Friday, August 30, 2013

Yard Sale


 Yeah, I'm going to jump on Bonnie Hunter's "Yard Sale" band wagon Monday......
I was just saying to my 2 BFF's this week that I needed to purge and was wondering if Bonnie was going to have one.   So sooner did I say it than Michelle emailed and said "Ask and you shall receive".

     I have a 13 lots so far....and I'll only tell you that my prices are going to be dirt cheap...some stuff will be free but you pay postage, some things will be postage plus ridiculous prices like $20.....
Yeah, I'm almost giving this stuff away!!!    I'm thinking of making up some 1 gallon Ziploc bags of scraps and doing them for free too.......

     I have 2 sewing rooms and as they say "something's gotta give"  We can't keep up with this stuff.....  So, check back on Monday morning and I'm just gonna say, first come first serve.  I'll take Paypal and personal checks..  Paypal items will go out by Wednesday at the latest, personal checks I'll have to wait for the check to come in and clear. 

     So, check back Monday if you want some great deals!!!


I don't know what's up with the post I did this morning.....didn't touch any font or size buttons but I'm getting 2 sized fonts and bold/not bold.  I've attempted to fix this but it's not it is what it is on a Friday morning that finds me with too many things to do to fuss with the post  :)

Hope everyone has some fun this Labor Day weekend.....I hope to find some rest and sewing time.
I go back to my "Last" School Opening on Thursday the 5th which I'm looking forward to but it also makes me sad to be leaving so many friends I've made over the last 18-1/2 years....but I'm sooooo looking forward to January when I will have "Peggy Time" every day.

Happy Labor Day.

Peggy in New Jersey

Sewing Room Re-Do

     I have always felt very lucky that I had a husband that "got" my sewing addiction so when we built our house 20 years ago he made sure I had a sewing was only 9 x 12 but still a sewing room.  I loved that little room and spent MANY hours in it sewing.  It was right off the living room so I could watch the tv, the kids would sit outside the room and sometimes inside (underfoot) so I was never unreachable. 
Many nights I'd be laying blocks out on the living room floor and both hubby and the kids would be jumping over them to come and see me.  
     A little over a year ago we decided that the empty bedroom upstairs was a bigger, better fit for my sewing so we emptied all the junk out  that had accumulated in it , painted it a nice buttercup yellow and hubby ordered me a cutting table with the matching sewing machine table and quilting chair!!!  Here's the wall with the cutting table on it.............. 

    I didn't do a lot of decorating in the room at first since I was not sure how I wanted the room to look so I just shelved the fabric, threw bins in different corners and basically just lived in the room for a year or so. 
Back in early spring I found a cute battenburg lace valance to put on the double window, just to have "pretty".
I didn't want curtains or anything blocking all the natural light and the semi view of my backyard...just a little something to put over the blinds to finish the windows off.

I finally started to mention that I NEEDED something on the wall over the cutting table.  I'd had pegboard on the wall in the downstairs room and that worked for me so my friend Vic the builder was called, plans were hatched and our household list of "things to do" was handed to him on Monday and voile...shed doors and front replaced, ceiling lights in the upstairs hallway replaced and shelving in my sewing room hung....
This is what the room looked like on Thursday at 3:20 when I came in from work. 
You can imagine my giddiness on finding all that space for pincushions, books, baskets, and all my "chochkies".  Oh yeah, that priority box....not from Vic, but from someone else...Vic just brought it in for me :)

I sat in my sewing chair and looked at the shelves for a bit and thought about what I wanted to put on them but for sure, I knew hooks on the pegboard for scissor hanging!!! 
I brought goodies up, loaded the shelves and after dinner gave it a once over, was fairly happy with placement and then took this picture................................

YES.....I'm definitely happy with seeing all my toys again and I love how the scissors are accessible on the pegboard.  I have more scissors, but then don't all quilters have a bevy of scissors? LOL   But, the ones I have out are the ones I use all the time. 

I'm sure that I'll change things up a bit as I find something that needs to be displayed, but for now, this is perfect.......
Yes folks, Peggy is a happy girl (for now).  And yes, I'm already hatching a plan for kitchen remodeling once I retire in January.  I already talked to Vic, drew the layout for cabinets etc....Stay tuned for more fun remodeling  :)
Peggy in New Jersey 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 Designer Mystery Block of the Month

     Yes, it's been a while and there's no excuse but I'm here now and that's all that matters. 

     I got my Designer Mystery BOM kit the other day and it's been #1 on my list of things to get done this week but I'd started a baby quilt over the weekend and needed to finish that and prep the backing before I could start on the block.  I did get it cut and assembled earlier tonight and I'm thrilled with how nice it came out. 

The block is called "Wildflower Bouquet" and it was designed by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts.   

   I know I've said it before but FQ Shop is very generous with their cuts for this BOM and the Fig Tree Quilts fabric line is gorgeous!!!

     I have the first 3 blocks done and you will notice that there is a pattern going on this year  :)   It looks like we might be making a basket quilt....something I've wanted to do for a while now and never did so this is a perfect time to get one made.

     Here in New Jersey the schools don't open till after Labor Day, Thursday that week to be exact for the school I work in.  This will be a time of "lasts" for me.  I will be retiring from the guidance office of my school after 18-1/2 years working in the district so this is my "last first day" with quite a few "lasts" to follow.  I'm looking forward to spending more time in my sewing room and hopefully USING UP some of the fabric I've been hoarding  :)

     Hope everyone has a great day...


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Update

    I should have more to report on but for some reason I just don't.  I got 3 baby quilts assembled but need to get the backings prepped.  Seems that there are a lot of new babies coming this year and I'm always getting requests for more from family members so I feel like it never hurts to have a few ready to go at any time  :)

     With that said, this pattern
has been sitting on a shelf in my sewing room for quite a while....maybe even 2 years. I don't know why it's been sitting, it's a cute pattern AND it was already kitted!!!   You would think that having the kit it would move me to assemble it quicker but it didn't. 
I did however decide that today was the day to get it cut and get the assembly started.  It calls for 182 half square triangles so today I did the cutting and line drawing so I'm on my way......  Anyone out there ever make this quilt?