Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hotter......Hotter than hades....

It has been hotter, hotter than hades here the past 3 days and I am not happy about it....(1) I am not a very good "hot weather person" and (2) it is way too soon for this heat!!! The only good thing about the weather is that the builder has had all of his crews out working. We already have a roof and the addition's attic has a floor....I'm amazed at what's gotten finished since Wednesday.

And, there is a countdown going on in the house.....I am driving the morning of May 12th from my house in NJ to Indiana with Robin and meeting up with Michelle and a few other gals from our online quilting group....When I realized that it was 2 weeks from today I got sorta giddy....just the thought of sewing, talking, eating, and more sewing with the girls made me very happy!!! I think packing up some projects might be just the job for a hot day in NJ today......

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Red, White, and Blue

I had this project pretty much cut out and since I was itching to sew on the machine I plugged it in and sewed up this table topper.... I think it took an hour total to assemble. During the week I'll sandwich it and quilt it up....


As I reported the other day, we are under construction....Here's a picture of what the house looked like this time last week.....it's a good picture of the house but it's a bad picture of what is being worked on. We are adding a small apartment over the garage on the left hand side of the house over the garage.

Here's a picture of the house today....We built the house 16 years ago and did not put a basement in so hubby didn't have anyplace to put a pool table or bar or anything....so, we made the decision back in January to "just do it"....But, as is with anything we do, nothing is "just a room"...this one has a bedroom, bathroom, 3 closets and the living room area..... Our oldest will live in it as an interim place until she can save a little for her own house. I did think that the "living room" might be a perfect place for a long arm machine someday down the road.... hmmmmm....I may have to work on that LOL.
How was the weather where you guys were? It is very hot and humid here in NJ......

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Finish

I have to say, I haven't done much else at night this week except sit on the couch and watch tv...it was a hard going back to the grind of work this week after a wonderful week in South Carolina...thankfully it's almost over :)

We are under construction here in New Jersey and my sewing room has been the recipient of a few "oopsies" since the construction is going on over that so I have my Bernina packed up and I've had to vacate the room for about a week.....

I have however been taking this little jem with me to work and after I eat my lunch I work on it for half an hour. I finished it today and I just love how it turned out even though it's too late for this Easter I will get the border fabrics on and ready for next Easter.... In case you are wondering where I got this kit from, I bought it from Bird Brain Designs....go check them out, they have a great selection of stitcheries...


Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Warmer in New Jersey

It's warmer in New Jersey than it was in South Carolina this week. I thought it got warmer the further south you went? Anyhoo, hubby and I had a nice relaxing time....we walked an hour every morning, we ate healthier and we just basically had a good time.

We did go to the movies one night and saw "KNOWING" with Nicolas Cage. Now, I'm not a big Nicholas Cage fan but I liked him in this movie. I would definitely recommend it to you to go see.
I hadn't sat at my machine in it felt like ages, so I pulled out a tote bag kit that I'd gotten about this time last year from Pat Sloan's site and decided it would be a good project to do.... Is this fabric not cute??? I love tote bags!!!

Here's a picture of today's next to one I made last year at retreat.....
I probably have more tote bags than any sane person really needs but Michelle teased me today with one she made yesterday from the April 2009 Mc Calls magazine....so now I want to make that one......You should check it out, it's super cute!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weight Loss Monday

We are away in Myrtle Beach so my weigh in will have to wait until next week....I've reported to Sharon.....if the rain stops tomorrow then I'll get out walking so lets keep our fingers crossed that I can lose SOMETHING this week....See you all when I return.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thimbleberries 2009 Club

I haven't gotten much done in the sewing room this week but I did get my March 2009 kit done so that I'm not behind when the April kit comes.....
My family celebrated Easter today since my daughter has to go back to college tomorrow.
She gets the train from RI to NJ and the only decent one back tomorrow was at 5:50 so we had a nice turkey dinner today with the family and then tomorrow hubby will make pancakes and bacon at noon for us before he heads to the train station with Sarah....
I am collecting up some stitchery projects to take to Myrtle Beach with me. I have a 6am flight Monday from Atlantic City. I'll be at the condo by 10am! Anyone out there know of a nice quilt shop in MB?
Hope you all have a nice Easter and a good week...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weight Loss Monday on Tuesday

A bright note for Monday was the pretty bouquet hubby brought home from the grocery store when he did the weekly food shopping.....
I have them on the kitchen counter on top of my Easter runner that Robin made me a few years ago. Aren't they a nice color purple???

A not so bright note for Monday was no weight loss! BLAH! I'm not going to beat that dead horse tonight though....


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Birthday Blocks

I belong to a Yahoo birthday group where once a month we make a block for the birthday girl.
This month we happen to have 2 girls so I decided I might as well look over their fabric that they sent in along with their block of choice.... One block went together lickety split....One, gave me fits....Can you tell which is which?


YUP, It's Springtime on the East Coast

Yes, I think we can say it's finally springtime here on the East Coast..... My weeping willow tree has buds on it which I am sure will be in full bloom this time next week and oh yeah, in case any of you west coasters want to come east and visit, the "Naked Cowboy" is back at his post in New York City!!! I saw him at his post last Sunday.....