Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sewing, Maybe?

I came home from retreat in Indiana all fired up to sew.....but reality hit when I came home and realized my sewing room was inhabitable. I'd woken up Mother's Day morning and 2 wall cabinets had crashed to the ground and were in pieces.

Hubby and I had to spend half the day buying and packing up rubbermaid bins with fabric. I did hear a few "you are outta controls" uttered from his mouth throughout the process but we plodded along and loaded up my dining room.
We'd decided that the 5 wall cabinets would all be replaced since they'd all gone up at the same time and who knows when the next one would fall and land "heaven

forbid" on
my sewing machine or computer.
esterday our builder friend Vic came with his wife and voile', I have new cabinets.
Today since I'm home, I'm going to empty the dining room of all the bins and reload the cabinets with my "stuff".

And just a side note..."YES, I know
I'm outta control" but I have some help getting there! My BFF's do help with "LOOKIE" emails etc....Here's a picture of some of the gals that help me shop :)


Conni said...

So glad no fabric was injured in the unfortunate event!!

Liz said...

Boy, you're sneaky. What did you do to knock down those cabinets to get new ones??? lol Congrats on the new storage. It looks great.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Oh nooooo that's awful. Thought you had an earthquake for a minute. lolol Guess you sorta did huh?
Were you at my favorite quilt shop?? Back Door in that photo????