Friday, July 29, 2011

Where Have I Been?

I can't believe I haven't blogged even once since I came back from vacation but the proof is right here....nothing!
Antigua was wonderful. A perfect place to relax and regroup. I did a lot of lounging, sipping ice tea, reading and swimming.
YES, I forgot my lotion the first day so by the end of the 5 days I was peeling like crazy. I did use lotion the remaining 4 days but the damage was already done :(
I don't have pictures yet because I have to find the CD to load the picture program on my new computer. Maybe by the end of this weekend.....Since back and returning to work I haven't gotten a lot done but I have been attempting to work on some yellow 9 patch blocks for my current project.
Here's a picture of some 9 patch blocks done but needing pressing. Some rows of squares that need to be assembled into 9 patch blocks, and also some squares cut up next to my machine that need assembling.

I think I showed you a couple of weeks ago what I was "attempting" to is 1 16 inch block that will hopefully be part of next summer's quilt for my bed.

The sun has been in and out all day here in NJ so it was a perfect day to stay in and work on this project.


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Robin said...

lookit all those wonderful YELLOWS!!! ok..since you blogged now I HAVE to update mine :)