Thursday, August 11, 2016

NYC Visit

            We had tickets to see 

Hubby accidentally bought evening tickets so we had to decide how we wanted to spend our day...  Since our daughter was coming we thought we'd go in early, like 4:00 and then we could do a few things that we have wanted to do.    So, we left south Jersey around 2:30 and took a slow drive up.
We get into the city and parking was AWFUL!  The 2:00 shows hadn't gotten out yet so it was difficult....We actually pulled up to a lot as KINKY BOOTS was getting out so we got lucky and they took us right in....after driving around for way too long!
So, we are up around 45th street and the first start on our trek is "The City Quilter".  

They had a tuffett in NYC fabric

                                         A skyline out of solids of day and night in NYC
                                          They've got a nice setup of machines for classes
My only purchase was the subway line fabric for 2 pillowcases and a Quilt Sampler magazine

Our next stop was the Macaron Cafe on 36th Street.
They have a cute "button" as their door pull

At first I thought it was a macaron but NO, that's definitely a button!

After that we had dinner at Jack Doyle's Restaurant & Bar.....where the tv's in the place were non stop running of the guy climbing Trump Tower with suction cups!

I saw these two on our way to the show....

We had a great time in NYC and look forward to our next trip.

OH.....yes, we saw Paul McCartney on Sunday.

The music and Paul's performance was AWESOME.....but we were all the way up in the top of the stadium so we could see Paul on the side screens....but we played "where in the world is Paul McCartney" looking down at the stage.  A nice time was had by one and all :)

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