up for the concert), my youngest daughter (she drove down from Rhode Island on Friday) and my oldest daughter and her boyfriend (they drove up from Maryland) are going. We'll h
ave dinner at Carmine's in NYC first then walk over to the Garden!!!
Full report tomorrow.....

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Are you quilting today? I am!! I'm working on a charity quilt for a retreat i'm attending in May...
What are you working on?


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Red Pepper Quilt

The Red Pepper Quilt is done and the backing is bought....just need to piece it and mail it off to the quilter. It's mighty big right now so I'm not going to add any borders to it. Just quilt and bind.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


This is considered Section 11 for this project. I seriously feel like I've mastered the half square triangle thing!!!
These are the blocks I have so far. Of course I can't assemble the units because they didn't have you make the blocks in, that might have been too easy. So, I have to wait till I cut the next pamphlet out. Guess it's onto the next project for now...........................
PS:: YES, for you eagle eye people, the bottom unit is upside down, but I'm not putting the blocks back out for another picture :)

I'm on a roll

I'm on a roll finishing up this month's project booklet.............Here's the house with the 2 blue pinwheels.
I have to tell you, I love how Lynette Jensen has you make the chimney and the background unit!

Hometown Christmas Update

Yes, I'm still working on this one...keeping to the schedule Michelle has us on (and I only needed 1 reminder that it was time to start the next r
ound :)
We finished Booklet 1 last month. Booklet 2 has 3 units in it too....

The color is way off on this picture! The sky is blue and the fence is tan and gold :)
Once I finish Section 3 and 11 (no, they don't have you sew in order) I will take a picture of what I have so far.....

Florida was fun last week. Spent 3 days in Naples with my family and then hubby, Sarah and I drove to Orlando for 3 days and spent an evening with his brother and a friend. That was nice too because we ate in Epcot in China and then stepped outside and got to see the awesome fireworks they put on. I tried taking pictures but they turned out awful!

It was back to work on Monday and then the onslaught of the nasty weather here in NJ. I'm thankful that we live in the southern portion of the state and far, far away from the flooding of Northern NJ.

Prayers go out for the people in Japan who have the earthquake and Tsunami to deal with.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Starry Night

The newest block of the month I'm doing is called "Starry Night". It calls for solid black and Kaffee Fassett bright fabrics. I did blocks 1 and 2 today so I'm up to date for when my newest one comes later in the week. I love the orange and blueish/purple fabric so far the best.
I've never used any of the Kaffee fabrics but I do like the combination of the black and bright so I think once I get all the blocks that I will like them.....

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm Back

You probably haven't missed me at all but I'm back from a week in Florida!
Had a great time visiting with family, working thru some mini crisises (sp?) and then spent a couple of days in Disney visiting Epcot, Universal Studios and MGM (I know it has a new name, I just can't think right now).

Had some packies waiting for me and my Snow Days BOM kit.....

Gotta get crackin with emptying the suitcase and get the laundry started.

Hopefully will be back with some pictures this week.