Sunday, September 1, 2013

Challenging Yourself

     Do you challenge yourself during the month?  Even if it's to make 1 small quilt block, bind a top or even try to make a final decision on a border?   I do.  Myself and 2 of my BFF's do it.  Recently it's been just 2 of us since the 3rd was moving but I've kept up with mine and have found that it really helps.

     This month I am not making "huge" challenges with my list because school reopens on Thursday (ugh) and there a few other things going on with life so I'm not picking complicated or hard things....

First in the picture above is a small postage stamp quilt that I started early in August.  I'd like to get some more parts made.
Second is an Aneela Hooey pinwheel quilt that I need for September 15th.  It just needs binding.
Third is a quilt called "Picnic".  It needs rows made and to be sent to the quilter.  It's been hanging around for too long, and we all know what happens with that, it gets set aside and never done.....
The fourth project is called "Jamestown" from Bonnie Hunter.  The entire top is done but it needs a border.  Bonnie did a piano key border but I'm questioning that.  I'm not sure I have enough blues and tans left from the top assembly to actually make that type of border.  So, the project is to figure it out and send it for quilting.

Those are my Top 4 September "must do's".

My BFF Robin will send me her list later this weekend and we'll keep one another on track  :) 

                       Peggy in New Jersey

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