Sunday, October 27, 2013

We're on Vacation

     Yes, when we came in from work on Friday we each had the same comment "We're on Vacation!".  

     Hubby and I weren't sure we were going to do a vacation this year since we'd had the wedding back in April and then made the decision we wanted to redo our kitchen in January but all of a sudden one afternoon sitting at the kitchen table Sarah asked "Big Popi" if we were doing anything since she had a week's vacation left from work , so the conversations started...... 
The final decision was made and these guys won out.....

     It's been a few years since we've been to Disney and with the new Harry Potter rides available and other great rides to experience, it was an easy decision to make.   We're hoping that we've picked an "off" time at the park but just in case, we signed up for the
Magic Bands.  We've reserved some meals and rides with them with the hopes that if it's not an "off" time that we'll at least get on our favorite rides quickly and easily  :)    We'll be gone Monday-Friday, which will be just enough time away to relax and regroup.

I hope you all have a great week....


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jo's Bonnie Challenge

     I've quickly become a Bonnie Hunter fan thanks to my BFF's who'd been fans forever.  I did last year's mystery and now I'm going to participate in the Celtic Solstice.   Well, Jo, at Jo's Country Junction is having a challenge.  Finish up an old Bonnie project before you start the new mystery.  Do I have one?   You betcha!!!
I started her "Jamestown Landing" before it was even in her book.  I'd gotten the pattern from an Australian magazine. 
I have the entire center done...It needs a skinny border and then a piano key border.
Scrap bin here I come!!!!

I'll take a picture later of how far I've gotten and post that.

Challenge on!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Are you jumping on the Bonnie Bandwagon?

     I know I don't "need" to add another project to my already large list of things to do but seriously, it's a Bonnie Hunter Mystery!   I'm not a veteran of the Bonnie mysteries, I've actually only done last year's "Easy Street", but I think that piqued my interest and hooked me right away. This year it's being called "Celtic Solstice"
So, while I prepared dinner last night I pulled blues, yellows and oranges from my downstairs sewing room and tonight while the spaghetti water was boiling I pulled more blues and oranges.  My only substitution to Bonnie's colorway is the black on white I'm using instead of the tan/neutrals.
So, without further ado, here are my picks:

My goal again this year is to only pull from my stash.  Last year I only bought the black on whites and I guess I overdid it just a teeny bit  :)  I may find more prints between now and the day after Thanksgiving when we start cutting, but for now I think I have a great start to the project.
I'm going to go to Bonnie's site now and upload her "Paddy" picture for my sidebar!
Are you jumping on Bonnie's bandwagon????

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Yes, I'm Back

    2 Posts in 1 weekend?  Shocking I know!

    This afternoon I assembled my SWOON # 2 block.  I am really loving working with the large blocks!  I had this one all laid out on my design wall so all I had to do was turn around and grab the block parts.  I wasn't tired nor was I distracted but suffice it to say, my seam ripper got a workout today.  I don't know why, but the top left unit was ripped out at least 3 times (ugh).  I finally got it all done and pressed but by then it was almost time to start dinner so I had to stop.

Also, here is a picture of some flannel yardage I found on Friday at my local quilt shop "Quilting Possibilities" in Forked River, NJ.   The fabric is a Bonnie and Camille flannel and was in the "Sale Room" for $5.99 a yard.  To me I think that's a steal!   There was 6-3/4 yards on the bolt so I bought it all.  So, Debbie the owner has a program at the shop where you can put your name in a bucket if you don't take your purchase in a bag.  She's been doing this for years and almost every time I go in I put my name in but never win.  Well, surprise, surprise, last week I came home and found I'd won! 
So, my 6-3/4 yards of flannel minus the $20 I won in the bag program cost me $23.00.  That's a win /win in my book..........................AND, here's a fun story.  As I came out of the sale room a woman walked past me and said "Oh Peggy, I enjoy reading your blog".  I stopped short and looked at the woman (yes, I'm sorry, I can't remember your first name) and had to ask her how she knew me....
She said she recognized me from my blog!!!   I find it amazing when people can put a name with a blog! 

I saw her again as I was leaving with my flannel.  She was standing by Debbie's longarm machine watching her husband as he quilted a wedding quilt for her.  What fun to see her gorgeous quilt on the machine and also to see a man behind it!!!   

     And last but not least, there was some "mail call" this week. 

Back when Lori Holt did the row by row that's on the cover of her book I did a few rows then lost interest when one of my friends died.  Her and I were doing the rows together so I just didn't want to finish without her.  Over the summer I decided that I'd finish the rows "for Laura".  Now, where did those pattern instructions go?  Hmmm...  Aw heck, just order the book.  So I did and it came this week.   I also fell in love with The Blue and the Grey cover quilt so I ordered that one too.....
NOW, where's the time to do all these projects?   :)

Hope you have a good week!!!


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Designer Mystery BOM

     I'm finally back with a little bit of an update from the sewing room. 

     I'm trying very hard to keep up with the Designer Mystery BOM.  Some months it works and some it doesn't.  This month, I got the fabric kit on Thursday and here it is Saturday and I'm already done with it.
     We are on block #5, which is surprising to me since it feels like I just started.  To realize it's the 5th month already surprises me. 

     So, our designer this month is Vanessa Christenson from and the pattern is called "Stargazing", which I think is a perfect name.      I absolutely love this fabric line and so far all of the patterns are awesome!!! 

Before I put the block away, I took the other 4 out and took a picture of all 5.  After the next block is done I can start assembling the first 2 rows.....

Earlier this week I finished a quilt that I did with a kit that's been in my stash probably 2 if not 3 years.  I took for granted that all the parts would be in the project bag when I opened it but it was missing the 2 borders  :(      I did call the shop but they wanted me to drive the kit out to them and since I knew they probably didn't have any more of the fabric AND it's an hour away, I just made do, pulled borders from my stash of flannels and moved on with the assembly.  It's all done now and off to the quilter.  This particular quilt is for a friend's mom who will be 90 in January.  I will show a picture when it does come back to me since I did forget to take one before I shipped it off.
After the above quilt was finished I was at a loss for what to do but I have been thinking (almost dreaming) about the "Swoon" pattern I got over the summer and wanting to start it so I pulled one of my Bonnie and Camille bundles down off the shelf, pulled enough fq's to make the blocks and got to cutting.  BUT, in true fashion for me, I had to stop the cutting and assemble the first block.  I just can't help myself :)
NOW, this block looks like it would be a quick one
to do, and it kind of was BUT, looks are deceiving.  This block measures 24-1/2 inches square!!!
I don't think I've ever made a single block this big.  I'm anxious to get back to making the final 8 blocks so stay tuned, I doubt you'll have to wait too long to see them.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hobby Lobby?

   Hobby Lobby?  Where?????????????

Yes, I had heard one was coming to New Jersey but I thought it was out by Philly.  Well, last week when my BFF Michelle was in hers and texted a picture of the pumpkins they had in the store it got me to thinking....where is ours?   Well, when I found out it was approximately 45-50 minutes away I KNEW I was taking a day off and going in search of it. 

So, here's the pumpkin that I was tempted with by Michelle.....

My oldest daughter just happens to be a fan of all animal print things so when I saw this I just KNEW she'd want one for her coffee table.
It was a little pricey for me but I'd gotten an email from Hobby Lobby over the weekend for 40% off so I used it on this...

I picked up quite a few items while I was there including some party favors for a "baby sprinkle" the girls and I are hosting here in November, some Kona Snow, some Halloween items and also a red button for my sewing room wall.
It looks a lot bigger than it really is sitting there in the shopping cart.  In reality it's about 7-71/4 inches....
You can see I had 2 in the cart but the one was cracked along the back side so I left it there. 

Now that I know how to get there, I'll be going back quite often!!!