Thursday, October 24, 2013

Are you jumping on the Bonnie Bandwagon?

     I know I don't "need" to add another project to my already large list of things to do but seriously, it's a Bonnie Hunter Mystery!   I'm not a veteran of the Bonnie mysteries, I've actually only done last year's "Easy Street", but I think that piqued my interest and hooked me right away. This year it's being called "Celtic Solstice"
So, while I prepared dinner last night I pulled blues, yellows and oranges from my downstairs sewing room and tonight while the spaghetti water was boiling I pulled more blues and oranges.  My only substitution to Bonnie's colorway is the black on white I'm using instead of the tan/neutrals.
So, without further ado, here are my picks:

My goal again this year is to only pull from my stash.  Last year I only bought the black on whites and I guess I overdid it just a teeny bit  :)  I may find more prints between now and the day after Thanksgiving when we start cutting, but for now I think I have a great start to the project.
I'm going to go to Bonnie's site now and upload her "Paddy" picture for my sidebar!
Are you jumping on Bonnie's bandwagon????


JoAnne said...

I'm still unsure. I waited with baited breath yesterday morning for the announcement. I have made two others and both times I used variations of red, cream, and blue colors. If I did this one, I would do the same--I have next to no orange in my stash. I like the addition of the black on white to your collection!

Barbara said...

Not for certain because I messed up big time last year and abandoned it entirely. However, the Irish theme has me more interested this time. If I don't do it, I'll be waiting to see all the reveals with excitement for everyone. Your colors look perfect together Peggy, enjoy the project!

Liz said...

I am. I did! Gotta still get my neutrals though.

Conni said...

I'm jumping on the wagon, too! I still need to pull my fabrics, but will be able to get to it before Thanksgiving!! YAY!!