Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a gorgeous day

What a gorgeous day it is outside....Makes me want to fire up the oven and bake cookies and throw a roast beast in beside it.... I think I'll pass on the cookies though since neither hubby nor I really NEED them here to munch on, but I did just run to the grocery store and buy a small roast!
So, here's a picture of my yard....the lawn that was green last week and the leaves on the trees were red and orange not dead and making my yard all crunchy and covered in leaves.
I guess when the temperatures are about 48 during the day and cooler at night that's what you get :)
On the sewing front....I've been very busy! I rounded up 4 quilts 2 weeks ago that were in all states of "finish". One was still in the baggie, which was the Jamestown that I finished and mailed to the longarmer yesterday. I sent her 3 others the week I made all the finishing touches to them and got 2 back last week. The one I picked first to do the binding on is called "Maddies Flower Garden". I did a swap of 12 of the blocks with an online yahoo group of girls probably 3 years ago at least. My 2008 New Years resolution was to finish the top and get it quilted by June....First I had to make quite a few more of the blocks to bring it up to a size I liked and then I had the assembly process....I did get it done and even had the finished top with me at retreat in Indiana in May and assembled the piano key border there.

I don't know why it just sat and sat but 2 weeks ago I knew that if I didn't do something then that it would not be done by deadline so I sent it out with the other 2 quilts and voile....it came back, I added the binding and even tacked it down already!!! YES ladies, I have a finished quilt!!!

Here is Maddies Flower Garden in all it's splendor thrown over the back of my family room couch.

I'm going to take some time this afternoon to attach the binding to quilt #1 which doesn't have a name but is a Thimbleberries only fabric Log Cabin and Churn Dash quilt! The blocks are all 6 inchers and I did a year long swap monthly with the same yahoo group of those blocks. I will post more pictures of that one once I get somewhere with it....

Now....who will be the lucky recipient of Maddie?

Hope you are all enjoying your Veterans Day. I know I will since it's my last day off of 6, yes, count em 6..... I do have the 21st off but that's Penn State day...gotta go pick up "the face"....
AKA Sarah :) She wasn't happy that I called her "the face" when I posted pics of her back in August so maybe this time she'll be a smilin and I'll get a better picture of her......

But, in the meantime, here's a picture of both of my girls....Jen is on the left and Sarah on the right. I think I took this in Orlando back in August.....ain't they beautiful??????
Ok, enough fooling around, lunch time and some binding to sew on!!!


Conni said...

The 30's quilt is beautiful! Congrats on completing it! You are so inspiring to me! You make lots of pretty things...and you even finish them!! I've been trying to take your lead and finish up some of my UFO's!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I LOVE Maddie's flower garden. that quilt is so pretty. Nice job.