Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Warmer in New Jersey

It's warmer in New Jersey than it was in South Carolina this week. I thought it got warmer the further south you went? Anyhoo, hubby and I had a nice relaxing time....we walked an hour every morning, we ate healthier and we just basically had a good time.

We did go to the movies one night and saw "KNOWING" with Nicolas Cage. Now, I'm not a big Nicholas Cage fan but I liked him in this movie. I would definitely recommend it to you to go see.
I hadn't sat at my machine in it felt like ages, so I pulled out a tote bag kit that I'd gotten about this time last year from Pat Sloan's site and decided it would be a good project to do.... Is this fabric not cute??? I love tote bags!!!

Here's a picture of today's next to one I made last year at retreat.....
I probably have more tote bags than any sane person really needs but Michelle teased me today with one she made yesterday from the April 2009 Mc Calls now I want to make that one......You should check it out, it's super cute!!!


Pat said...

I have had that fruit lady fabric since it came out and I love it....need to do something with it soon! I"m sorry it wasn't warmer for you in Myrtle Beach. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I love your bags(you may be the original "bag lady" hehe). Also, I'm green with envy over your sewing room peg board with shelf above. That must be very convenient!

Laura-IH said...

I love making bags, too! This one turned out really nice! : )