Friday, November 6, 2009

Are they cute or what?

I was in Florida this week visiting my mother. My nephew, his wife and 2 kids live right across the street and were over visiting the entire time. Little Steven just turned 3 and Matthew will be 1 on December 18th....they are just the cutest kids ever!!!

My daughter Jennifer came for the trip with us and totally enjoyed playing with the boys....I kept reminding her I "NEED" to be a grandmother now but i'm rethinking that "now" business since I was absolutely exhausted after they left at night. I did NOT remember how much work it is keeping up with little hands touching and little ones learning to walk on top of all the questions 3 year olds ask.... Mom has your typical lanai off the back of the house which we totally enjoyed being in. OOPS...hubby's not gonna be happy seeing his picture in the background...... :) Sorry Al. I think it was over 90 each day, which is a big difference from here in NJ today, which is only 48...but I will take the chilly weather over all that heat and having to sit in the AC. I had enough of that this summer, I'm ready for snow.


Anonymous said...

Very cute kiddies, indeed! I know what you mean about being tired though. I treasure time with my 2 little grandchildren, but when I've been in charge for a full day I was drained. You mentioned some of the demands -- how about lifting? Thankfully they live nearby so I can be with them in small doses. Today does feel like winter on it's way to NJ, and I'm with you -- bring it on! I love cold, crisp air. Do you think it has anything to do with ageing and having too many of our own "private little summers"? ;)

Pat said...

Very cute kiddos...and I'd love being in that water at this time of year.

Rae Ann said...

Darling children! What fun times and memories.