Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just a little bit o sewing this week

So, here it is....Saturday again and it's raining.  I feel like we've either had rain or snow all month.

I did a little sewing this week, starting with a random block I found on Pinterest.  I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with Pinterest but I do enjoy browsing!  This block is called "Stargazing" and it is from the book called "Modern Blocks".  I love wonky stars but after making this block I don't know how many I will actually make.  I have a lot of trouble just sewing the "wonky" part.  I'm more of a follow the lines kinda sewer  :)

 Now, here is my almost finished turquoise/brown/cream quilt top that I started back in late January/early February. 

I got 2 piano key borders on during the Superbowl and then I set it aside and worked on other things.
I mentioned it yesterday to a friend and she wondered when I was going to finish so after dinner last night I pulled it out, got one of the piano key borders on and then today the other.

It really did finish up nice didn't it?

It measures 64 x 77 and will be perfect for over the back of hubby's leather couch....which he told me this morning!

I'm not a fan of how my yellow walls look in pictures but I can't change that. 

This block here is Block # 9 from the 2012 Designer Mystery Block of the Month.  It's called Lakeside Retreat and it was designed by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts.  Only 3 more blocks and I'm done.                                  I already started connecting the other 8 blocks with the separator strips and the geese units so when that last block kit comes all I have to do is add borders.   
It's time to get some backing assembled for the brown/turquoise quilt so I can hand deliver it to the quilter when I see her on Tuesday for the monthly Sit N Sew.....I can't wait!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Where Have I Been?

     I've been here, trust me, and I've been doing all kinds of sewing.  I guess I was just not blogging, but that has a lot to do with the stupid new blogger issues I've been having.  I'm not sure it's all done with but I'm going to give it the old college try and attempt to post something today.

     I've wanted to do something with my Great Granny Squares since I saw one of my BFF Laura's last week so I pulled mine out and yesterday since I was off I made a few.

     I really love the fabrics I used and am excited to do more today.  I have 14 made and since I want to do a 5 x 6 layout, I need quite a few more!
Here are the blocks I have so far up on my design wall.

I'm going to do my layout 5 across with 6 down so the 14 blocks I have right now is a good start but I'm going to need
quite a few more....

We're having a rainy/snowy mix today here in New Jersey so it's a perfect day to sew.

I also have to admit to having a weak moment last week and did some quilting retail therapy for myself...I was feeling sorry for myself because I am down to just 1 BOM and I'm missing packages in the mailbox so I ordered a few things to add to future projects........

I added some "cute" fabrics for either pillowcases or bindings/backings or even just some charity tops.  I mean, a girl needs some cute mushrooms, city streets, fun christmas trees and wooly sheep doesn't she?
And...look at that purple/pink/yellow stripe...perfect don't you think for binding?

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend if you're celebrating  the President's....

Happy Stitching,


Sunday, February 3, 2013


Have you ever pulled out a bag o blocks with the intention of assembling them and just getting them out of the cabinet? I mean, how hard is it....You know how you're going to set them, you have the fabric all together...and in actuality, the fabric has been in the bag with the blocks since 2008! How hard is that? AND, to boot, you think you're getting quality blocks to work with! That was my first mistake....thinking I was getting quality made blocks! The turquoise and brown blocks previously pictured were done in 2008 and the hostess was an online friend who had some serious issues with poorly made swap blocks and didn't mind telling you that she wouldn't accept them poorly made. Well, let me tell you, what should have taken a couple of hours yesterday of attaching blocks took a lot longer. I had to remake at least 2 blocks in each row no lie, 2 blocks were over 1/2 inch too small. Others were wonky to the point that when I sewed them together, some have super scant seam allowances so much that I PRAY they don't come apart! It was a frustrating project but one that's done and even looks kind of nice even though many stars don't have points etc. I put a small 1-1/2 inch neutral border around them all last night after this picture was taken and cut up all the turquoise and brown fabrics I had on hand and will assemble a piano key border this afternoon. I haven't done a block swap in years, and after discussing these blocks with 2 friends, I think this was the last swap I actually did participate in.....

Here's one block up close....
The fabrics throughout the quilt are gorgeous, and in the end once the quilter works her magic on it, it's going to be a gorgeous quilt but the assembly and lack of quality control was terrible......

So, what will you be doing during Superbowl?  Will you actually be watching or will you be doing something constructive?
I can tell you, I will be sewing but will be rooting for the Ravens because my future son in law and daughter live in Ravens Country (Maryland) and will be sooooo disappointed if they don't win......
So, here's to you Tim and Jen.....GO RAVENS!

Friday, February 1, 2013

February Big 3

How do you keep yourself focused and on course with your quilting projects?  I do a Big 3 each month with 2 of my quilting friends and since it's February (already) I realized I better pull my list together and post it to the girls.    I've had a bag of blocks in my cabinet since November 2008!        The blocks are from a swap with some internet girls from all over the US and even 2 girls from Europe....    They are all stars with a cream background and the only 2 colors allowed were turquoise and brown.  Again....I have no clue who will get this quilt but it will be a finished top before the end of the month and once it's quilted I'll worry about who to give it to!
My other 2 projects are to trim and bind my daughter's wedding quilt amd also fuse and assemble my snowman blocks into a quilt top.      I know it's a lot but I think I'm up for the challenge!   If nothing else, the quilt for my daughter WILL get done.  Her shower is March 24th, and yes, I know have lots of time but I'm not a HUGE fan of the binding process so I tend to put it off till the last minute...I'm going to be prepared though this time  :)      We still have to settle on a cake topper for the wedding and a few other things but we're almost there!!!