Sunday, April 26, 2015

Revisiting 2004

     I don't normally go back 11 years to an old project, but this one was necessary.

     I can remember seeing the January/February 2004 Fons & Porter Love of Quilting magazine and NEEDING the quilt on page 28 called " Housepatality".  I remember ordering the kit for it and adding some fat quarters to the mix that I'd pick up whenever I saw something I thought would go good with it.

By about August/September I was ready to start making my houses.  Back then I was working full time so my sewing time was limited to weekends.  I'd take a few days and I'd cut the entire thing out at one time so when I did have time I could just sit down and sew.  I took it to my first retreat that October and sat and got to know all the girls and sewed up all of them.  I wish I had a picture of me back then sewing on this project but I don't.  I think a friend does so I'll have to ask her to send me a copy  :)

Anyhow....I finished it and it hung in my laundry room for 11 years, until last month when I took it down to start our remodeling.  As I took it down I examined the quilting I did on it and I decided to take it all out and send it to my quilter Sarah so that it hangs nicer and just get it freshened up like the laundry room! 

I'm so much happier with it now!  

You will notice that I didn't add the final pieced border, I just added a black and white polka dot border and was happy with it like that!

Here's an up close look at the quilting my friend Sarah did on it.....

We just got back from Florida on Friday so I've been catching up with laundry and attempting to get the house in order.  This morning I decided it was time to get the binding ready and sewn on....  I am using a black and white stripe for it, which I think will be perfect.

The laundry room is almost finished being remodeled so I need to get this on and sewn down NOW!  AND, I need to figure out a unique label for it so I incorporate the old top with the new quilting.....
Thanks Sarah for updating this quilt!


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beachplum Quilters of the Jersey Shore

      Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with my BFF Robin for The Beachplum Quilters of the Jersey Shore luncheon and Trunk Show with Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village Quilt Works.  The luncheon was held at Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty in Point Pleasant, NJ.
Robin got up at the crack of dawn to drive down to my house from Long Island and after chatting, visiting my sewing room and checking out my renovations to the house, we went to the luncheon.

It was a gorgeous 66 degree day and with the restaurant right on the water, we had a wonderful day.  

Jackie is a joy to meet and chat with.  WHY I didn't get a picture of us with her is anyone's guess.....  This picture is the only one I snapped  :(

After a delicious lunch, Jackie had a trunk show and also brought some kits, patterns, magazines etc. with her.  

I took more pictures than these 3 but some just didn't come out right.  Her quilts are absolutely gorgeous and the work that goes into them is phenomenal!

I have to say, the girls from the Beachplum Guild were sooooo nice and very accommodating.  When we got to the venue we were given a ticket for some of the door prizes, a free fat quarter and a bag of M&M's with a really cute MODAFABRICS Emergency Kit label.  I won the 6-1/2 inch ruler and a wooden ruler holder.  

I did have to drop a few bucks along the way and bought a Judy Niemeyer kit for a quilt and also bought some fat quarters and 2 bags of pins that are exact replica's of Jackie's quilts.

We met 3 really nice women that we shared a table with and at the end of the show I actually met one of my online friends Carolyn.  I had no idea she was going to be there but one of the girls from my LQS brought her over to introduce me.  AGAIN, no picture  :(

In closing, we bought raffle tickets for the guild's quilt raffle.  NO, I didn't win, but it is a beauty isn't it?

I'm not a member of this guild YET....but I can tell you that I'm going to join when they start back up in September!  They don't meet over the summer and since I have a ton of stuff on my plate in May and June, I'm just going to start out fresh in September.  What a nice time we had with a LOT of wonderful women!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Catching Up on Tuesday

It's rainy here today and workers are downstairs spackling so I thought I'd upload a few pictures of what I'm doing and then I have an appt. with my favorite hairdresser for some color and a haircut for our trip to Florida next weekend for a very special wedding.

First off, who's doing this?
                                         I can tell you I am!  I preordered my book and then after it came I noticed Lori had a bundle available using almost the same fabrics as she did so I ordered that bundle, a full bolt of Kona Snow and I'm set and ready for May 1st when the Sew Along starts.  

Yesterday was too nice to stay in, with temps hitting almost 70 in NJ so I went outside and sat on the steps of the deck with Luna and we soaked up a little sun.....

After a little afternoon shopping I came home and made my Red Sky at Night Sew Along block.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red fabric line I'm using for this project and I love this Crown of Thorns block Jodi picked for this week.

I had a small package of Bonnie & Camille fabric in my mailbox too yesterday for a B&C Bee I'm doing this year.
I am in love with each one of these fabrics.....a few I never saw before but with the popularity right now of Bonnie & Camille's fabrics, some shops are pulling out their older stash and you can really get a nice variety!

And here's a quick shot of Miss Olivia on Easter Sunday.  She had the cutest little socks and ruffly outfit on........