Wednesday, November 18, 2015


   Yes, Allietare.......that's the name of Bonnie Hunter's 2015 Winter Mystery.  Have you ever done one of her mysteries??  This will be my 4th.  I resisted the previous mysteries as I am one of those people that don't like not knowing how things will look in the end, how will my fabrics look in the mystery arrangement etc.   "Easy Street" cured me of the worrying...  I jumped in with both feet and have never looked back.

     So, here is my pull/fabrics for "Allietare".

So...Bonnie makes "paint chip" suggestions.....I literally went the next morning after I saw her post and picked up my paint chips.....and for my friend Carolyn :)

Here's my grey.  Bonnie's suggestion was for one "constant" grey.  

My red, black and gold..............

And my neutral.....  In past years I've used text prints or tan/neutrals.  I decided this year to use an ivory grunge type fabric that I bought this morning at my local quilt shop.  We are suggested to get 5-1/2 yards so I really wanted something low key.

Below are my previous 3 mystery quilts..............LOVE, LOVE, LOVE each one!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Update last post was October 4th?   I guess I had a busy month!

I have a few sewing things going on as well as family stuff so for this morning I'm just going to post about my  "Farm Girl Vintage" sewalong blocks that I've been working on.

I finished all of the above blocks on Friday of this week and thought WHEW I'm onto the assembly process.  I had decided early on that I was going to do it just like Lori Holt's version on the cover of the book.

I liked the layout so what the heck.  Well, I start laying the blocks out in rows and I'm scratching my head saying HMMMMMM....something's wrong here.  I don't have enough blocks!  
I didn't take into account that Lori put a sawtooth star in each of the 4 corners.  So, my job today is to make the other 3 blocks today and then I can finish the rows off.....for now I have rows 2-7 totally done and rows 1-8 just waiting on some stars.  

Stay tuned..........

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Another Baby Quilt

     Another baby quilt is finished and ready to be given to it's mama and daddy VERY soon!

This quilt was a lot of fun to make and since it was small enough for me to handle, I was able to quilt it myself after I finished assembling it.  It really makes me feel good when I can do a quilt from start to finish!

I'll be gifting this to my nephew and his significant other Megan on October 18th.  I'm hoping I can get a picture of her with it :)

This quilt measures 40 X 48 and was made using "Out to Sea" by Sarahjane for Michael Miller Fabrics.....and made entirely from my stash!


Friday, October 2, 2015

Trunk Show

     Way way back in the day I fell in love with Pat Sloan's first fabric line.  I probably bought every single line after that and then joined her block of the month clubs AND bought her books and patterns.......was I obsessed?  Absolutely!

       I used to ask my local shop if she could get Pat to come for a trunk show and she always promised she'd try.....and then I guess everything lined up nicely and voile, Pat's doing a trunk show and 2 days of classes at Quilting Possibilities!

       Tonight was that trunk show.....

Pat was showing off her 2015 Mystery Quilt.........My picture doesn't do it justice.  Suffice it to say, I'm sorry I didn't follow along this year.  I will for sure next year though :)

I loved hearing how Pat got into the business and enjoyed her slide show.  She still has her 1st quilt and subsequent quilts that she made for her different books.

I sat right next to this quilt and have also admired it on Pat's blog so I bought the pattern and then when I got home I IMMEDIATELY ordered the fabrics to make it.  As Pat said, it was all about the polka dots...they made the entire quilt!

I also bought a fat quarter bundle of her new line, 4 yards of her red sunflower-like fabric and for this weekend only, if you bought 4 yards you got 2 yards free so YES, I bought 2 yards of the green dot, and a black on white pin dot .  I will most likely use the black on white pin dot for the background for whatever I end up making.

Debbie and Jim at Quilting Possibilities had little gift bags and dessert for all the girls that attended....

Pat Sloan is an absolute doll and a joy to talk to.  I wish I could have attended a class but since I couldn't, I'm just happy to have been able to attend the trunk show.  
If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of Pat's trunk shows, you really have to!  


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Update

Back in the spring I bought this book and bundle from Fat Quarter Shop.  I absolutely LOVED the fabric bundle and thought Lori's way of assembling the blocks was unique.

I'd been keeping up week after week....doing my 2 blocks every Friday and then I don't know what happened.......  Actually, I do know what happened.  My husband decided that he was retiring at the end of the year and wanted a quilt for each of his 2 secretaries so I have been knee deep in blocks for the 2 quilts.

Yesterday I told myself that I was doing NOTHING else until I attempted to catch up somewhat....
There are 8 more blocks left to make before I can decide how I want to set them.  I noticed that some girls have a pink pig in their quilts but I won't because I don't have the pattern for the pig  :(

I'm hoping that by the end of October that I'll have the remaining blocks done, a setting picked and with a LOT of luck I'll have it out to be quilted.


Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

     Labor Day has always been a sad time of year for me.  When the kids were small and we had to give up sleeping in and having slow, fun days.  Our days now were replaced with "back to school" mode which meant  set the alarm clock and the rush, rush of school, CCD, dance class, sports etc.

     The "kids" are grown and no longer going to school so I didn't have to get up with them, but I did have to set my "School Alarm" to get up and be a productive member of society and go to work.....
Well, all of that changed with September 2014.....I was a retiree!  Yes, at 59 I decided that I'd worked enough and wanted to spend some time having "Peggy Days" every day and after much discussion with Al, I made the decision to retire early and enjoy myself.  This will be the 2nd Labor Day that I
don't have to set an alarm for work and I have to say, this has been one fun ride!  One I'm thrilled I'm on!


Friday, August 21, 2015

"Buzzsaw" and "Rocky Mountain Puzzle"

I'm still loving and enjoying making blocks for the "Tales of Cloth" "Red Sky at Night Quiltalong .

The last 2 weeks have found me busy working on the first of 2 quilts I need to get assembled before the end of the month so I'm behind on my weekly sewalong blocks.  I finally made the time to cut and piece the blocks today.....

The top left block is called Rocky Mountain Puzzle.  I stole 2 pictures from the Tales of Cloth blog to show you how old some of these quilt blocks are....  Rocky Mountain Puzzle was a lot of fun to assemble.  The 2nd block, on the top right, is called Buzzsaw.  Talk about an easy to assemble block!!!!!!    

I'm now caught up which makes me very happy.  

Now, here are 2 cute pictures of my granddaughter Olivia enjoying her first ice cream cones....She was being a little fussy last week with 4 teeth coming in so we bought those little cones from Blue Bunny....perfect Olivia size!  

Pretty darn cute if I might say so myself  LOL


Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Wild & Goosey"

     Have you ever seen a quilt block or whole quilt and know you "had" to make it?   That's how I felt when I saw a quilt on Instagram and then asked the girl making it what the pattern name was........She told me the block name and then told me it was in an OLD I don't get.  I did NOT let that deter me, I went in search of the magazine and voile....found it.  I placed an order and was surprised at how inexpensive it was......  I thought I'd go back to some old comments on IG and thank the girl and tell her how easy it was to find.....but I can't find the post anymore  :(    

     My magazine with Bonnie Hunter's "Wild & Goosey" pattern came today and has me wanting to drop everything I'm doing and make some of these blocks......but I know I can't.  I have deadlines and I know I have to honor them first....damn!   LOL

     Who doesn't have lots of small scraps to make these blocks??????  This is a picture from Quiltmaker- May/June '13.  It took about a week for it to arrive in my mailbox but it was so worth it!

     I'll have to put it on my list of things to do this fall......


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Baby Quilt Finish

    I have a lot of finished quilts that I keep set aside for gifts but when I looked thru them recently I really didn't have the "right" one for a friend's first baby.  I was in the middle of making something else so when I finished that I realized that I needed to get a move on and get something going.

     I have a lot of kiddie-like fabric so that wasn't an issue, I even have a lot of pink to make it gender appropriate but this friend is not all "pink-like" so I went looking for some HST's or 4 patches that would work.

Here's what I came up with.....a basket of some sewn and pressed hst's, some matched up but not sewn, and a few rows pinned together!  That made my decision much easier!

I spent Sunday and Monday trimming all of these and arranging them on my design wall till I had them laid out just right.

I sewed all day Monday and Tuesday and then last night I finished and sandwiched it all......

Since I didn't have time to send it out to my favorite quilter, I did some straight line quilting thru the white part of the squares.   I had a big piece of that alphabet flannel in my stash that I'd picked up from my local shop and then found the red and pink stripe mixed in my red bin that I used for binding.   It was a quick but fun project!  

I still have lots of HST's left over that might just get made into a few more quilts in the next few weeks....  My "TO DO" list has 4 more babies on it that will need quilts between now and the end of the year......  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit....


Friday, July 31, 2015

Red Sky at Night QAL

   Are you following "Tales of Cloth" with her Red Sky at Night Quiltalong?  I am and I love all the blocks we have done.

   Last week's block was called "Lady of the Lake".

The Lady of the Lake originates from the Middle Ages, a character starring in the myths of Merlin and King Arthur. She was as bewitching and mystical as the name suggests, yet her personality is split. In some versions of the legend, she used Merlin's infatuation with her to learn his magic, then traps him inside a stone, in others, she represents justice and wisdom and is the one to give Arthur his sword. Lord Alfred Tennyson rewrote these myths in Idylls of the King.

In 1810, Walter Scott wrote the poem, The Lady of the Lake that drew on the old legend. It became hugely successful through the 1800s, and is believed to be the inspiration behind the quilt block that was first published in 1900.

     This week's block is called "Prairie Queen".  

I found it interesting when I looked up the use of the term Prairie Queen to find that it didn't refer to youth or beauty or some kind of pageant, but to female leaders, the significant women running their households, providing for their families, creating heirlooms, and contributing to the community through their churches or charity groups.

Jodi researches the blocks and why they are called what they are.  

I'm anxious to see how all these red blocks will look when they're all set together.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Low Volume/Plus Quilt

     I haven't done a block swap in a long time.  I've done a one on one swap but not a "many block" swap in probably years.  I saw on Instagram back in the winter that a girl I knew was hosting a Low Volume/Plus block swap and having TONS of low volume fabrics I decided to join.   We could send as many blocks as we wanted so I did about 22 and made a few for myself from my favorite fabrics.  I have had them back for a few weeks now and have wanted to throw them up on the design wall since the day they came home but have resisted since I had other things on my plate...........Well, I decided on Monday that I HAD to see them all laid off I went and threw them up!

Look at those blocks!!!!!!!    And yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, they are all sewn together.
The quilt top measures 67-1/2 X 79-1/2.  Each block was 11-3/4 if I remember correctly.  

 Look at the variety of low volume backgrounds......  I was in LV heaven last night while sewing them all together.....

I didn't have anything appropriate for the back so this morning I went out and found this "WORLD MAPS" fabric by Sue Schlabach by Windham Fabrics.  It's going to look awesome with all the low volume fabrics!   I picked up the stripe from the same line to use as binding.  Now it's time to mail it off to my quilter!   

And here's a little Olivia sighting.....  Her aunt Sarah brought her that cute London onesie back from her vacation and I guess you can tell from the look on her face that she liked it :)

Thursday, July 2, 2015


     I've asked before but I'll ask again....Do you Leader/Ender while you're sewing?
I remember about 11-12 years ago at a quilt retreat I went to I heard 2 of my BFF's talking about what they were doing with their Leader/Enders and I was thinking in my head "what are you talking about?".   I did ask and got an explanation but I truly didn't "get" the whole thing so I didn't jump on the bandwagon.  I must also admit that I don't ALWAYS do it now either but I have a few projects I'd like to make that call for lots of small scrappy blocks so I have been doing some cutting and sewing.....

        I found a quilt on a blog and sent my friend Robin the link to it and asked her if she could "hook me up" thru her quilt program.  This mock up is probably 8 years old and has been used to make 2 quilts so far......with # 3 in the works.  

I have LOTS of 2 inch kona snow squares and every quilt I've made over the last couple of years has a scrap of it cut up waiting to be incorporated into this top.  

I recently took all my pieces and assembled 4 blocks with 100 squares in each block.
This was my long term project until this week.............

Bonnie Hunter announced her 2015 Leader/Ender Challenge.....TUMBLERS!
I love little tumblers!

I remember back in December or January I'd seen a McCalls Quilting Magazine with a Civil War like tumbler quilt on the cover so I started using my Go Cutter with scraps and figured I'd make one just like the magazine.  Well, one project led to another and the tumblers got put away and forgotten about  

I have a great variety of tumblers to use for the challenge so I'll work on them for now.  
Do you Leader/Ender?

And here's 7 month old Olivia.....cute huh?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


     I was needing some bright, little girl friendly fabric for a quick birthday gift for early July so rather than make myself crazy pulling from my stash baskets I just used a fat eighth bundle of an old Riley Blake line called "Hoopla" that's been sitting on my shelf for YEARS!

     The quilt is for a cousin's daughter of my Son in Law.  My daughter requested churn dash blocks but with NO white background.  I LOVE using white as the background for quilts but when asked to forego it, I will use something else :)

I LOVE the way all of the fabrics go together, even though there are a few prints that are a little hard to see the actual block pattern after they're made up (ex. the light purple on the red wavy stripe)

I picked a purple and white print for the first border and then used all the leftover fabrics for a piano key border then the binding is the same purple and white.

The backing fabric is a white flannel multi colored springs that go perfect with the front.  
I think it's a Christmas print but I like it with this top.......

My quilter Sarah did an awesome job with a variegated purple thread !!!!

I have about a week or 10 days to get the binding tacked down and ready for little Mae's birthday......

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Lorax

I never cease to amaze myself at what I find in my sewing room when I'm not looking for it.

I was actually looking for a piece of fabric to make one of the "One Hour Bags" that I've been seeing on Instagram but found this kit.....

I have a long list of quilts that I need to make for some babies that are coming later this year so while I had the kit at hand I decided to cut it out....figuring I could assemble it a little at a time.  Well, I HAD to make one block to see how cute it was, which turned into making all of them.......

You got it.....I assembled the whole thing and this weekend pulled some yellow and white minkee like fabric from the Dr. Seuss line and got the backing ready to mail to my quilter this week.

I LOVE when I something unexpected like this project comes together super quick and is really cute too!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Here is a view of my kitchen standing in my living room.    We'd built this house in 1992 and at the time the blue linoleum looked "awesome" LOL.  About 10 years ago we changed to the oak laminate which gave the room a nice updated look.  

 I loved having the L shaped island.  It helped lay out food when we hosted large groups, but we started having issues with the cabinet doors not closing and I also had an unfortunate accident with an electric skillet igniting the countertop on fire!  

We opted to not have a kitchen table anymore, we moved the fridge to the wall on the left and the wall where the kitchen table was now has cabinets, a countertop and we put 2 wall ovens up.
I always felt like the kitchen was pretty big but look at it now..........

I had the contractor put glass doors in these cabinets so I can showcase my red and polka dotted dishes.  

The two looks are totally different and every morning when I wake up and go down to have breakfast I can't believe it's mine, all mine!   I find myself standing staring around just taking it all it......

We still need some trim installed, our sliding door to the living room needs painting and since we replaced all the doors, we need new handles and some painting done.  We are able to work in the kitchen again which makes me happy, and we work around the builder during the day coming and going doing his thing.  

I'll update with other room fixes shortly....