Monday, May 29, 2017

Red Sky at Night

      If you've followed me on this blog and Instagram, you've probably seen my posts from January 2015 thru November 2015 of my "Red Sky at Night " blocks that I was sewing along weekly with Jodi Godfrey from Tales of Cloth Blog.  

       Every Monday she did a block that she found online and even shared the history of the name etc.  I like that kind of stuff so I was anxious to follow along each week.  Jodi did her blocks in solid red and white and if I remember correctly, she was making the quilt for her mom's birthday.  Feel free to read all about them.

I got this unit sewn and up on the design wall, and then added the bottom right corner (oops, no picture) and realized I only had 1 of the original blocks left so I had to make more.

I made the above 6 and combined them with the 1 leftover and voile!  My quilt is done!!!

It sure doesn't look like it but it measures 86 x 86 and barely fits on the floorspace.
I ordered a backing for it so when that arrives it will go right out the door to my favorite quilter!

I hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day and remembering the reason for this holiday, and Happy 100th Birthday to my all time favorite president, John F Kennedy.....It's crazy realizing that he's been gone soooo long and that he'd have been 100 today!

My New Sewing Room

When last heard from I was probably helping daughter #1 move out of the apartment we have over our garage..........  It was time for her, hubby and 2 kids to move back to Maryland where there house was waiting for them to move in!  A happy/sad time for everyone but it really was time :)

So, that move meant daughter #2 was ready to start her move into the apartment.  
The unpacking of her bedroom took way too many days since she's kind of a pack rat but when the painters got the place all ready, we took a few days and got her set to wait on living room furniture....which she's hoping comes sooner than later!

NOW...the fun part was I got to move across the hall from my old 12 x 12 room into a 12 x 24 room with a walk in closet!!!  Here are a few pictures of my new and improved sewing area.

My cutting table with pegboard and shelves for pincushions and little goodies with hooks for scissors etc.

I went to IKEA and bought this skinny shelf for some gifts from friends over the years...

I moved my ironing surface and portable small design wall to the area behind my sewing machine which is perfect for baby quilts and small toppers.

My sewing machine is all set up and projects are going on there today.....

Here's 2 BILLY Bookcases from Ikea also with my tv and toys.....I thought I'd put books on the shelves but I have room in the walk in closet next to the shelves where I put all the books.....

And last but not least is the design wall.  I wanted a frame from wall to wall and ceiling to floor but that didn't happen.  For now, I have a full size piece of batting on the wall which will be fine for the time being.....

I have mini's I want to hang by my sewing machine but I want to make a few more and put them up once and not have to keep moving them around.  I'll take a picture of that when it happens....