Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just a Few Photos

     Another "finish" for me.....  This is the link to my original post on this quilt
In my attempt to clean up my sewing room, it means finishing the bindings on all the quilts I've had quilted this spring and summer and move them to someplace safe for gift giving....
"It Takes Two" is finished and in the washing machine as we speak......

As you can see, the postman was here yesterday with 4 more to get binding made and attached....

I'll be busy this week......

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Some More Binding

     Just a quick post to show another finish.

     Earlier in the summer I worked on the "Text Me A Quilt" from Kim Brackett and did get it quilted but the binding as usual took a little time.  Well, it is officially done, washed, dried and put away for one lucky recipient.  Here's a few pictures of it.....

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Project Fabric Pull

I know the "Great Granny Quilt" obsession has left the station, and yes, I did make one a year or two ago when they were all the rage, but having recently purchased Lori Holt's book, I want to make another one for ME!

I've ordered a few pieces of Lori's own fabric line here and there and every time I look at the bin with the fabric and book I just want to start cutting.....but I knew other quilts needed to be done first.
Last night I decided that it was time.  I pressed most of the fat quarters and then finished the rest today.  I'm going to start the cutting process now.   Stay tuned!

Oh, but before you go, here's a picture of the scrappy Great Granny quilt I made previously.

Fabric Obsession

          I'm thinking I may have a serious Denyse Schmidt fabric obsession
I have her "Single Girl" pattern that I'd like to use some of these fabrics in but I'm scared to start.  I'm told that this pattern is not for the faint of heart......  Anyone out there make that quilt and think it was easy?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Modern Instabee 2014

I've been doing a "Bee" with some girls on Instagram which has been interesting......
It's the first time I've been involved in this type of Bee and I thought it would be fun and interesting :)  We are working from the book "Modern Bee-13 Quilts to Make With Friends".
I love most of the blocks in the book and I kind of hoped that everyone would pick a different block.  So far in the 7 months, we've done 1 blocks twice, 1 block 3 times and 2separate blocks.

I assembled the 9 blocks I received from the girls and then made up 3 to make up for the blocks that a couple girls didn't follow thru with.   As with any swap or bee, there is always one or two that sign up that don't do their share and the rest have to pick up behind them.....I tell myself every time something like this happens that I won't sign up again but then I see something fun and I just "have to".
I can't say that this "Bee" has been a total wash out though.  I met Sarah who has become a friend and also an awesome quilter.  
I thought I had pictures of the first 2 blocks but I can't locate them....i'm thinking they were on my phone before it went in the toilet :)  (long boring story)

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend....

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Finish

I finished an oldie but goodie last night.  It's a Fig Tree Tumbler quilt that came as part of a club with the Fat Quarter Shop back in like 2009 or something ridiculous like that....I know, crazy isn't it that I'd start something way back then and not finish?

Anyway, it's done and ready for gift giving when needed.


I just love this Fig Tree line....especially the backing fabric that came with the kit.  And look at that pretty quilting!!   Sarah never disappoints!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

August Big 3

Yes, I'm still doing a Big 3 list with friends....  This keeps me focused and on track for the beginning of the month and then I can just pick random projects later on.

1) Assemble the hst border for the Primitive Gatherings 10th Anniversary Stitch Along
2) Assemble all the little blocks for the Pam Buda sew along from earlier in the summer
3) Assemble/quilt/bind the purple star quilt.

I've got the quilt done (previous post)

And I'm working on the 10th Anniversary Stitch Along

I should be able to get this finished today....  Those hst's are only 1 inch finished!  I used Thangles to make them or else they'd be all wonky!

"Use What You Got" Challenge/AKA "Purge Challenge"

     I'm doing a 1 year challenge with some friends and it's all about using what we've got AND being accountable for it from using a single fat quarter to paying for quilting etc.  We've been given a spreadsheet to record any purchases, yardage used, projects assembled etc.....   I think it will be fun and eye opening at the same time.

     The challenge starts today 8/1/2014 and continues until July 2015.

     My first project to log will be the finish of my first quilt.  I made 4 blocks back in the winter and then over the last 2 weeks or so I've been making 16 more.

     I'd decided that "purple" was the color to start with.  My goal is to empty each color bin within reason and with luck, I can put 2 or 3 colors of left over pieces into 1 basket and reduce my closet shelf from 10 baskets to 4?    

     The challenge is not just for using a single color, we can do anything as long as we use what we have.  I have a few bags of blocks I'd like to assemble so that will finish them off as well as stash fabric if I need to make more.  I was up for any kind of challenge as long as I can purge my room!!!

Here's the finished star quilt.  It measures approx. 64-1/2 X 81-1/2.

So, here's my purple star quilt.  I need to look for some backing fabric for it and send it out to my favorite quilter.......

Stay tuned, there will be a lot more challenge projects coming your way.



Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stars Around the Garden

     Every once in a while I go thru some old UFO bins wondering if there's something in them that I "need" to finish up.  I always come across the "Stars Around the Garden" BOM kits that I received from my friend Robin on a monthly basis.  She signed us both up for it and treated me.  What a gal!
Friday night I had one of those moments so I pulled it out and decided I needed to do something with it.

        The patterns are dated 2005 and there's a print off of the finished quilt in color in the bag with the kits and a few finished blocks.  When I saw the center was appliqué I had one of those "really?" moments.... I don't do appliqué!!!

         So, here's the details...it's a 9 month BOM, with the kit having 2 blocks each for 7 months.  The 8th month was the center appliqué and the 9th month was the border appliqué bringing the finished quilt up to 87 X 102.  The fabrics used are from the beautiful Cinnamon Stars collection from Moda/Fig Tree Quilts!   WHAT?  I had no idea!  

        I started to open the kits and found I had 5 blocks done, and a few more kits cut out.......and then it dawned on me.  I remember what happened and why nothing else got done!  This was the project I was working on when my darn Bernina decided to stop working day 2 of retreat.  I spent the rest of the time there just cutting out projects and bagging them up, hence some kits all ready cut for assembly!  

        Here is the block I made this morning...........
And here are the 5 previously made with today's block.
This quilt is going to be so much prettier than the pictures show since the muted yellows and cinnamon colors get washed out with the camera.  
Once I get a few more done I'll take them outside on a nice day and take a picture......

So, this will be one of my "BIG 3" projects for the month of August.

Friday Night and Saturday Binding

     I've been on a roll with trying to get some small binding projects done this week so Friday night and yesterday in the car I finished 2 small table toppers.
         The first is this twister runner that is made from an old Bonnie & Camille line "Cotton Blossoms".  I made this at a retreat 2-3 years ago?   It went together quickly and I did like it but it's the finishing on some of the small items that I do that takes longer than it should.  In my attempt to finish up some older things I just pulled it out, did a wavy line quilting and got the binding on this week, finishing the last bit on my drive into NYC yesterday.

Once that runner was done I had this smaller one to finish up. I'd started it Friday night while watching TV, but it had a long side to finish......
This mini is called "Signature Quilt" and it's from the book "Prairie Children and their Quilts".  Tilda at Huckleberry Stitches is doing a summer sew along from this book.  I missed the first one while I was on vacation but quickly made this one up in about 2 hours the other night.  I used leftover scraps from another small project I am doing that needs finishing up this week too.


I'm not putting any verses or signing mine, I just wanted to make the mini and then I might have someone in mind to gift it to.....

It felt good to have these 2 small projects finished and since I knew I'd be in the car a while I brought along a 3rd small binding project that I'll show as soon as that's finished.  

Our car trip yesterday was to New York to see Rocky.  My kids know how hubby and  I enjoy the shows a lot so when we have "gift giving" holidays like birthdays, christmas and father's day, they tend to chip in and send us to a show.  Al got these tickets for Father's Day so off we went yesterday.

First stop was a macaron shop for my daughter.  That girl loves them!  Then lunch at a little retro diner/luncheonette called T45 which we'd never been too and then "Rocky" at the Winter Garden Theatre.  It was a great day and not too hot since it was a little overcast and drizzly every once in a while.
Here are a few pictures from our walk around........
Leather art on the streets....

Bicycles for your use to get around


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


          Purple at one time was my favorite color....but as I've gotten older I realize that it was really my 2nd favorite, after RED!    

          Back in April I had decided that 1 of my color bins of fabric needed a good clean out whether it be cutting it up and using it, selling it, or giving it away.   You may remember that I made these 16-1/2 inch blocks one afternoon.
I'd found a blog that picked a color of the month and they challenged girls to use up one particular color and that month it was purple.   Since I was "in the moment" I made these 4 blocks and promised myself I'd make more......well, that didn't happen.

          Last night I promised myself that this morning I'd work on some more blocks.

I pulled the purple bin out and set aside large pieces of fabric that I hate to cut up into small pieces because they could be used for a pieced backing or a border on a quilt.
This is 7 I have set aside for that.....(maybe)
Then I got to cutting. I cut 2-1/2 inch squares for the star centers, 5 inch squares for the hst's, and then  I threw a few in a little container for "leaders/enders".

  And, last but not least, I laid out in front of those piles,  some fabrics that are too nice to cut up, all are 1/2 yard pieces and I'm looking to sell them on Instagram.....  (if you see anything you like or want a better picture, just send me a message on IG paront1222).                                  Now it's time to start cutting into the kona white and make some stars.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Text Me A Quilt

        I can't even remember how I got to talking to Kim Brackett of "Magnolia Bay Quilts" about a project she was starting using text and low volume fabrics but I do remember that 10 weeks ago I received an Instagram message from her with a picture of the start of her quilt.  Text prints and bright fabrics!   I remember staring at it and telling Kim that I am obsessed with text/low volume prints and promised I wouldn't say a thing until she revealed it on her blog.

        I did take the liberty of sending her a picture of my low volume fabrics
and assured her that I was good to go whenever she revealed the pattern, and then I proceeded to add to my stash.  

       While I was on my cruise to Alaska I checked my email one afternoon and there was the pattern !
I could not wait to get home and start cutting out some bright fabrics and then make the decision as to 7 or 10 inch blocks.  

Here's my top up on the design wall.....make it larger?  Add a border?   UH....no, it's staying just the size it is.

Last week I found a great turquoise and white hawaiian print fabric in my backing stash bin and sent it out to be quilted.....It came back on Saturday and all I have to say is I LOVE IT!  
Here are 2 pictures I got of the quilting....It's hard to get pictures of the quilting because of the thread color on the text print, but it's an orange peel, and perfect for this top.

I did a 10 inch block and if you too would like to make this top, just head on over to "Magnolia Bay Quilts"  and pick up  your instructions.  You won't be sorry!!!


Monday, July 14, 2014

"Make A List Monday"

     Are you a list maker?  I used to pick on a friend who would make a list for the week of things she needed to accomplish each day and say "do you really need to write down that you need to dust the living room on Tuesday?", but I think as I get older I do need a little list when it comes to things I want/need to accomplish in the sewing room and it needs to be a little more detailed than I ever thought I would need....   For Example, a friend from my job (before I retired) is getting married next June and I want to make her a quilt so I recently decided on a pattern and colorway.

The pattern is called "Vintage" and it's in Camille Roskelley's "Simply Retro" book.  I picked Kona cream with black & cream fabrics for the blocks.  I figured that the colors would be nice for a young couple and will go with everything in their home.  
But...getting back to the list, I put everything in a drawer in my room thinking that I could put it on my January 2015 "to do" list and then forgot about it.  I ended up making a list this weekend of 2015 items and even wrote "where" I have them so I don't forget :)    NO, I don't have old-timers but I do have a lot going on in my life and sometimes I forget.....
So, I've decided that I am going to try and do a "Make a List Monday" of projects and things I need to get done and see if that helps with focusing.

1) Find a pattern for a special baby quilt for Jen (my daughter), pull fabrics to match her nursery and get working on it.
2) Make 6 scrappy trip around the world blocks and start assembling that quilt (I need my design wall cleaned off )
3) Find my pattern for my Overnighter Ellie Travel Case bag, put with fabrics and get all the needed accessories to assemble it

I'm not going to go crazy and make the list too big since I do have things that need to get done around the house and places to go so I'll start off small and work my way up  :)

OH, and did you see on Instagram this past week there was a #quiltsonchairs going on thru Me and My Sisters Designs?   OMG, some of the displayed quilts were just awesome.  This is my contribution.  I took all my finished quilts and folded them up nice and put them on my kitchen desk chair......  Just a little piece of my own "awesome".


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Scrappy Trip Around the World Blocks

     I want to say it was a year or 15 months ago that the Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks started showing up everywhere and I was right there to jump on the bandwagon.  But as with other trendy projects, I kind of lost steam and put the project away.  At the time I had these blocks made.

     Since then what I've been doing is as I work on a project with 2-1/2 inch squares, I set 6 leftovers aside, all lined up nice on a big piece of cardboard.  I figured that when the cardboard got full that I'd start to make more blocks.   Well, since then, the cardboard was moved from place to place until yesterday when I went to take it down off the shelf and this is what happened....

YUP, the whole hunk of cardboard slipped right out of my hands and everything went over......  and not only did this happen, the dog decided to walk thru the room and the piles really got mixed up.  So, I spent quite some time re-piling the fabric squares up and laid out 4 more blocks to sew up.
I have them laid out now and will sew and press them up later today.

I haven't decided how big I'm going to make this quilt yet.  I was thinking lap size and going with 6 across and 8 down but then I was thinking maybe a little larger.

I guess I'll wait and see which way the wind blows and see if I get bored with this and want to move onto something else.....

Stay tuned!