Monday, November 30, 2015

"Allietare Mystery"

Step 1 of the Allietare Mystery on Bonnie Hunter's blog went live on Friday morning after Thanksgiving.  I've been waiting a while for this and was happy to see step 1 was fun and easy. 294 half square triangles.....Who doesn't like HST's?????    I love making them!

My "constant" grey looks very much like a men's suit type of grey, which I love, and my "neutral" is a grunge type of cream.  I'm doing a constant "cream" as well because I didn't have a lot of variety in my stash.  The only thing I did have to buy for this mystery was my neutral!!!!!  THAT makes me very happy because I'm one of those "I need to use up what I have" type of gals and this year I actually did!!!

Quite by accident I found myself reading blogs yesterday afternoon and saw that Bonnie herself was going to be doing her webcam so I sat down and watched, finished up a few small blocks for another sew along and then sat and sewed up my step 1 units.  NO, I am not done but I HAD to press a few just to see how I like the look and then finished sewing.....  I'm having lunch with a friend today so I'll press open the remainder HOPEFULLY this afternoon.

Hope you are all enjoying your mystery......Thanks Bonnie for doing this year after year.

Peggy in NJ

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


   Yes, Allietare.......that's the name of Bonnie Hunter's 2015 Winter Mystery.  Have you ever done one of her mysteries??  This will be my 4th.  I resisted the previous mysteries as I am one of those people that don't like not knowing how things will look in the end, how will my fabrics look in the mystery arrangement etc.   "Easy Street" cured me of the worrying...  I jumped in with both feet and have never looked back.

     So, here is my pull/fabrics for "Allietare".

So...Bonnie makes "paint chip" suggestions.....I literally went the next morning after I saw her post and picked up my paint chips.....and for my friend Carolyn :)

Here's my grey.  Bonnie's suggestion was for one "constant" grey.  

My red, black and gold..............

And my neutral.....  In past years I've used text prints or tan/neutrals.  I decided this year to use an ivory grunge type fabric that I bought this morning at my local quilt shop.  We are suggested to get 5-1/2 yards so I really wanted something low key.

Below are my previous 3 mystery quilts..............LOVE, LOVE, LOVE each one!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Update last post was October 4th?   I guess I had a busy month!

I have a few sewing things going on as well as family stuff so for this morning I'm just going to post about my  "Farm Girl Vintage" sewalong blocks that I've been working on.

I finished all of the above blocks on Friday of this week and thought WHEW I'm onto the assembly process.  I had decided early on that I was going to do it just like Lori Holt's version on the cover of the book.

I liked the layout so what the heck.  Well, I start laying the blocks out in rows and I'm scratching my head saying HMMMMMM....something's wrong here.  I don't have enough blocks!  
I didn't take into account that Lori put a sawtooth star in each of the 4 corners.  So, my job today is to make the other 3 blocks today and then I can finish the rows off.....for now I have rows 2-7 totally done and rows 1-8 just waiting on some stars.  

Stay tuned..........