Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Simple Life"


So, this awesome quilt is called "The Simple Life" by Thimbleblossoms.  It's made with "RUBY" flannel and if you can even believe me, I cut it out and sewed up all the alternating blocks in 1 afternoon.  A few days later I assembled all the stars and then got it assembled into a top in 1 afternoon.  The flannel was super nice to work with!

I sent it out to my favorite quilter Sarah and she had it back within a week.  With the holidays, I wasn't able to get the binding on but that was taken care of today.  Binding on and it's on the couch next to where I watch TV at night and it will be tacked down over the next week or so......

Flannel will keep some nice little girl warm this winter!

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gailss said...

Really cute Peg and you are right...someone is going to love it!