Monday, July 3, 2017

Pineapple Quilt

Last year I did a Pineapple Sew Along and came away with 18 blocks.
This is the design the hostess provided us with and I was fine with that....Less thinking on my part!
In January I put this on my APQ Challenge List and put it in the #1 spot not realizing we didn't go in order.... That's OK, I can wait.....
Well, June 30th it was revealed and voile! #1 was it.

I opened the baggie that had been stored away for close to a year and came up with 3 blocks that were NOT the right size, and even though the hostess said she looked them over good, I came up with 3 that were short.....  I did deconstruct them and put them back together so I could use them and then yesterday morning I cut the white strips, did some sewing and here I am 24 hours later with a finished quilt top.

I found a HUGE pile of this lime green fabric which was enough for the back and the binding with STILL leftovers!

I'm mailing it to my quilter in the morning and then hopefully getting it bound by the end of the month.....seems a friend saw it on IG and asked if she could buy it for a housewarming gift.....

Stay tuned.............


          YES, the 2015 Quilt Along!  NOW, don't think I'm that behind.....This is actually the 2nd time I'm doing this quilt.  Here's the link to #1.

           When I moved my room and went thru some magazines and books, this one was still folded open as if I was working on it and for a month it sat right next to my machine so that every day I looked at it!

I did the first one in the same colorway but I think I had some navy blue and purple in it....which may get added to this one once I see what I need from what I cut up.

I true PEGGY form, assemble a few "just to see how they look"......
How cute are these?

NOW.....the pattern calls for 1-1/2 inch strips but I changed mine up and cut 2-1/2 inch strips only because I feel like i'm a more accurate sewer with 2 and 2-1/2 inch pieces....those itty bitty 1-1/2 inchers just aren't for me....

Keep tuned for an update......................

And not to leave anyone out or add pictures of grandchildren, vacations is a special day, it's my son's 32nd birthday.  I remember that day like it was yesterday~~~
Here are some of my favorite pictures of him....He loves his baseball, LOVED playing basketball in HS, anything he could do with "dad" and when Olivia came along he was a little awkward at first but he's getting better at the holding etc.  especially now that Gemma has come along.  So, Happy Birthday Dan!   

Love, Mom