Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Simple Life"


So, this awesome quilt is called "The Simple Life" by Thimbleblossoms.  It's made with "RUBY" flannel and if you can even believe me, I cut it out and sewed up all the alternating blocks in 1 afternoon.  A few days later I assembled all the stars and then got it assembled into a top in 1 afternoon.  The flannel was super nice to work with!

I sent it out to my favorite quilter Sarah and she had it back within a week.  With the holidays, I wasn't able to get the binding on but that was taken care of today.  Binding on and it's on the couch next to where I watch TV at night and it will be tacked down over the next week or so......

Flannel will keep some nice little girl warm this winter!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Quiltville Mystery Link Up Monday

    I'm back!  It's the Monday after the reveal and I'm back with my Monday Link Up.

    I don't always have the step from Friday finished by link up Monday but I do today.   I was happy to see that Bonnie gave us an east task this week since I was a little busy this holiday.....

I pretty much LOVE all of my neutral fabrics but these are my MOST favorite of them all.
Who doesn't like dancing ladies, words, carrots, bees, sheep, leprechauns and my "MUST" have in every mystery, a little piece of Olivia the Pig.  BTW, if anyone reading this has any of this fabric I'd sell my first born for some LOL

Look at this leprechaun......soooo cute!

Some pictures of the sewing process, my favorite blocks, my "Bonnie Spinning" of the center seam, and all 221 of my 4 patches.  In the blue basket are extra 2 patches since I obviously can't count and made way tooooo many units....BUT, I'll use them in the back or something down the road......

If you'd like to join in, by all means, it's not too late, here's a link to join in.....

I'm trying to be better at updating my blog so if you're so inclined to come back, you'll see my progress.....

Saturday, November 26, 2016

En Provence! A Quiltville Mystery, Part 1

  If it's Thanksgiving Weekend, Bonnie must be in town with her mystery! Yes.....the  Quiltville mystery that we wait all year for is finally here.
Friday morning the Part 1 instructions are up on the blog.........I immediately go to my sewing room and pull out the bin of fabric.............

Here are some of my favorite "neutrals"....dancing ladies, carrots, bees, chicken wire, Dr. Seuss words, leprechauns, dots etc......

Then we have our dark purple, lilac, yellow, green and a hot pink.....I am loving all of the colors!

Step 1 is 4 patch blocks from our neutrals.............
First I have to gather some "stuff"...the fresh rotary blades, a ruler, pins, chocolates and of course the required gummy bears :)

Then I got to cutting my strips, sub cutting units and then making 4 sample 4 patch units.....SUCCESS!  They all came out the right size and are super cute!

First run yielded 119  3-1/2 inch 4 patch units.  I cut more strips today, a few more than yesterday so I should be able to get the remaining 102 blocks made.  I'm going to go work on them tonight.

Hope everyone doing the mystery is having fun, and thank you Bonnie for an easy Step 1.......


Thursday, August 11, 2016

NYC Visit

            We had tickets to see 

Hubby accidentally bought evening tickets so we had to decide how we wanted to spend our day...  Since our daughter was coming we thought we'd go in early, like 4:00 and then we could do a few things that we have wanted to do.    So, we left south Jersey around 2:30 and took a slow drive up.
We get into the city and parking was AWFUL!  The 2:00 shows hadn't gotten out yet so it was difficult....We actually pulled up to a lot as KINKY BOOTS was getting out so we got lucky and they took us right in....after driving around for way too long!
So, we are up around 45th street and the first start on our trek is "The City Quilter".  

They had a tuffett in NYC fabric

                                         A skyline out of solids of day and night in NYC
                                          They've got a nice setup of machines for classes
My only purchase was the subway line fabric for 2 pillowcases and a Quilt Sampler magazine

Our next stop was the Macaron Cafe on 36th Street.
They have a cute "button" as their door pull

At first I thought it was a macaron but NO, that's definitely a button!

After that we had dinner at Jack Doyle's Restaurant & Bar.....where the tv's in the place were non stop running of the guy climbing Trump Tower with suction cups!

I saw these two on our way to the show....

We had a great time in NYC and look forward to our next trip.

OH.....yes, we saw Paul McCartney on Sunday.

The music and Paul's performance was AWESOME.....but we were all the way up in the top of the stadium so we could see Paul on the side screens....but we played "where in the world is Paul McCartney" looking down at the stage.  A nice time was had by one and all :)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

New Babies

There are lots of new babies around here these days.  I feel like I've spent the majority of my summer making them all a quilt, sending them out for quilting then getting the binding on them all......It's been busy and crazy but it's all for good reasons!
One of the special babies was this one....
Her name is Shelby Grace and she's my niece Shannon's first child.  The doctors and Shannon were all expecting a teeny tiny baby since Shannon's not a big girl, but Shelby came into the world on Friday, July 29  a whopping 9 lb. 4 oz. and took everyone by surprise.  She's beautiful and we are so happy to have you in our lives.  My sister is now a happy grandmother!

My best friend from grammar school is going to be a new grandmother again too.  Her son Tommy has a 3 year old daughter with twin girls on the way in September.  I'd been cutting up rectangle scraps and a white with a black square fabric for background for another quilt so I cut enough to make some scrappy twin quilts.....
They turned out sooooo cute and I just love the turquoise bubble like backing fabric.  I know most people will give babies pink, purple, and flowery things so I went with something a little different.  I mailed them out on Thursday so I'm hoping to hear soon that they arrived safe and sound.

I had another finish this week too......  It's a Bonnie and Camille quilt called "Swiss".  I used all of their red fabrics with a solid white for the plus sign.  I actually started this quilt back in June I think.  I went gung ho cutting and making the units.......then it sat and sat.  I realized on Thursday that I didn't have anything that was for a deadline so I looked around and that pile caught my eye immediately.  I was done and had the back squared up by yesterday morning and voile....off to the quilter it went!
I just love it!

The next new finish was a quickie scrap quilt that I assembled Friday night for my friend Ingrid in Texas.  Ingrid lost her mom to cancer last year and got a lot of support from the Ronald McDonald House for her extended family.  When trying to decide what she could do for them she realized that her quilting reached a lot of people both on blog, Facebook and Instagram so she started collecting blocks and making quilts for them.  I've sent 1 or 2 a month all year for her but with all the other things I was doing I totally forgot to get one out to her so when I saw her post that she was going to be short for September I took the remnants of the last baby quilt and just made a scrappy top for her, grabbed some yardage for the back and cut out some strips for binding and shipped it off to her yesterday.  She'll sandwich it and finish it up.  
I hope to rummage one day this week into my stash and come up with 2-3 more and whip some up.  I love that I'm able to help some sick children at a wonderful place!  I could hook you up with Ingrid if anyone out there has some tops you don't need and don't know what to do with....or if you have some blocks you want to get rid of, just message me and I'll get you the information!

This next quilt is an update on my "Lucky" quilt from July 13th's post.........
The way I have this quilt on the design wall is the way the pattern is written.  

I really love how it looks even with the cornerstones missing but I want THIS quilt for me and I have a king size bed.  This quilt is only 66 across which is way too small for a king so I spent a couple hours yesterday cutting out more solid and white squares, drawing lines and cutting hst's apart.  
I now have to press and trim so I can assemble approximately 16 more blocks.  

I have a lot of leftover solids for the cornerstones and sashing strips so I'm all good for making a larger quilt.  What I will have to decide is do I want a solid back or a nice print?  I think if I see something "print" that I like I'll get it but I'll have to do some searching......

Well, I think that's it for Sunday morning.......I'm off to do some pressing and trimming!

So, as I say goodbye, I'll leave you with an updated picture of Olivia doing what she loves best....dishes!  We will have to show her this picture when she gets older and remind her how much she liked doing them at 20 months!    New sister will be here the last week of October.....can't wait to see how she reacts to her!

We have tickets to see Paul McCartney tonight at Giant Stadium!!!  I can't wait......I've always wanted to see him!  Hoping I can get some good pictures....check back tomorrow!

Have a nice Sunday!


Friday, July 15, 2016

"HOMESTEAD" Revisited

Back over Memorial weekend I finished this quilt....

I LOVE this quilt and totally enjoyed making the blocks and assembling this top.

I didn't send it right out for quilting but finally did 2 weeks ago and then when it came back it just sat on a chair.  I don't like having un-bound quilts sitting around because when I am watching TV at night I have to keep my hands busy....and if I finish mid show, I need to know there is something ready to sew on.

I had my quilter use an "hourglass" type of design on it and I think it works nice.  It will crinkle up in the wash and still stay fluffy I think.

BUT, the question I had is "what do I bind it in?".  There is so much going on and the back is just a big floral that I almost thought it needed just a plain white.....NOW, that's something I haven't done in a LONG time!  White???????  

The white works and makes the back look neat but it's just so strange to use a solid white......

I have 2 more quilts that need bindings sewn on so i'm off to prep them.....I sure hope they'll be easier than this one.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July's New Project "LUCKY"

     I wasn't going to start anything new this month but I couldn't help myself...... this pile of yumminess was out on my ironing surface so I told myself I could iron the fabrics and get them ready for cutting "one of these days".

These are all Moda B&C Solids with a few stash solids thrown in for variety.  On the bottom of the pile is a hunk of Moda Bright White......
So, I press them up and figured "what the heck"  Cut out one block just to see how it looks.

I love the sherbet like colors most of all so I cut one of those first....
BTW, I'm using "LUCKY" by Camille Roskelly of Thimbleblossoms fame.

Voile!   Block 1 of 12 done........
And then I got the bug......I cut 2 more out

The more I sewed the more I LOVED working with solids......

So, here I am with the other 9 ready to go.  I've got them cut out and the HST's are sewn and ready for pressing open and trimming.  YES, I still make them larger than I need to and trim down using my handy dandy "Bloc Loc " ruler!

Now........This quilt finishes at 62 X 81, which is a nice size but I have a King size bed and I'm anxious to put a new summer quilt on next summer so I need more than the 12 it calls for.  I'm thinking I need 18 more.  What I think I'll start off doing is make the 12 and then I'll make the rest......

Stay Tuned!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Small Finish

Anyone that knows me as a sewer knows I love quick and easy projects.
This summer has been the year of the baby quilts.  I've made more this summer than I think the last 2 years combined.

Yesterday I needed a quick project so I went into my little UFO bin and found some hst's and not only were they made and trimmed to size, they must have been laid out in rows at some point in time!  YAY for me!

I quickly threw them up on the design wall and got them sewn together in no time.  
It's not a big quilt, only 36 X 36, but it's for a newborn so it doesn't need to be huge.
I found a green dot in my "backings" bin which is the perfect match for the green on the front so I'm going to sandwich it one night this week and get it quilted.  The baby is due in early December and my friend will be the great aunt.  A funny note about this is my oldest daughter dated the baby daddy back about 8 years ago so he'll be surprised to see something I made as a gift :)

And here's Olivia.....now 18 months old and LOVING helping me do dishes.  We do bottles, plasticware etc. every morning and that makes her feel like a big girl.  I know I have a picture of Olivia's mom doing the same thing "somewhere" but today's not the day to go looking for that.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July......


Saturday, June 18, 2016

How Do YOU Eat M&M's

I know, it's a crazy question but one I thought needed asking.

I like to grab a handful or even one of the snack size bags and lay them out on the cutting table etc.....  And YES, I sort them by color and eat the pile with the smallest amount first and work my way up.  I know....I'm crazy but a good friend of mine, Peggy, likes to pick on me and tell me she's never met anyone that even really looked at them.  She thinks everyone just pops them in their mouth.  I can't be the only person that does this am I?


So, this was a week of finding some random bags of blocks that have been "hiding" in the back of a closet.  The first bag was some blue rose print.  I can clearly remember loving the fabric and buying yards of it.  I was in a swap group with some girls and we decided to send one another a fat quarter of focus fabric and something for the background.  I'm sure I have pictures somewhere of the others blocks but they're most likely on an older computer.  I picked the rose print with a white on white....  Well, this week I pulled them out threw them up on the design wall and set them simply three across with 4 down.  No sashing, no cornerstones, NOTHING.

Then I grabbed a blue on white print that was in the bag with the blocks, made some checkerboard border and voile..... a nice top for Ronald McDonald House.

I've met a few girls on Instagram that are making and donating quilts to RMDH so I've been sending them to the main coordinator in Texas who started the whole process as a memory of her mom who passed away in December.  I've made approximately 10-12 so far and have tried getting the word out on IG to "friends" hoping they'd feel like doing something nice too.

The other baggie of blocks is this one.

There are 20 Split Nine Patch blocks in the bag along with a huge pile of the strips (most likely for a border)  along with at least 5 yards of various blue pieces of fabric.....
I've laid the blocks out on the design wall and kind of like this look so I'm going to sew them up this afternoon or Monday and use the strip sets for a border then most likely i'll piece a backing and make some binding and ship them off to Texas as my June contribution.  They take any "tops" under 45 inches (and you don't have to send backing/binding) or you can send finished tops any size to them....
If you are so inclined, email me and I'll send you the mailing address...it is a good cause!

Here's a picture of our granddaughter Olivia at the park yesterday.  I was a little scared to swing her too high on the swing on the left so I only let her go a little bit.  I was so scared she'd let go and bang...grandma would be in the doghouse with mommy....  I distracted her with some sliding board rides then put her in the swing I wasn't afraid she'd fall out of.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Father's Day with Grandpa there :)  and also we have a full piƱata for a "gender reveal" celebration to find out if Olivia is going to have a new brother or sister in October.....
stay tuned.  
Grandma here is hoping for a little brother but will be happy either way.

Monday, June 13, 2016

UPDATE on the scrappy stash busting rectangle quilt

    I'm still stash busting and using up lots and lots of 2 inch strips from my "string" bin......

This is the update on the previous stash busting post......
I've gone thru 5 yards so far of background fabric and I can't even say how many 2 inch strips......

I've copied this project from Rita Hodge of the famous "Red Pepper Quilts" blog.  That girl makes scrappy look awesome!   If you've never visited her blog, you need to head over when you finish reading this.....she's wonderful!

I have the bottom unit to finish so I'm off to start assembling some units.....
I'd like to finish this week so I can start something new :)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sew My Stash

My 2016 mantra was "Sew My Stash".........and believe it or not, i'm actually following thru and I can see some empty project bins, empty baskets and piles going down.  I will admit to purchasing some kits and yardage, i'm still human after all, but I made the decision to NOT shop for the 2nd half of the year if I can avoid it :)

I spent most of April and May sewing up baby quilts for all the new babies that are coming this year, both family and friends.  I sat and made a list for the 2nd half of the year of more projects and lucky for me, it's a short list.  

The first project on my list is a housewarming gift for one of my daughter's best friends.  She's been thru a lot the last 3 years but has landed on her feet and moved out of her family house this weekend. The move happened really fast so I didn't have time to plan ahead but never fear....I have a headful of ideas.   I'm using a black on white little tiny square for the background fabric and then pulling 2 inch strips from my "string bin" to make a very scrappy rectangle strip quilt....
I did all of the strip sewing and sub cutting one afternoon and then the next day I had the opportunity to sew, I started making 16 patch units.  I just kept throwing them up on the design wall and the last picture shows what I've got going now.  It measures about 65-1/2 inches wide by 37 inches which is about 1/3 of what I want it to finish at so I've got a whole LOT of more work to do.......
I'm going to work on this as my June Leader/Ender project so with luck i'm done mid July.

The LAST project I  bought before I decided not to shop for the 2nd half of the year is "SWISS" by Bonnie & Camille.......
I buy a LOT of my quilt kits from the girls over at Sewlux Fabrics on Etsy....She packages everything up so cute that you just can't wait for the next project to show up in your mailbox.

SWISS uses 12 red fat quarters with 1-1/4 yards of a solid white....It finishes at 56 X 64 and will be PERFECT for ME for my TV watching at night :)  Anyone that knows me KNOWS how much I love red.   I've got it all cut up and last night while watching Outlander, I got the 6-1/2 inch white strips sewn to the little red sides!!!  It's going to be a quick finish I think!  
The only thing I'm throwing around in the back of my head is making 1 of the PLUS blocks red just to add a little "something" to it and give it a little "Peggy Touch".......I'll keep you posted.

Well, since it's a pretty ugly day here I think I'll spend it in my room making blocks....anyone out there joining me?

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Weekend 2016

Can it really be the start of the summer already?   I feel like I just had jeans and hoodies on and now we have the AC on and the pool opened....

This is my view of the pool from my sewing room.....Big Papi opened the pool and this clear blue is what we saw!!!!!!!!!!    YAY for a new balloon!

So, while Papi was out taking the cover off, filling with water and testing it, I was up sewing......
I started this Lella Boutique pattern last week.  I pulled lots of fabrics from my stash bins but I also released some bundles I'd had sitting on shelves looking pretty....  I wanted a lot of variety of color and design for each block and I think I may have just gotten exactly what I wanted!  I wanted florals, geometric, dots and stripes and with taking my time and searching I achieved it.
Now to look thru my big bin of backing fabrics and see if I have something fun for it.  Fingers crossed :)

And a blog post wouldn't be complete without a picture of our little monster......
Olivia turned 18 months old last Sunday and although she's the apple of this grandma's eye, she is into everything and laughs when I call her my little monster!

Here's hoping all of you a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!