Saturday, June 22, 2013


Yes, I've been juggling....just a little  :)

Yesterday was the first day of summer and also the last day of school for the kids in our town.  Being a guidance office secretary that means there's lots of "juggling".  Award ceremony last week, final grades, promotion, retention meetings with kids and parents, TONS of phone calls from the sad aka angry parents that feel there kid should promote even though their final grade is 51.....and INSISTING no one did a thing all year to help their kid. 
School takes up about half of my day and then there's the juggling at home.  Do I do laundry, vacuum, dust, nap, sew???
Yes, I like a nice nap after school  :)    Hubby was away 8 of the last 10 days to different parts of the US and then there was the decision I had to make as to "when" to click the "retirement button" for the state of NJ.  
So, lots of "juggling" but in the end, I hit the button to retire January 1st, 2014 on Wednesday which gave me such a peace of have no idea!    I tell anyone that I know that is swaying on that front...Hit the Damn Button and you'd be surprised at how good you feel!

As for sewing.....I've started 2 new projects.  I have 25 of "Terry's Scrappy Stars" from last summer that were just calling to me the last few weeks so I had them laid out two different ways, one on pointe and one just side by side in rows.  The on-pointe setting won out for me.  I have a few rows connected as of late last night so I'll get some pictures taken today so that my next blog post is a little more colorful/picture friendly.

Happy Summer!!!



Conni said...

Congrats on the retirement decision. Just making the decision lifts a big weight! So, what will you do with all of your free time!! Ha-ha!! Hopefully, rocking grandbabies!

Cardygirl said...

The countdown has begun...glad you are happy!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations!! I'll be jumping back into the NJ Education system in August.. Should be interesting :)

Barbara said...

Same summer wishes to you, Peg! You will really roll with that quilt making after January, although I don't know too many people as prolific as you are already! It will just be so much more relaxing.