Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quilts for Kids

I remember last summer EVERYONE was doing these "Quilts for Kids" quilts thru Downy. I had been looking at old pictures of projects from last summer and came across the two I did and I'd wondered if Downy was still looking for quilts so I went to their site and yes....they still are, so I ordered a kit. Now, anyone who doesn't know this, the kit is free ! Yes, I said free..............It comes with a pattern, all the necessary fabric and a label for when you finish. All you have to do is pay the postage to send the quilt back to them. Easy peasy right?

Here is the kit I received from them on Friday. The fabric is so stinkin cute too!!!

If anyone is interested in helping all you need to do is go here

There are nice stories about where your quilts go..

Irene and fabric

Irene has passed by NJ and leaving some without power but for us here we have fared quite well. Thank you Irene for not damaging anything at Casa Aront.

On another note, on Friday I got this piece of fabric......

See where I have the sticky note with the arrow? Well, that's the town I live in....pretty cool huh?

Along with this fabric I got this red dot fabric which go with the small house pincushion pattern I already have....

The fabric is "Hometown" by Sweetwater for Moda. If you follow "makelifesweet" blog and wrote in and told them your town early this year (I think it was this year) then you too might be on this fabric.....

And as I've said before...who doesn't like some red and white polka?


Thursday, August 25, 2011


Evacuate??? No siree Bob....I'm staying put! Unfortunately, Michelle does have to evacuate Dover, Delaware so she's heading out tomorrow morning to Harrisburg, PA.
It's scary all this hurricane talk but I guess it serves a purpose in getting people out and in a safer place while their area gets wracked with the storm. We shall see sometime Saturday what they say about the Jersey Shore....if need be we'll head to Harrisburg too.....cause ya know, Michelle will have a sewing machine and some projects with her :)

So, I guess in closing I can say this was a banner weather week. An earthquake on Tuesday and a hurricane named Irene on Sat/Sun.......

Stay safe folks.....


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Road Trip

Yes, today I went on a road trip.....

Until I bought a GPS I would not go anywhere alone so this was a monumental day in more ways than one.

I started out meeting one of my BFF's Michelle at Needles and Pins Quilt and Fabric Shop in Swedesboro NJ. I bought that cute flower like pile of bright fabrics, the star hanger and the orange fabrics. Then off we went to Mullica Hill Quilt Shop. I bought the red, purple and black fabric there with the book and another pattern that I forgot to take a picture of.

While there Michelle asked the owner for a lunch suggestion so she sent us to a place called "Blueplate". The sandwiches were good and their homemade chips were DELISH!!!!!

Next we were off to THE LITTLE SHOP in Haddonfield NJ. I got some neutral fat quarters, some polka dot backing fabric and that purple polka dot, AND the shock of my life!!!

We were standing in the Little Shop when the earthquake hit! I'd never been in an earthquake but we were very lucky there was no damage!!!!

All in all a wonderful day with Michelle.....only thing missiing..................................................> Robin!

Michelle did have her cardboard cutout of Robin with her though :)

We missed ya girlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Liberty Ridge

FINALLY......I only started this project like 3 months ago.
It's called "Liberty Ridge" and it was designed by Little Quilts. It finished up to be 48 x 62 which will make a nice replacement wall hanging for the one I have in my kitchen throughout the year.

I didnt by the backing to match but I did get a good deal on this "Bar Harbor" fabric which goes nicely......
Now to get it quilted.....

Friday, August 19, 2011

OK, this is the last project that I pulled out of the UFO bin.

And don't go thinking this is the last one LOL There are quite a few more....but this one I pulled out because Robin, Michelle and I were all looking at a "Summer Day Sampler" by The Rabbit Factory and I told them that I KNEW I had a row by row quilt SOMEWHERE that just needed the rows sewn together and a border put on it and it's ready to go.....

Maybe this is why I pulled that bin out......hmmmmm

My start row is the 5th from the top. The rabbit, flowers and carrots. This was a row by row exchange with some girls on the Pat Sloan site.

I would be curious to know if any of them did their rows?

I'm not sure this is the way I will lay them out in the end, but the bottom row is super cute...there are little ants crawling around on the watermelon slices and the green grass...... Anyone out there remember being a part of this row by row?


Punkin House

Here's another project that I found in the pile of UFO's. I really love this one and want to see it hanging on my quilt rack in the kitch THIS fall. YES...2011, not 2012 or whenever, OCTOBER 2011!!!!! I seriously think it's been completed now for at least 2 if not 3 years!
I was challenged by another girl in NJ to do it with her and see who got done first. I can't actually remember who won the challenge but in my book, if I finished then I won!
I can't find the backing fabric that came with the kit so I'm using something else and I'm telling you right here, right now, it's gonna be hanging this year!


I don't know why I do this to myself but I do.................
I go in search of one item and come away with about 10 :)
I can't even remember now what I was looking for but I found these two runners. I really loved this summery looking one back when I assembled it about 4 years ago and the more I look at it today, the more it's growing on me again so I'm going to press it and get the backing ready for it. This blue star runner is another Thimbleberries that I did back at least a year if not longer ago and if you look close enough you can see it's even sandwiched......well, upon careful examination, I found WHY I stopped. It got bunched in one section and needed unsewing. SO...I took it all out the other night and am going to make a visit to a friend's house soon and she's going to let me put it on her long arm and quilt it :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Another one bites the dust.....

This was a quick one.....

Eyes and fangs will be sewn on when they arrive. Since I worked on all these projects from my stash I forget that some have buttons and such so when I was looking in the book at this one the light went on and I realized I never got the eyes and fangs so I had to place a quickie order with Ericas and true to form, she shipped the day I ordered....
they should be here tomorrow, Monday at the latest.

Now, to make some hanging sleeves.

Art to Heart Mini

I can't believe it's that time again to do my Art to Heart mini for my mom.....I feel like I just did the July and August and here it is time to get the September and October ones made up.

I did the cutting and fusing yesterday and even got the majority of the machine buttonholing done last night but then there was the draw of the tv (Big Brother) and some embroidery, so here I am today finishing it up.

All I have to do is add a hanging sleeve and pop it in the mail. I will however, finish the October one too so I can save some postage....that's all fused and about 1/3 done with the buttonholing.

I have really enjoyed making these minis this year for my mother....and I know she's enjoying having them around her house.