Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I think it's been about 10 years or more since all 3 of my kids went out for Halloween together.

Once the older 2 got into high school they didn't want the younger one around and then by the time she was old enough to really "party" they were off at college and such. This year though my oldest daughter decided to have a party at her friend's house. I managed to get the 3 kids to pose for a picture all together before they left. Sarah was the Queen of Hearts, Dan was the gingerbread boy from Shrek and Jen was a vampire. Quite a difference from the days of cowboys, princesses and kitties.....
On another note, hubby, Jen and I are taking off to Florida in a few hours to visit my mother. We haven't been down to her house I think in 2 years so since school is closed for a week we're taking a couple days and heading south.
Be back and blogging on Thursday....till then, have a good week.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Donation Quilt

The school that I work in does a lot of charity work for the local veterans organizations, our local zoo, underpriveleged kids etc. Well, last year I donated a quilt and we sold raffle tickets for an orphanage that a local girl set up. We netted some good money from that so the other day one of the teachers that runs some of these groups asked if I had a quilt that we could raffle off again. I told her I did and we started the next morning selling tickets... I donated my "Flowers for Maddie" quilt which I really loved, but the raffle is for a good cause so I didn't really mind donating it.
If I miss it that much I can always remake it for myself :)
I have been asked if I would make something in red, white, and blue for after the first of the year so that's a project I'll be putting on my 2010 Git er Done list.
Hope everyone had a good Saturday.

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone.....

If you're living on the east coast you are probably enjoying the beautiful 70 degree weather that we are here in New Jersey. We get the best of both worlds, leaves turning beautiful orange and yellow and browns and also a day here and there that's 70.... I sure would miss that if I ever moved away from here.
On a quilty note, I made a birthday block for one of the girls in an online group I've belonged to for quite a few years....don't actually remember how long but I have quite a few bags o block to prove it! Anyhoo, the November girl is looking for a log cabin made with a white on white that she provided and brights. She was looking for dots, stripes etc, and her only request was the final bright strips were blue. I have a lot of brights and dots so this was an easy one for me to make. Marsha, I hope you like it.....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big Bertha is Finished

Yes folks, Big Bertha is finished. Had her all clipped to the clothesline real nice and as I went to click the picture, a very slight breeze blew in and sent it waving but it's the best picture I could get today.

I now know why Karen called the quilt "BIG" Bertha...this gal is huge!!! Now I need to get a backing for it and figure out how it should be quilted.

And just in case you were wondering...Yes, I do work, but I've been off for 2 days with the itchy scratchies on the backs of both legs. Went for blood work this morning to determine whether the bumpies are from a virus associated with the head cold I have or chicken pox. I say it's a virus but the good doc will let me know tomorrow...

I got yet, 2 more quilts back yesterday that need bindings attached so I think I best devote a little time to them today and get the bindings done...the tacking down can get done while I'm vegging in front of the TV at night.


Monday, October 19, 2009


How's this for eye candy??? "Mezzanine" from Michael Miller Fabrics.....I'm not much of a fru fru pink and lime green kinda gal but these fabrics just caught my eye when I saw them....
Also, how do you like this basket? It has a front and back section with a cute wooden handle.
I ordered it from Baskets by Dawn in Murphy, NC....Each basket is handmade and I have to tell you, her turnaround time is super quick....

12 days till Halloween blog giveaway
12 Days till Halloween blog giveaway...You don't want to miss this one!!!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

One Wedding Picture

I had a request for a wedding picture and since I don't have a lot I thought I'd just show one that the uncle of the bride took and one that I took of my 2 girls. My oldest daughter was maid of honor .
Samantha's dress was made by her grandmother and my daughter did her hair. I like this picture because it really shows how much in love these 2 really are! The groom was so emotional as the guests and wedding party started coming in that he could not stop crying....

Best Wishes to Samantha and Jason...lots of happy years ahead for both of you!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Home and working on a new project

We're home from beautiful 95 degree Puerto Rico, just in time for rain, snow and 50 degree temperatures....

I bought this book just before I left to go away. The quilt that's on the cover is called "Big Bertha" and the original quilt is hanging in Quilting Possibilities Quilt Shop here in town. I admire it every time I go in the shop and have even emailed Karen Snyder, the designer, asking to buy it from her or if she's not interested in that, if she remembered the fabric line, I could duplicate it myself. Karen wasn't sure what she used so I looked around and just bought yardage that I thought would look nice using her pattern. It's called Neutral Territory by Red Rooster.

My colorway is not as much of a salmon colored, more of an orange, and instead of using lime green, my fabric had a nice turquoise in it. Here is one of the units. I have quite a few of the units done but I think I have about 10 more to go before I can start laying them out and assembling the top. I don't have someone in mind for it yet but it might just be something I keep for myself this time...we'll see after it's all assembled.
How's your rainy Saturday going?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

To Market To Market

NAH, I'm not going to Market, here's where I'll be this time tomorrow (Friday).
I'll be at the Wyndham Rio Mar Resort in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. My daughter's best friend is getting married there on Saturday and we were invited so we leave here tonight....

Have a good weekend everyone and I'll be back late, late, late Monday, so I'll post all about it on Tuesday.


Monday, October 5, 2009


Remember back a bit I blogged about my love for pincushions? Well, our friend Liz, moderator of one of the yahoo groups was the hostess this time for another pincushion swap. Since I am a junkie, I did 2 sets. I made these hot pink rooster-like ones that I hot glued to painted candlesticks and then I made my donuts...everyone loves a good donut now, don't they?

Well, today I got my stash back......

I got round ones, I got one that is an iron, I got a bird, a flower, a cake in a bag and a cherry tart... I LOVE each and every one.

I'm already to start making for the next swap round, but I think I better not suggest that until after the first of the year....