Saturday, July 26, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

I am leaving within the hour for a visit with my mother in Florida with hubby and the girls. Leaving Dan here to protect the house :) Anyone who knows the history of that...please stop in if you see the cops here LOL J/K.... He's grown up now so my worries of that are over.
I will be back on Saturday August 2nd so get lots done and I'll see you then.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

By the Sea

It was hot, hot, hot here in New Jersey today so I thought I'd make something sorta hot and's this look? I still need to sandwich it and quilt it but I'm hoping that can get done soon. I hope you all have a nice week.Peggy

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Patchwork Party 2008

OK, don't faint, 3 posts in one day...I know, it's time for Peg to go back to work :)

After I did a few more things around the house after dinner tonight like taking the garbage out and weeding the curb I decided to assemble Block #2 of the Patchwork Party 2008 club since I got the templates the other day. These blocks really go together quite nicely with using the templates...

Punkin House Finished......well almost

Yes, my Punkin House is finished.....well, almost. I have the top assembled but I don't have backing fabric nor do I have the batting so I will have to set it aside for now and when I get back from vacation I will buy both.

I'm so happy Kristie challenged me to finish the top because otherwise it would still be sitting in the ziploc bag in the bin....out of sight out of mind they say.

Now I think I'll go work on a little somethin to send Kristie as a thank you for the challenge :)


Tea anyone?

Anyone that knows me KNOWS I am obsessed with my tea. I drink on an average of 6 cups a day. I don't go for the fancy flavored teas, just give me my TETLEY tea with milk and sugar and I'm good to go. Now, don't go thinkin I drink from the cup here all the time 'cause I don't. I usually drink from a normal size mug but when I need extra energy this is my cup of choice .
You'll notice in the background that I collect teapots too...I don't ever use them for making tea but I do collect some cute ones.....
Anyone out there have some unusual teapots that you'd like to share a picture with me? I think my most unusual one is the wicked witch of the east from the Wizard of Oz.....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who do ya love?

In answer to that question, I can say with no qualms that I love my mail carrier LOL

I have truly been blessed the past 2 days (I don't know if my checkbook would agree but I feel that way and isn't that all that matters? LOL)

I received an Amazon box today with my new Jelly Roll book and 2 books I wanted to take on vacation with me to Florida on the 26th......NICE!

Then I got a package from Main St Cotton Shop with my Room by Room project which is the Star Flower Wall Quilt kit and my Pint Size Traditions kit which is the Pumpkin House kit...

Yesterday the mail carrier brought me the templates, a block kit, and the finishing kit for my Patchwork Party 2008 blocks..... I can tell you, I am one happy girl today... Now, to get it all stashed away somewhere before hubby comes home and sees it all :)

On the sewing front, I haven't really sat at the machine to sew but I did find time to finish these two cuties.....
They are the "Truly Scrumptious" BOM from Cinderberry Stitches.

I stayed up till midnight last night finishing the lettering on the one on the left. Then I got up at 6:30 this morning and pressed them both so they could pose for a picture.

I better go do some rearranging in my room so I can get these packages hidden before the boss gets home from work....


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Challenge Update

I worked on my Punkin House for about 2 hours yesterday and here's what I got accomplished. The fence units take some time but they're fun.
I did ask myself why I put the darn thing away last year but I couldn't come up with a really good answer.
Since i'm caught up with housework I think I'll work on the side fencing units.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Thanks Michelle

I just have to thank Michelle for my new Blog header...ain't it cute?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I've been issued a challenge

Yes, I've been issued a challenge. Kristie at Quilt Harvest Blog has been reading my blog and since we both do a lot of Thimbleberries projects, and we both have the Pumpkin House on our to do lists, she issued me a challenge to finish the quilt by the end of July.... Now, I have NEVER been one to back away from a challenge so right here, right now, I am accepting Kristie's challenge.....

I'm not sure if Kristie started her Pumpkin House or not but I did back around August or September 2007...yes, 2007!

I know, I know, it's sad but I got a lot of it done but the leaf applique got to me and then when I looked at all the work that would go into the fencing, well, I just packed the whole shooting match up and said I'd finish it another time....

I guess that time is NOW isn't it?

So, I will update on my progress periodically as I do some work on it.....
OH, and just an FYI, I leave for Florida the morning of July 26th to see my mom for her 81st birthday so I have 1 less week than Kristie does and I upped the ante on this in an email to Kristie...loser has to make and send the winner a pincushion. Is Kristie going to see a HOMER'S DONUT in her future or is Peggy going to see something in hers?
Stay tuned......

Sunday, July 6, 2008

All Roads Lead to the Sea

This is going to be one interesting Block of the Month.....
I did unit 1 today, which is the upper left hand corner of the quilt.
The cutting of the unit was quite a challenge but once all the pieces were cut and laid out the assembly went very quick.

The background looks a little odd in this picture but it's really cute fabric with it looks like seagulls flying all around. Now I have to wait a whole month to get the next unit....


A little bit of sewing

For the amount of time I've been up and moving around today, all I've gotten done was a little bit of sewing done but I do like what I did. Robin brought these "Patchwork Party" blocks to retreat and I just fell in love with the Prairie Paisley fabrics...but I resisted. Once back from retreat Michelle emailed and said she'd signed up to do the club, but I still resisted....That was until the night I was leaving for the cruise and realized I'd be sorry if I didn't so I sat and went to all 12 shops and ordered my kits. This is the first one I did and it's called "Little Trip". Don't know if the names are traditional ones or just names Marti Mitchell made up for them. Now, the other 2 Musketeers got their finishing kits already, mine will be on it's way one day this week but ya know what's interesting? As much alike as the 3 of us are, none of us picked the same finishing kit. I am getting mine from Sunshine Carousel Quilt Shop. It looks like a wonky cabin like setting.
I think I'll go either cut the next block or maybe start something new?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Catch Up" day

Today has turned into "catch up" day. I caught up on everything around the house including every last stitch of laundry and tonight I got caught up on some of my monthly blocks of the of them being my "Good Book Cafe" blocks from the Pat Sloan group.

The idea was to pick 1 focus fabric and use it in each little or as much as you wanted. Some girls used Pat's fabrics and some just picked from their stash. I chose to use up some of my Pat Sloan stash and my focus fabric is a dark green with a lighter green dot.

I like how my blocks are coming out but I'm wondering if it isn't too much "green" for me...I'm not normally a green person. If after I'm done and I don't want it for me, I'm sure someone will step up to the plate and claim it for their own. Someone always does :)

Here's a picture of the first 8.

Runner is done

I've had this Flying Geese runner finished and sitting around for at least 5 months....I finally decided I wanted it on the dining room table and I wanted it there this weekend so out it came and I finished the quilting and binding, pressed it off and out it went...It feels so good to have it done.

After that was done I cleaned up a little and in moving things around on my cutting counter I found a pile of fabric I pulled out of a cabinet back in May. It was time to do something with it or just put it back in the cabinet...Guess what I made? A cute petscreen project bag-----Doesn't the pirate on the right with the red headband look like Johnny Depp in Pirates? LOL

I have no idea what I will do with this bag but I am open to some suggestions...................

Finally, earlier in the week my friend Michelle sent me a picture of a shelf she'd picked up at the thrift shop she was managing and she had pincushions on it. I said to myself "self...isn't there a shelf something like that upstairs under sonny boy's bed?" up I went and lo and behold there it was... So, I dusted it off and hung it right inside my sewing room and being the copycat that I am, I put some of my favorite pincushions on it.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Here's what I did tonight

So, how was everyone's Fourth of July? I only had a few people over but we had way too much good food so that equates to me eating too much!

I am doing the "BE ATTITUDES" block of the month and while I was away block #7 came. I was able to cut the background fabric out earlier but didn't get the pieces cut till about 8:30 but that went quick as did the assembly and fusing.....

I really like how the 7 blocks look together.

This is going to be a really good size quilt for someone special :)

Tomorrow I am going to my local quilt shop Quilting Possibilities to pick up the first kit for the newest block of the month I'm doing. It's called "All Roads Lead to the Sea". I cannot wait to see which piece of the quilt Debbie will start with first. I'll post a picture of everything tomorrow...

Here I go Again

Here I go again.....had my blog all nice the way I wanted it and went and downloaded a picture from the WEB and "bang" couldn't get rid of it, couldn't get my blog name up on the top so I had to delete the darn blog and start over. I guess it will be fun creating it all over again but i have lost some of my "favorite things" so that makes me a little mad....

Here for you folks that missed it is a picture of what I saw yesterday morning as our cruise ship pulled into New York Harbor on our return from Canada. It is an absolutely awesome sight at 7am! I wish the picture was clearer but in retrospect, the morning fog hadn't lifted yet so it is what it is....