Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sewing Machines

One of the Yahoo groups I belong to has started a discussion on what sewing machines everyone uses and owns. I'm thinking that's a great blog discussion so I'm going to go pull out my machines and take some pictures and blog about them.
It's an interesting you only sew with one machine or do you jump back and forth from machines?
I can tell you that with the size of my room (9 x 7 approx) I only keep one machine up but some day..... Yes, some day I'm dreaming that I'll have a much bigger room with space to set up at least 3 machines....

Check back later for my post.

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Pat said...

I just keep one out and use it.....due to space limitations. I have a machine that is old but a sturdy machine as a back-up and another that is on sort of a permanent loan to a friend.