Friday, March 13, 2015

Moda Modern Building Blocks Update

     I came in from being out for the day yesterday and my daughter said "when will that kid next door stop with that darn basketball?"  To which I replied "it's only just beginning since the snow just cleared like 2 days ago".  Well, i'm sitting here in my nice warm bathrobe, a nice cup of tea made and all I can hear is thump thump and yelling  :)    Why isn't that boy in school, it's 9:15!  LOL

     Anyhow....  I posted a few in progress pictures to instagram of my Moda Modern Building Blocks the other day so last night even though I was exhausted, I finished the last one for March and took a picture.
This month the blocks were all 6-1/2 inchers so I knew they'd go fast, and they did, until I had to sew up the 2 left top row blocks.  Those HST's are 1-1/2 inch square and although I got them trimmed nicely and I sewed nice and slow, they're just SMALL and not for me.  They look fine, and lay flat, but I'm truthfully not a fan of working with such tiny pieces.  
We are down to the wire on this project now too.  Only 7 more blocks to go and it's a finished quilt.  
I did not even make a dent in my Denyse Schmidt stash....something I thought I would do but it wasn't to be.  

We are starting a 1st floor remodel in our house next week.  First up is totally gutting the kitchen.  I've set up a microwave, tea pot, toaster oven etc. in the empty apartment upstairs.  Breakfast and lunch will be fine.  Paper plates etc..... but dinner, well, dinner is another story.  I like a regular old plate and a cooked meal for dinner......I'll keep you posted on that :)    We are also doing the dining room but that's just floors, walls and lights.  A lot less messy.  AND since I can't have the living room floor different than the other 2, we're pulling that up, redoing that, painting, and even closing off the door to my old sewing room which will necessitate opening the wall in the laundry room and making the old sewing room part of the laundry room.  LOTS of mess and disruption to the house but since we're not moving anywhere any time soon, we want to update the house before hubby retires next year.  I just keep saying "I can do it".........

And, a Friday update wouldn't be complete without an Olivia picture.......

It's hard to get actual "sit up" pictures since she's not even 4 months old but after we dressed her for a trip out in the car yesterday we got little "serious" Miss O to semi smile  :)
She's getting so big...and is just the cutest!!!

OH....and this lovely thing is my "baby" Sarah.  She was a bridesmaid 2 weeks ago in her friend's wedding.  She looked beautiful !  She's here with my BIL (her godfather) looking happy I'm sure that all the shower/wedding/bachelorette party details are done and she can relax!

Happy weekend and  with some luck I get in the sewing room over the weekend and can have more sewing pictures....


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