Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"Spider Legs"

This week's block for the Red Sky at Night QAL is called Spider Legs.  When I saw the name I thought to myself hmmmmm  I don't ever remember seeing a quilt block with that name....and then I read Jodi's blog .   Jodi explains that she has lots of spiders, doesn't mind having them around and even named one Charlotte :)
I on the other hand have quite an aversion to them!  I don't think I always did but about 23 years ago we sold our house and for about 6 months lived in a rental in the woods where there were spiders a plenty!  YUCK!

So, here is my Spider Legs block......  I know, it's a lotta dots, but I LOVE red and add dots and I'm in heaven!   Those little hst's in the upper left corner are trimmed to 1-1/2 inches!!!  I'm telling you though, I could not have trimmed them and gotten such a nice result without my little Bloc Lock trimming template pictured on the white 2-1/2 inch square!    
I did good not cutting off my star points but I see I may have to take some spray starch and hot iron to the bottom right point so it lays flatter.

I'm really loving this QAL and can't wait to see as the months go on what other fun blocks Jodi comes up with.



JoAnne said...

I love the block--those polks dots rock! But, I don't like the name. I hate spiders. Ugh! I remember once waking up when I was in high school facing the wall of my room and there was a big spider there. Yikes. Then there was the wonderful incident in Texas when I was outside (luckily) and a spider ran past me on the driveway. I stepped on it and about a million babies that had been riding on the mother scattered in every direction. Shudder. But all of that takes a backseat to when we lived in Kanasa, and I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. I had to have the bite and a large area around it surgically removed. It was awful.

This quilt is sure going to be fun! Everytime you post a block, I wish I was doing it, too, but we can't make them all, so I'm enjoying your progress. Is the kitchen finished yet?

Christine said...

I love that block. I had to laugh at your comment about living in the woods. I just had the exterminator here yesterday. I'm over the bugs already!