Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Did everyone have a good Mother's Day?  I know I did.

We are "this" close to having a working kitchen again so once again, making a reservation for Mother's Day happened.

We wanted to try a new to us restaurant so I threw a few names out there and let my oldest pick one for us.

This is where we ended up.  
I wish I'd taken pictures inside but you know how it is, you get inside, start ordering food and drink and then start eating, so all thoughts of pictures go right down the drain.  

We live at the Jersey Shore so we can pretty much go an hour any direction and find awesome places.  
Asbury Park, NJ is in the midst of a face lift.  A lot of the old buildings in the downtown area have had a ton of work done to them over the years, and surprisingly, it's the first time I've ever been to this area to see what it looks like.  

Here's my family standing outside waiting for our turn to eat :)




My son took a picture of me with my 2 girls and Olivia.  WHY I didn't get a picture of the men is anyone's guess....  Next time we are all together I will insist on a picture!

A great meal and enjoyable conversation was had by all!

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