Friday, August 27, 2010


About 2 weeks ago I stumbled across a blog that I've grown to enjoy visiting quite a bit. It's called "Red Pepper Quilts" She has a scrap quilt on her August 11, 2010 post called Fair and Square and I have decided that I'm using that quilt as my "inspiration" project for 2010.
I made a promise to myself back in May that I would stop dragging
my scraps from NJ to Indiana to retreat every May and just use them. I decided on a string quilt and also one using 2 inch and 3.5 inch squares since that's what a lot of my scraps were actually cut into.

Here's the 1st block I made using the 2 inch scraps with Kona Snow. There are some more scraps attached over to the side of the block that I plan on working with this weekend.
When I started out making this project I didn't really have anyone in particular in mind but last night I was thinking about this as a finished product with possibly minkee on the back and a black and white or red and white polka dot binding and immediately thought that my youngest daughter would be the perfect person for it!

This next picture is of my first 11 string blocks. I don't have anyone in mind for this one yet either but I'm sure by the time I start assembling it and get it quilted, I'll have someone that could use it.


Pat said...

Good idea to let those scraps start earning their keep!!! LOL I like what you've done so far. How big are the string blocks you are showing there?

Anonymous said...

Great inspiration for all scrap savers! I especially like the 2" scrap block. I used to cut all my scraps into 2" squares, never threw anything away unless it was smaller than that. Then I used them for what I call "starters and stoppers" at my sewing machine. Eventually I had enough sewn together to make something, and they went into many projects. It felt kind of like doing two projects at once. The string blocks are great, they were very popular in blog-land not too long ago. It's nice to see them again!

Liz said...

I love scrappy but haven't take the time to get my scrap basket in usable pieces. It takes time and I just haven't done it. Love the blocks, Peggy. They will both make beautiful quilts. Good job but oh, those poor retreaters. What will they do for their scraps now?