Sunday, October 20, 2013

Yes, I'm Back

    2 Posts in 1 weekend?  Shocking I know!

    This afternoon I assembled my SWOON # 2 block.  I am really loving working with the large blocks!  I had this one all laid out on my design wall so all I had to do was turn around and grab the block parts.  I wasn't tired nor was I distracted but suffice it to say, my seam ripper got a workout today.  I don't know why, but the top left unit was ripped out at least 3 times (ugh).  I finally got it all done and pressed but by then it was almost time to start dinner so I had to stop.

Also, here is a picture of some flannel yardage I found on Friday at my local quilt shop "Quilting Possibilities" in Forked River, NJ.   The fabric is a Bonnie and Camille flannel and was in the "Sale Room" for $5.99 a yard.  To me I think that's a steal!   There was 6-3/4 yards on the bolt so I bought it all.  So, Debbie the owner has a program at the shop where you can put your name in a bucket if you don't take your purchase in a bag.  She's been doing this for years and almost every time I go in I put my name in but never win.  Well, surprise, surprise, last week I came home and found I'd won! 
So, my 6-3/4 yards of flannel minus the $20 I won in the bag program cost me $23.00.  That's a win /win in my book..........................AND, here's a fun story.  As I came out of the sale room a woman walked past me and said "Oh Peggy, I enjoy reading your blog".  I stopped short and looked at the woman (yes, I'm sorry, I can't remember your first name) and had to ask her how she knew me....
She said she recognized me from my blog!!!   I find it amazing when people can put a name with a blog! 

I saw her again as I was leaving with my flannel.  She was standing by Debbie's longarm machine watching her husband as he quilted a wedding quilt for her.  What fun to see her gorgeous quilt on the machine and also to see a man behind it!!!   

     And last but not least, there was some "mail call" this week. 

Back when Lori Holt did the row by row that's on the cover of her book I did a few rows then lost interest when one of my friends died.  Her and I were doing the rows together so I just didn't want to finish without her.  Over the summer I decided that I'd finish the rows "for Laura".  Now, where did those pattern instructions go?  Hmmm...  Aw heck, just order the book.  So I did and it came this week.   I also fell in love with The Blue and the Grey cover quilt so I ordered that one too.....
NOW, where's the time to do all these projects?   :)

Hope you have a good week!!!



Terry said...

Your swoon block looks wonderful! And you're going to have lots of fun with those new quilt books! :0)

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Your Swooooon Block looks Lovely. My block that is posting tomorrow is practically shredded on the back from ripping, and I still have mistakes on it. I just couldn't take it apart again.

Barbara said...

I like your big block, and I know how it makes you feel. When I was in a BOM that made 12" blocks, I really enjoyed that larger size. Congrats on winning at QP, I never have. :( maybe next time. Tell me how you like their new location. I really miss the old one myself, the spaciousness and brightness of it especially. Do you know why Debbie moved? I went to the new one one time, and just wasn't inspired enough to make the trip back.