Friday, May 30, 2014

A Little Update

     I know I've been bad at updating my blog but I just didn't feel like I had much to really say.

     A few weeks ago I went to a quilting retreat!  I worked ENDLESSLY on the parts for my "Tone It Down" quilt and although I did get a few blocks done, I didn't make enough progress to please me...especially since I'd been working on the blocks for 3 days  UGH!

     I did do a Jelly Roll Race Quilt with some of the others.  Mine was not made with a jelly roll per se, I cut my own strips from my polka dot stash and did it that way.

 That's mine hanging off the ironing board and a picture of me that my friend Vickie took while I was sewing it up.   Below is a picture of 6 of our quilts.  There was a variety of fabric lines used and you'll notice quilt #1, well she added a 2-1/2 inch white square to the end of each strip to add a little "something" to hers.  It looked awesome that way.
My quilt should be back from my quilter tomorrow so I can't wait to see the magic she worked on it.

My friend Robin brought a small wall hanging sized quilt called "My Favorite Things" with her for show n tell which got everyone riled up.....oh yeah, put a bunch of women quilters in one room and you're bound to have little quilt envy so it was a hoot to see everyone with their iPads and cell phones out checking out the project.....

I was no exception either.  I was on my smart phone before the day was out ordering the kit....I think that was on Saturday.  Well, I got home on Sunday and the darn kit was in my mailbox on Tuesday I think.  Talk about fast service!  
I have the first 3 blocks cut and fused but haven't gotten back to doing the hand buttonhole stitching yet.  They're small 4-1/2 inch blocks so they'll go fast and will be perfect for one of those hot nights when I'm needing something small to work on.

     While in Indiana we went to 2 quilt stores, Back Door Quilts and Quilts Plus.  Two really nice shops with nice people working in there.  I was on a mission to get some fat quarters of kiddie fabric to start thinking on baby quilts.  The girls in Quilts Plus were having a ball cutting for me, one for them.  Then you hear "where did this come from?"  They had such a fun time, as did we.
These are the fabrics I bought to add to what I already have in my stash, and then I bought a yard of this hammerhead shark fabric and made the "mama to be" a large pillow for resting her baby on as she starts to grow.

She was here visiting last weekend and loved it!

Well, those fat quarters will not sew themselves up so I'm off to get working on at least one of the quilts.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

2013 Designer Mystery BOM

     Well, the time as come for the 2013 Designer Mystery BOM to call it a day.

     While I was away at retreat, the kit for block # 12 came so I immediately pressed the fabric and got to cutting and assembling.  As with the other 11, it was a fun and very pretty block to make, and the best part is, I can assemble the last row and get it done!

     Block 12 is called "Ruby Primrose" and it was designed by Barbara Groves & Mary Jacobson of Me And My Sisters Designs.

     Once I got that assembled I made up the sashing strips and little 9 patch units and voile!  It's a quilt center.  (my bottom unit needs to be sewn to the top but I was excited to show you my pretty blocks so I snapped a picture early :)
 I just looked at the border instructions and the first border will go on quickly since it's just a 2-1/2 inch strip of the neutral.  However, for the 2nd border I need 50   3 x 5-1/2 inch flying geese  EEK!
Then I will add a 7 inch border of a pretty green/red tiny print and call it a day.

I'd love to be finished by the end of the weekend so I can get it quilted, so wish me luck out there.....

Is anyone else doing this BOM?

Is there anyone out there that WISHED they'd done this BOM and wants the patterns?  Leave me a message and I'd be happy to send them to you.


*****  Patterns have been sold**********

Monday, May 12, 2014

Indiana here we come!

Good Morning.........

It's that time again.....Indiana retreat here I come.   

I take an annual trek to Indiana with some girlfriends for 4 days of sewing, chatting, laughing and of course, shopping.  Retreat actually starts Wednesday around 1:00 but this year my friend Robin and I are leaving today and making the 12-13 hour drive over 2 days.  Why rush and do it all in 1 day?  
We'll drive until around 6:00 or so and find a hotel for the night then get up early tomorrow and finish the drive.  We'll meet up with a few of the other girls tomorrow for dinner and a quilt shop visit and then Wednesday morning we'll have our breakfast, make another quilt shop run and then over to the Camp where the retreat is.  

I've packed more projects than I can ever finish but that's the fun of it all.....I can work on one project one day and another the next.  It's not a race so we can have lots of time to visit, eat and enjoy one another's company.  

I'll try to take pictures to post here next week but I can't promise anything.....

Everyone going, drive careful......See you there!

This is a picture of 8 of us from the 2012 retreat visiting Back Door Quilts just before we headed over to the Campground to start retreat.....

Friday, May 9, 2014

Another Year of Schnibbles and A Little Break

     I've only been doing the "Another Year of Schnibbles" projects for about 4-5 months but I LOVE them.  I find that they challenge me to start and finish a particular project that I might not ordinarily do or it's been on my "to do" list like this month's project.

     Sinta over at Pink Pincushion blog picked "X Rated" from the "Schnibbles times two" book, which happens to also be the cover quilt.     At first I couldn't find the book and then it dawned on me that I'd had it pulled from the bookcase and was in a project bin with some fabrics and on the "to do" shelf.......   I quickly retrieved it and got to pressing and cutting last Friday.

I chose to do the large version since I had a ton of fabric set aside for it.  I picked Sandi Henderson's "Meadowsweet" line for the blocks and I love how it all turned out....even my husband walked past the design wall one afternoon and commented on how pretty it was.

     I hadn't planned on assembling the whole thing right away, I'd cut the parts thinking I'd take it with me to retreat next week but as you can tell from the in progress photos, once I started I couldn't stop until I put the last stitch in the border today.

The colors are so bright and very spring-like.  

It measures 60 X 60 and as luck would have it, I have some of the main "Splashy Rose" yardage left on the shelf so I'm hoping I have enough but if not, I have some one yard pieces that I can make the back scrappy.

Off to press it up, get the backing ready and mail it off to the quilter......

This will be the last Schnibbles project for a while with Sinta since her and Sherri are taking a little break for the summer.  I have other projects to do, but they'll be on my own and not with the group.  If you'd like to see last month's projects you can find Sinta's blog here;postID=2862124404674058419

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2013-2014 Designer Mystery Block of the Month

     Well folks, we are coming into the home stretch on this Block of the Month so I thought I'd share with you the most recent blocks since I was a little remiss in making and posting them.

     Block # 10 is called "New Bloom" and it was designed by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs.

Block # 11 is called "Perennial Petals" and it was designed by Sweetwater.

This was the 2nd year that I did the Designer Mystery BOM with Fat Quarter Shop and I have to say I have enjoyed it a lot.  I'm signed up for the next one too so I'll be keeping you updated on them as well.  


Monday, May 5, 2014

Postage Stamp Quilt

     Back on April 16th I showed you my postage stamp quilt that I'd just gotten back from Sarah and was excited to finish it.  I got the binding on it right away and then it sat....I know, sad isn't it?  Well, I decided on Friday night that there would be no embroidery.....nope, that quilt was getting bound and ready for giving.

     Now, you might ask, did I have a recipient for it?  NO....but one never knows when one might need a quick baby quilt and I like to be prepared like the good Girl Scout I used to be.

I LOVE to use black and white for the bindings on scrappy quilts.  I don't know why, but it always seems to brighten it up and add the finishing touches to it.

Here's a picture of the back.  I bought a bolt of that black & bright dot in Lancaster last spring and I think I've finally used it up with this finish.  

There were so many fun prints in this top.....I think I need to make more just like it!

And since spring has finally come to New Jersey, here's a picture I took of Luna while we were out walking after lunch today.  She would make a great fire dog.....she loves to stop, drop and roll.....and sometimes she just doesn't want to get up off the neighbor's lawn so I have to just stand and wait and then all of a sudden she pops up and off we go.  I'm loving these kinds of days where we can get out and go walking  and I don't need a jacket!

6 days till I leave for my annual trek to Indiana to meet up with about a dozen girls from all over the US for our annual quilt retreat.  I can't wait.......


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Jennifer and Samantha

  Today, May 1st is a very special day.  This is my oldest daughter  Jennifer, and she turns 30 today.  I know back on that date in 1984 when she was born I had no idea what was in store for her but to say she's hasn't lived life to the fullest is an understatement.      You've made your father and I very proud of the wonderful woman you've become and we wish you the "the world" as you enter the next phase of your life.  Life for you has only just begun !!!  You'll be a mom yourself in November and we're sure that your child/children will have the best mom ever!      Dad and I love you and are sooooo proud of you!   May all your dreams come true!

I also want to wish a Happy Birthday to Jennifer's best friend for 25 years, Samantha 
I think from day 1 of kindergarten these two have had a special bond that has been unbroken.  Jen was Sam's maid of honor at her wedding 4-1/2 years ago which introduced her to her now husband Tim.  They now not only share a birthday but they share a last name and they live in the same 2 family house.

I know that this friendship will last forever!

So, Happy Birthday to two of the most beautiful women I know.....  Love you both!