Monday, January 5, 2015

The Pursuit of Pineapples

     I've noticed on Instagram and blogs that everyone is trying to use their stash and scraps for a variety of projects.

      I have some string blocks that I'm going to work into a project that I posted about last week and I've started working with 2-1/2 inch squares for some scrappy charity tops, but I STILL have way too many strips that need using up so today I went in search of my "Trash to Treasure Pineapple Quilts" book.

     I bought this book for a workshop I was taking with some girlfriends approximately 3 years ago.  I totally LOVED making the ones I made at the workshop but I kind of put the bin of strips away with the book and pineapple ruler and then never did any more.  They have always been on my mind but I have no idea WHY I never made any more than these 6.....   They're cute right????

 I noticed over the weekend that some girls were making a "log cabin block a day" and some were making other strip blocks.....So, I pulled out my bin and got to sorting lights/neutrals with colors and then I hit a snag..........I'm holding the ruler in my hand and saying "how the heck does this thing work?".....   UGH

   OK, have no fear.  Between Gyleen's book and an online tutorial I found on a girl's blog, I was able to figure out how it worked and voile!   I made myself 2 blocks today.....

I'm hoping that I can make 2-4 a week.....  They do go quick and now that I've mastered the ruler, they are pretty easy but I've got other projects in the works so I'll settle for a few a week.....

How are you doing with your scraps and what are you making????



Terry said...

I bought a pineapple ruler a couple of years ago but I've yet to try it out. Maybe that can be one of my goals for 2015. I'm making scrappy nine patch blocks with my scraps at the moment.

JoAnne said...

I bought that same book and ruler at the big Midatlantic Quilt show two years ago and have never touched it! I think I need to dig it out and play with it a bit. So cute!