Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Update

I started working on the embroidery part of this "Truly Scrumptious" block of the month probably 2 summers ago. I was doing quite well on finishing them but for some reason everything came to a screeching halt, and all I had to finish was a tiny bit of embroidery on the last block.....I finally decided that enough was enough on the procrastinating, just git er done! So, I pulled out the block that needed the embroidery, finished it up and then put the border around the block. Why I procrastinate sometimes just blows my mind. So, now the rows are connected and ready for a border....I'm just not sure what type I want to put on it.
On another note, has anyone seen "Time Travelers Wife"?
I actually started to read the book but found it to be a little confusing so I stopped and figured I'd just see the movie when it comes out. Last night after sewing for a while I popped it in the DVR and sat back to watch. I was just as confused with the movie as I was with the book. Too much jumping around for me. Anyone else feel that way?

Friday, February 26, 2010


I finished..... I had some fabric in my stash that I was going to use to back this top and when I pulled it out and saw how much I had I knew I could use it for the border too.
I had some nice purples but the solid purple is an odd color so nothing really went with it...this one, however, was perfect.
I will press the backing now and start the quilting tonight or tomorrow.

More snow and a sneak peek

Yes folks, we had more snow this morning so we had a snow day AGAIN. It's 4:00 and as I look out the window i realize that if I hadn't lived thru the storm then I'd think someone was kidding with me. The sun is out, most of the snow is melted and it just looks like it's left over from a previous storm. I fear we'll be in school till June 30th if we get any more of the white stuff.

As I reported the other day, I have the one charity top done, washed, dried, and ready to mail but I want to send a nice little girly girly top along with it so after lunch today I started sewing up this quilt. The purple is a deeper color in person.....I don't know why the camera won't pick it up like it really is, but I guess I have to just settle for how it turns out...I'm not buying a new camera.

I still have to add a final border to it but I can't decide what fabric to use. I only had a few fat quarters of the larger square fabrics so I can't use any of them, but I do have a lot of the white with purple dots, and I have another piece of purple on purple.....maybe I should go thru my stash drawers and look for something else that might go with it......

What are you girls working on?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Start Your Engines

While watching tv the last 2 nights I finished the binding on this little quilt and last night before I went to bed I popped it into the wash, then this morning I popped it into the dryer while I made my morning tea. I am very happy with how it turned out and I just know that "Quilts for Kids" will appreciate it too. Downy Fabric Softener sent along a label so you had to put your first name on it and give the quilt a name, something I don't normally do...but it was easy to name it, "Start Your Engines" was very appropriate since the black fabric was the race cas and the border is racing flags. The backing fabric is this cute reddish orange stripe which was enough to back and bind it but I found the stripe in my stash and thought that looked better. I'm going to start a girlie quilt either tomorrow or Friday so I can send one that had the fabric provided by them and another that came from my stash.
I've gone out to a few blogs and I've seen where a few girls are doing this program too....It feels so good to make something for someone who otherwise would not have gotten a quilt.
So...who's going to get snowed in over the next few days? I'd like to get a day off from school but I don't want to have to dig us out or have school get out any later than it already is.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quilts for Kids

My last post was about the charity organization "Quilts for Kids" and how I was going to make a quilt for this worthwhile group. I went and donated a few dollars and noticed how you could assemble a top with fabrics donated by various shops/regular folks/fabric companies, so I signed up for that too. Now, I'm thinking to myself "did you bite off more than you can chew right now?" but I figured I'd manage even if it meant not sleeping :) I think I did that Wednesday night and would you believe I got the kit to do the assembly already? Those people work fast!

The kit comes with a pattern and all the parts already cut, all you have to do is assemble.

Here's a picture of the center of the top that I sewed together this afternoon. I got a kit for a boy with race cars on black.... I'm getting ready to add a thin lime green border around this and then a wider black border with race car flags on it!!! This is just a sneak peek...the next picture will be the finished product.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quilts for Kids

My daughter, who is not a sewer or quilter was watching tv this morning and on "The View" one of the actresses from Greys Anatomy was telling about being the spokeswoman for Downy and "Quilts for Kids". I was just checking out the site and thought that it sounds like a very worthwhile program so if you are so inclined to assemble a quilt either from your own stash or request a kit from them that this would be a great program...


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Internet down

I haven't had internet since the snow started on Tuesday....I'm jumping on here real quick hoping I can get this posted.
With luck I'm back posting soon.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Finish-UFO Challenge Project

I finished the Log Cabin top just now. I am thrilled with how it came out with the piano key border. It finished up to be 96 x 71 which a bit bigger than I thought it would but it will make a great top for any size bed or even over the back of a couch. I really thought it would scream "Christmas" once it was done but I'm surprised that it just has a nice warm feel to it without a holiday feel. I'm going to back it with a red on red print but have to wait till the end of the month to send it to the longarmer since she's got a wedding coming up next weekend.
So, not that I normally keep track of this kind of stuff but to assemble this top I cut up 30 fat quarters and a yard of the cream on cream first border. I have a small pile of the piano keys left over for another project some day.

Sunday Happenings

Hi everyone....
The snow stopped and the sun came out so I'm thinking I may not have a day off from work tomorrow. How sad is that? From now on, no snow on Friday into Saturday...I want a darn day off from work!!!
I had a nice comment on the start of my log cabin quilt "I think you blocks aged very well in the zip lock baggie, the quilt will be beautiful. How do you finish a quilt during the Super Bowl?
The what??????? Just kidding.... I will watch baseball, which I love, I will watch basketball if it's on and I'm sewing, but football? Uh...I don't think so..... My son played football freshman year in HS and I went to every home game they had.....BUT, I went with other mothers that didn't understand or like the game and we sat and talked the whole time. Don't even ask me scores or what went on on the field . I WILL watch Carrie Underwood sing the national anthem but then I'll switch to HGTV or FoodNetwork...
Stay tuned...I'll have the log cabin quilt finished in about an hour or so.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Log Cabins Assembled

I finally got the log cabin blocks assembled into a top this afternoon and then after dinner I added a 3-1/2 inch neutral border....then came the real work, getting into my stash and cutting up some strips to make a piano key border for it. I didn't want to have to repeat any fabrics on each side but I think I did use 2... Here's a picture with the first side border laying next to it tonight. I'm too tired to continue sewing so tomorrow I will start the assembly of the other 3 borders and then during the football game I can finish the top off. I cannot believe I held these blocks in a ziploc bag for close to 4 years and did nothing with them...
What do you think?

Snow, snow, and more snow

Have the people on the east coast gotten tired of the snow yet? NOT ME!!! Only thing is I want it when I can get a day off from school, not on a Friday night!!! What good does snow benefit me if I can't get an extra sewing day in????This is a picture of my back deck from the family room. YOWZER!!! It's still coming down pretty hard and from what the news people are saying, it will continue for about 4 or 5 more hours....Allright, so I MIGHT get Monday off...ya think?
I will however get a little sewing done once I get off this computer and throw some clothes on so that's a good thing. Come on back for an afternoon or early evening update....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is this kit cute or what?

I saw this kit on the Fat Quarter Shop's website last week and resisted ordering it for about a whole minute but then I just couldn't resist. The kit not only comes with the SPRING FEVER charm pack, it comes with the white fabric, the blue print for the border, the pink binding and the whit print for BACKING!!! How many kits do you see that you fall in love with but when you add the backing it takes up your whole monthly budget? Well gals, this one has the backing included.... You need to head on over to the FQ Shop and order will not be disappointed!!!

Now, some of you might say "I thought you were not shopping but trying to finish up what you had in the sewing room?" And I will tell you, I am working on my BPF Challeng projects. Of the 12 on my list, I am working on # 6. I totally finished the Fig Tree quilt, have it quilted, bound, and washed, the black/white/turquoise quilt is quilted and the binding is on, just needs tacking down, the snack quilt and the TB stars are both out to the quilters as we speak, the Christmas Brick Walk is 85% done, just needs a final border then it too can get quilted, and last but not least, my 26 Log Cabins are ready to be assembled. I decided on a simple setting for them last night and am going to start assembling the rows today.
I'm just going to set them in rows alternating the green and red blocks then depending on how big it finishes up, I'll either put 1 wide or 2 wide borders. I have no one in mind for it but I've decided that I'd assemble anything I have and have them all done "just in case".
Now, you don't have to email me and tell me that the last block in row 4 needs flipping, Michelle already took care of that. I flipped it AFTER I took the picture.
So, I'm off to get the assembly started.