Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Off

First off, I want to say right now that I don't like the new Blogger template and if anyone has any hints on how to get things working properly, please let me know. 
I like to use backgrounds for my blog from one of those independent girls but when I try to upload them I lose the dashboard access to my blog.  I end up having to pull the blog up in a new window and reset the blog to one of Blogger's templates....BORING!  So, for a week now I've been disgusted with the look of mine!

Anyhow....tomorrow is my youngest's birthday.  She will be 24!  Coincindentally, my oldest was able to get Yankee/Oriole tickets down in Baltimore so we'll be traveling.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed for nice weather ok?

I decided to put the binding on a recently quilted baby quilt so I have some hand work for the car

This cute pink and yellow bumble bee like fabric is the backing which I bought a while back in the $5.00 room at my local quilt shop.

And here's the awesome quilting Michelle did on it with the cute yellow dot binding.

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Terry said...

I love the baby quilt! Good luck with blogger. It likes to mess with people! LOL