Saturday, September 10, 2011

Service and Remembrance

Not only on this date will I remember what happened on 9-11 but I tend to think about it most days. This morning while leaving my house to run errands I was reminded of how close I live to Ground Zero. There were NY/NJ Border helicopters flying so close over my house that I could read the words on the side!

I live less than a mile from the nuclear plant and about an half hour from Mc Guire AFB and less than an hour from Newark Airport....all places that required surveillance I guess today.

I did not have anyone close to my life perish that day but my husband lost a high school friend and the wife of a co-worker who was almost 9 months pregnant.

We will pray and think about EVERYONE today, tomorrow and forever.

I want to thank all the military people out there that serve and protect us each and every day, especially our friend Michelle's husband Travis. All our police and firefighters will be in our thoughts as well.

WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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