Friday, July 1, 2011

A Visit

It was that time again......yes, time for a hair cut and to get the old grey covered up. That usually means a trip to the local hair salon where my "favorite" hairdresser used to work but since she moved to "Posh Hair Salon" in Baltimore, I have to take a road trip when time allows. Since I had off from work, that's just what I did. Got myself all beautifuled up and then.....lunch at "Red Brick Station Restaurant and Brew Pub" in the "Avenue at White Marsh". We sat at the outdoor area and listened to music and coincidentally they were having a hamburger eating contest, so we could hear the DJ and all the folks cheering.
Here's a picture of my hairdressser Jen, my other daughter Sarah and their cousin Shannon.
The girls accompanied me on the trip and while I was getting beautified they dod a little themselves with "feathers" in their hair! It's all the rage right now with the young girls and it's so easy to do and change out whenever the mood strikes. After lunch we wandered around Ikea then t was time to hit the road back to NJ before the holiday traffic hit..... I had a great day with the girls...Hope to do it again soon.

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