Thursday, November 6, 2008

yes, more foliage

Yes, more foliage....this is what I see from my sewing room window! It's in my next door neighbor's yard but I look at it all day when I'm in here sewing.

I am off from work for 6 whole days....Today and tomorrow are teacher's convention and then we have Veterans Day off...I don't go back to the working grind until Wednesday the 12th...can you hear me cheering here?

So, one of the blogs I check every day is Pat Sloan's. She has an interview with one of the Piece O Cake girls and also has some pictures of her quilts...Well, I gotta have this one:

This is the cutest quilt I think I've ever seen!!! I love the ice cream cone house and the barn just below Santa.... I am thinking it might be a ton of work but a little bit o work every few weeks would make for short work now wouldn't it?

Has anyone out there actually done this quilt??? Wonder if I should write to the designer, maybe she's got an extra hanging around she'd like to donate to me? LOL



Becky said...

Hi Peggy:

If you are a beginner you might consider enlarging the blocks and that makes them easier. You could take an applique class and/or check out our book the New Applique Sampler that is all about how to applique. But the thing is, if this is the quilt you want to make, then make it! Enthusiasm helps a lot and you will enjoy the quilt you make. So go for it!

Becky, from Piece O' Cake

Michelle said...

Very cute, Peggy! Did you order it? Is it a BOM?

julieQ said...

I have this book! I love this pattern, and will do it! someday...