Sunday, March 8, 2015

APQ Quiltalong

Just a quick Sunday morning update on my sewing for the week.

I have weeks that I jump from project to project, but then there are weeks like this past one that I concentrate on 1 project, just so I can see some progress.

This week I worked on the APQ Quiltalong project.   I had all 1,089 2-1/2 inch 4 patch units cut, sewn & trimmed so I started assembling a 9 patch block with them and some 2-1/2 inch squares.
I needed 81 Block A's.....   Here's a picture of my progress....

I set those 81 blocks aside for now and will work on a few block of the month/sewalong blocks this week.  Most likely i'll get back to 9 patch making around Thursday.  Once the next 81 Block B units are made it's really just a matter of cutting strips, rectangles and setting triangles to start the assembly of the quilt.  I'd LOVE to finish this by the beginning of April but we shall see what comes up before that....wish me luck.

Here's a shot of our life this week.......
The official final count on the height of our snow was 9 inches.  Thankfully, it's been sunny for the last 2 days so it's starting to melt already, and thanks to Sears for the cadillac of snowblowers, Al was able to get right down to the ground with the new blower so the front is officially clear and blacktop is showing.....   Luna likes to go out and stick her face in it and make tracks but doesn't stay out long.  

I'm praying for lots of sun and maybe even a little rain to wash all this mess away.  After a year like this I fear I might have to be a snowbird next year  :)



Tammy said...

Great progress on your APQ Quiltalong! Wishing you warm weather soon to melt all that snow!

Carolyn said...

Luna is too cute. Maggie really loved this snow this year. My parents missed almost all of it, the spent 3 weeks in FL. Your quilt along blocks are awesome! I've been meaning to see what you have been up to :)
I have to say I am so glad that (hopefully) it will be warm soon. No more snow!