Friday, November 11, 2011

Chain of Faith

This isn't a good picture of the finished quilt, but it's called "Chain of Faith" by Jo Kramer. I got it from the Moda Bake Shop probably back in March or April and after deciding on "BLISS" fabric I kitted it up and took it to a retreat back in May. I did the majority of the cutting and assembly there but then I hit a problem and didn't feel like tackling it then so I set it aside. Last week I decided I wanted to get an older project done and off my "to do" list so I pulled it out and got it done.
It's amazing how with a little focusing you can finish things up!

This is an upclose picture of the fabrics. I have both the red dot and the turquoise dot for the backing. I think it will end up being the red.......

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Conni said...

Looks great, Peg!